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  • Principle of Emotional Momentum

    Social Interactions between Men & Women need to Move forward or they die with time if left in the same phase women get bored therefore chances must be taken by men they must advance through the EPM, Emotional Progression Model in a relatively short period of time.

    The Female brain has a relatively short attention span when it comes to paying attention to men who do not hold her interest. She is used to the attention of multiply guys on a daily basis. There must be some way of for her to identify Alphas from Betas.
    Men from Boys.

    She like all other females must scan a Man's potential quickly and evaluate his position in the social hierarchy. She must determine in a matter of Hours if he is worth her time and more importantly her eggs.

    This is because evolutionary speaking she doesn't have the time or eggs to waste. She must have her offspring with a suitable partner before a certain age and there are serious consequences for choosing the wrong man.

    Therefore women have some sort of build in neural processing for accessing a man's mating potential. So the evaluation process for them happens very fast even though it may be entirely unconscious it is somewhat more precise as it is driven by Female Intuition that is Feelings and Attraction Switches.

    The need to court a female quickly helps to short circuit her emotional brain and somehow by pass that female intuition path that all men take. The more time she has to logical think about your advances towards her is the more time she has to react and test you to satisfy her female need to get her mate selection chose right.

    Remember unlike a man's Mate Chooses that of the female carries much higher Consequences thus her need to get it right when it comes to a mate is a constant female struggle. It is in most cases the topic of conversations with friends and family. It is what magazines like the cosmopolitan write about when they are not babbling about fashion and gossip.

    Lastly there is the Law of Attraction itself remember attraction switches must be flipped quickly as Attraction happens in a relatively short time or not at all. How many guys do you think a woman meets on a daily basis, yes a lot therefore you must set yourself apart from Opening. The Frame of the interaction must be set, you don't want to be some guy she meet some time, somewhere.