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    [FONT="Times New Roman"]I've been thinking and realized something. How did writers like Style, J. K. Rowling & all other famous writers became successful?

    I'd let my imaginations run and came up with the following text. I copied this from my FB profile.

    [I]"As I believe that our brain has got the ability to imagine a lot of fantasies, like dreaming, why not take a moment to write them down? I believe most writers took the action to write their imaginations down on paper and send it to a publicity center for their opinion. Eventually a lot of writers do have the success to get their book published. Since I'm stupid enough to do so, I got no idea where this crazy idea comes from. I think it's just another weird imagination my brain produces every once in a while, yet I do believe it may lead to some crazy stuff, but that's why we're here for right? Unlike our lifespan has been created to Survive and Replicate, I still believe that you've just need to get the motivation and the dedication to listen to your brain.

    We all got dreams, about our perfect life. the perfect job, the perfect partner. There's only one problem and that is, not taking the steps to accomplish your dreams. Everyone has dreams, if you want to become the most influential person on the stock markets, stand the fuck up and achieve your goals. You will fail at some point, but if you don't recover and learn from your mistakes, you'll end up just like all the other losers who didn't had the guts to stand up and move on. Take a moment for yourself, breathe deeply and close your eyes. Shout out silently in your brain your goals.

    For example:
    "I AM going to become a stage engineer. I AM going to travel the world to do my work and NO ONE is going to stand in the way. I AM going to accomplish to whatever I desire. This is what I WANT. This is what I'm GOING to achieve."

    I still believe that our imagination has been designed to wander off to our paradise, all emotions, all the feeling, the scents you encounter. It's all part of your circuitry. Now get your ass from that negative perspective of yourself and do whatever it takes to do what YOU WANT."[/I]

    I'd like to get your opinion on this. I think it should be here since it might be another piece of the puzzle to achieve the lifestyle YOU want.

    I'd never would have come up to this if I didn't find the community.[/FONT]