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  • Negative state after work

    So, lately I've been working the closing shifts at work. Now I punch out at 10 but its usually an 8-9 hour shift. After which I don't care too much about gaming. Just Wanna hang. I kow it's not the best state to be in, so does anyone know some things I could do to get myself into a state of mind to practice?
    Also, what are the best bars to sarge in for the long island, new york area?

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    Dude best thing whenever your state is low ... is some sort of energy drink



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      Ok cool, thats one option so far.


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        I would suggest staying social throughout the work day....start conversations with people there and/or communicate with positive people in your like you won the lottery...

        I feel ya though....I had a day2 set up for right after work.....and I had the worst fuckin' day that peaked right before leaving to meet her 2 minutes from work.....I had to do a 180 internally within minutes and it sucked!! She could tell....but I fought it and she still hits me up every day


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          I'm not sure I understand the question

          The whole idea of the inner game is to care less about hooking up or attracting women, and that seems to be like the state you're in at that moment.

          I would say that the principles of the Venusian Arts: A1, A2, A3 ought to work regardless of whatever state you're in. Its the AFC's who have to rely on substances to get them into a certain mood they think women like.

          But the truth is, they prefer authenticity.

          Just keep up the DHV, negs, compliance tests etc, and your authentic bad mood will add to your credibility and their comfort.


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            Maybe I should have been more specific, mybad. I was referring to working on game right after an 8-9 hour closing shift. You You know, seeing what works for me, keeping a mental record of the responses girls give, etc. After work I don't really care about that, which is not good, just want to hang with friends at night.

            But negativity only brings forward more negativity, right?

            I'm not a fan of substances either. But an energy drink does seem like a solid option. Though I havn't tried it yet. lol


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              Perhaps we're not communicating.

              Think about the times you go to a venue, and there is a really hot Hb there with a magazine cover scowl. You think about what a hard day she must have had and wonder how you could make it better. They think the same way.

              Then again, if you're just too tired and really can't be bothered, then don't take a nap or just hang with friends and get to the women when you'r emore in the mood for them.


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                Negative state after work

                All the above mentioned comments which are narrated about the negative state after work not satisfied by all means so need more detail what mean by the negative state after taking out any work either for officially or non officially.A person becomes so lethargic by doing the continuous task of the work in the daily routine life that at the end he finds the results nill.


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                  Reven, I'm completely with you on the first paragraph. Just gotta work on getting to be more social, like you said. Actually, I found a video of Tyler Durden infield when out of state. looked interesting and beneficial. he talked about having to force himself to put in work.
                  Scothill, sorry but I could really figure out what you were trying to type. I need to be in more, or was it geared to another on this post??


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                    Couldn't really figure out. Like I need to be in more detail? not fully awake at the moment, lol.


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                      Ok this is going to sounds weird and crazy but in all honesty if your looking for a pick me up after work, coffee and butter. I can vouch for it, it is the most delicious thing and will give you smooth energy for a good 5 hours. look up the recipe at bulletproofexec, i learned it from the joe rogan podcast a few episodes ago and i'm glad i did


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                        Work Out


                        I didn't read all the posts, but to get myself pumped up when in the similar situation, I force myself to work out. Then I'll choose the shittiest dive bar I can find and go exploring.