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  • Confidence.

    Now. Today i would like to talk about something fundamental. Something that if you live without, you as a limitless being will never attain, never achieve you fullest potential. What am i talking about?


    The belief in ones self, and ones powers or abilities.


    Listen to the word. Say it. Feel how it rolls of your tongue as you speak it. Just saying it evokes a feeling of strength, a feeling of self-empowerment. In almost every language, I am willing to wager this word feels and brings forth the same form of emotions.

    Sadly, most of us cant easily Identify with this word, or the meaning it has behind it. Sadly things that should not sway our confidence truthfully eat at it, making it a little smaller, a little weaker every day. We give power to things that in actuality are minuscule in importance to our lives, instead of our own feelings. We look at the media, look at those social groups that we wished we were apart of, we look at the money, the women, and everything else. We let the material things we wish we had determine our very actions. We look at ourselves, and because we are not perfect, because we don't look like those given features pleasing to the eye or have what they have, we for some reason feel smaller. We don't feel good enough. We look at a Female, appreciate her beauty and feel as if she is unattainable, like were not good enough for her. We let her walk past. We let the worst question determine the summary of our life.

    What if?

    How sad, how painful living that kind of life must be. To never be honestly satisfied. To simply settle, to simply accept the cards we have been dealt and act as if we are OK with it.
    Honestly, do you want to know what is truthfully stopping you from having the life you wish you had? Whats stopping you from entering those social circles? whats eating away at your very self worth and personal satisfaction?

    You are.
    There is no excuse. You determine the path you walk, and how you feel.
    Who says you cant get that girl, that life, those friends? "They" did? Who in the fuck is "They"? Are you honestly going to let some non existent, cosmic order, of a third party truly determine your life?

    Hell no. Hell. Fucking. NO.

    Do you want to know what women truly like in men. Confidence. And not that cocky, look at me, I'm a fucking beef-head shit. I'm talking about the real stuff. I'm talking about knowing your strengths and weaknesses, knowing what you can and can not do. Honest self assessment.
    If you don't have the looks, or the money to get the material things, does that honestly mean your shit outta luck? should you give up?

    Do I really even have to answer that?

    You know what I say? So fucking what. SO WHAT. you can be, by other opinions, un-attractive, poor, over weight, what ever. Honestly I'm a little chubby myself. I'm a financially struggling college student, who doesn't have two nickles to rub together, and i wear that same damn jeans every day. You think I don't get girls?

    Hahaahaahahhahaaaa. you must be fucking stupid.

    The key to confidence is being comfortable with yourself, who you have, and how you look. All you have are one pair of jeans, two hoodies, and some sketchers? AND? rock that shit wit' swag. You better rock those fucking dirty ass sketchers boy!
    Put effort into your appearance. Clean your clothes regularly, get some cologne.(And not fucking AXE. that shit smells like a janitors bucket, get some good, real cologne, fuck that body spray shit, girls know the difference.) Cary yourself with pride. People notice. Trust me. If you treat yourself like a superstar, others will to. Girls will think there's something more to you, something worth investigating, something they want to associate with.

    There is honestly nothing stopping you from getting what ever you want. YOU are your biggest obstacle. You wanna loose weight? You wanna talk to that gorgeous girl on campus everyone shy's away from? Do it. Listen to Nike, man. Just fucking do it. whose stopping you? No one. Whose telling you you'll never get her, never be that guy? No one. Some cocky-douche bag making fun of you? putting you down? Fuck that bitch. He cant stop you, no one can. You are Thee shit. Not the shit. THEE shit. People treat you how you demand to be treated. Stop worrying about what everyone thinks of you, or says, or what some girl says. If you honestly believe that you are the man, that no one on this fucking mud ball of a planet can rock those sketchers better than you, then its true. Damn right it is.

    Work with what you have.
    If you believe you don't look how you wish you did, than play off what you do have. take your strengths and boost em' up.

    Don't put girls up on a pedestal. They are humans just like men are, they bleed, eat, breath, and shit just like everyone else. They fell the same various emotions we feel.

    Be comfortable with you.
    Something that plays a HUGE part in confidence is being original. Don't try to emulate someone else you see. It works for them because there comfortable with it. Buy clothes that fit you, physically and in the sense of style. If you cant pull it off, don't try to. You'll be worrying about how those tight skinny's look the whole time, and why there ridding up your ass crack instead of the beautiful girl in-front of you, and her deep green eyes. Be who you are. Not who you think you should be. I'm comfortable with who i am, and am still finding my self every day. It doesn't happen over night. Its a continuous journey in which the destination is not half as important as every step you take.

    If you show people that you are an amazing person, and that there is something more to you, something that separates the copious like minded masses from your extra-ordinary sense of awesomeness..... You will truly find fulfillment not just in your relationships with women, but in life.

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    Awesome thread. This is something I really needed to read today. I'm constantly all up in my head, worrying about what others think about me, what a girl will think if I approach them. The thought of approaching a girl freaks the shit out of me... (I'm new to this stuff) but you're 100% right in this post. I'm who I am, flaws and everything.... and if I don't respect myself then the world sure as fuck won't. I'm going out tonight to a new venue and I've been nervous about it. All "those people" who seem to be able to operate easily in social situations while I am standing around looking awkward because I don't truly have confidence in myself. But does it actually matter what people think? And how the fuck do I know what anyone is thinking anyway? I don't have ESP. Most likely they're thinking about themselves anyway. I need to take a long hard look at what is stopping me from having confidence, and remove that shit from my life, from my head. I'm the biggest obstacle to my own success. No one else. Me. I can either be my own best friend or my own worst enemy in life. I've beaten myself up a lot because of past mistakes I've made. It's about time I give myself a fucking break, put the mental baseball bat away and stop hating on myself. I appreciate you taking the time to eloquently sum up my roadblocks to confidence. Thanks man.


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      I'm new to the game as well, this describes me to the core. Never think I'm good enough, consistently mind fucking myself. I bought revelations a week ago, it's sad really, I'm 24 going on 25 and am JUST NOW beginning to realize the girl of my dreams isn't just going to fall into my lap. If you want something, GO GET IT, period, that's all there is to it. Thank you for this post, I really needed it.


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        Great read man, thanks for this!


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          Thanks for your nice story.I believe that, without emotion and fillings confidence can not build up.