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  • Poetry Of A Rake

    Be my love, a stone which stops the heart, the ropes holding my body amidst broken and weakened limp limbs.
    Be my body, to endless depths and be held with promise, joyous as the day.
    Be my love, so you never be alone, cold, or tears for which may escape your eyes upon restless nights.
    Be my love, and realise my heart, as it embraces you within arms.. you are never let go.

    I have observed that Poetry is my inherent Seductive tool. Nothing seeps or saps an emotional response faster then well organized DHV insinuated Poetry. You can express multiple sexual cues between the lines, so as I experiment. . I shall post more.

    This specific poem has been revered as a "Good" response.

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    Yes, love exists within the timely facades Rested upon the trees, and overlooking the tranquil sounds Woe be to the beyonds, the dancing of such fickle passioned flames. Only once surrendered Does love nestle upon ones Glimmering roost of ones such life. - Me

    I wrote this today

    I have a response "That's beautiful" and "Wow"

    Currently in development


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      I applaud your for your efforts, the title is fitting indeed!


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        My fair darest to tread my woods, I am that of question a beast as claimed by many. I shall never chase, but tread. . you allowed. See that of passion, elagance shimmer folded as a flower. Be the thorn which gentles my skin draw my loving. Eyes as a azure sea, of which even sirens lay there jealousy as songs sung of this beauty. A kiss gentle as this beast posesses. Lay you amongst thistles, blades of weeping grass. The touch amongst your soft breast. Allow this beast that touch upon his claws, I allow they the forest of pleasure.

        (Today at 8:43pm)you've quite a talent i like the way you incorporate the light and with the beast who only threads where he's allowed and the thorn and the loving...very imaginative n beautiful

        Today 8:40pmWow that was amazing

        Today 8:17pmAwwww that's cute... poet much?

        (Today at 8:34pm)Nay, how dost thou knowest I am fair? My heart beats with the evilest of intentions.......

        Today 8:55pmthats very pretty

        Each response from a different girl : )


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          "Ask my name, I say pleasure. . ask again, I say will. . Ask once more. . I say Love"

          Today at 8:55pm Message omg you are tooooooo cute

          "A taste of the flower. . amongst my lips. . is the aphrodisiac of a great kiss"

          "As a lover, curl her toes. . muffled by her joyous screams"
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            Seduction Of A Rake

            (Today at 8:34pm)Nay, how dost thou knowest I am fair? My heart beats with the evilest of intentions.......

            You (Today at 8:35pm)"I'm within your mind women. . I make love amongst your vived fantasies"

            (Today at 8:41pm)Thine fantasies are tame in comparison, good sir. This mind is a dark world, darker than mine own soul..

            You (Today at 8:44pm)"I cast to treason, of such depths of black beriddled amongst the dark of thy soul. For within black, dark as a eclipsing sun. . shall I live, as you surrender amidst my love making pleasures"

            (Today at 9:33pm)I accept thine surrender, and bestow upon you the darkness of my heart's being..

            You (Today at 9:36pm)"I penetrate the dark of such a body with love, bestow a orgasm fairest"

            You (Today at 9:44pm)"As a lover, curl her toes. . muffled by her joyous screams" : )

            (Today at 10:22pm)"turns into you, laughing low in my throat, challenging you with my eyes.."

            You (Today at 10:23pm)"The game as fire, her eyes show her intentions. . : )

            Seduction : )


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              Damn Truth, you are good!


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                "The pretty ones are less in need of arts assistance and take its admonitions less to heart, fortunate possessors of charms, nought of art"

                "How many things revolt us in the process, which delight us in the achievement

                "Pluck then, the rose and lose no time, since if thou pluck it not 'twill forlorn and withered of its own accord'

                "Having known love, I can say as a Man. . that sex will never be it, but can be produced by it.


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                  Thou young one, Beware of the temptress / A tilt of her devils eyes, sending heroes amongst madness blinded by a darkest false love.

                  Beware her touch, numb of ice down warm drops leading to the beating beasts / Tread not her webs, set fourth your nets / Cast aside blatant evils, and woo the feathered bird back to roost. The master fishermen, hooked upon thy line, reeled by thy desire / Marvel at the sight of such casted catchs, and as deliberate, release back upon grimacing breaking waves / Mermaid's fins topping opal crescent waters.

                  Oh Master, how snare such a gold flowing behemoth / The youth gilded and clothed with aged sheepskin, but allow this shroud to pass, and of what truth shall ever be none thy more evident / Glare of the wild roaring flames, send me unbreakable upon such a faired beast / I shall tame with acts of the stern disinterest, thus shall doubt rear its head.

                  The women whom could inslave a country, I shall allow the wild to tire her of her seldom curiousity, and thus she shall tame herself.


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                    Though it be glorious to make. conquests, it is still more glorious to retain them.

                    If there were a way across the Styx, the Stygian waters I would not fear to cross. Grant me then to change the laws that rule my nature."

                    Beauty is a fleeting boon; it fades with the passing years, and the longer it lives, the more surely it dies. The violets and wide-cupped lilies bloom not for ever, and, once the rose has blown, its naked stem shows only thorns.

                    Away with such criminal devices! If you'd be loved, be worthy to be loved.

                    Well then, whoever you may be, put not too great a trust in the deceptive charm of beauty. Take care to possess something more than mere physical comeliness. What works wonders with the women is an ingratiating manner.

                    If your mistress is ungracious and off-hand in her manner towards you, bear it with patience; she'll soon come round. If you bend a branch carefully and gently, it won't break. If you tug at it suddenly with all your might

                    (I shall add more - This is the famous poet Ovids work, but I have already high lighted at least several PUA methods that are "Groundbreaking" already inbedded in his work. Its apparent that a lot of PUA knowledge is rehashed garbage.


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                      A man whom feels, his hands are cold not with death, but sprung wih love. As a toil, his breaths have fainted and returned. He can dream the endless sights of love, but what a sight it would be if it where to be retained, thus not abrubtly conquered.

                      I am not your teacher, I have but simple thoughts. Any a man whom could stand looking the quiet gaze amidst my eyes shall know at the first sound of a faint whisper, that though I am of simple thoughts, I am not of a simple love.

                      A love that could hold the heart, and make it beat as every second before it has never burned a second.


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                        No dear man could ever be sorry to have been honest for nothing, that it is the common and the understood, that habits shall entice to mold thy character. Endure the hammer casted by persistance, it shall slab you fine strokes of churned and hummed metal, thus the worksmanship shall forever pass the material.

                        A word can lie, as a tear can hold significance in proportioned spaces of the realms of a feinding mans mind, as all can corrupt when ones mind is prone to such evils. Such evils as fear mocking the breaths you so vehemently defend with utter grandour, fear by association shall turn to lesson its angry hold upon you.

                        Happiness only gifted from a realm of clouds spat by the endless, those whom could love as a fire burning across dried arrid lands, never more true could a man be the more courageous in the defense of his love, thus though the man beckon the sword, the chains which hurt the mind shall unfold once the worry has been discarded once and for all.

                        As the voyage claims the wet strokes down the painted lovely faces of such a lovely lot of wives, upon this day may I indeed declare, that a mans love is better to be dragged far off to distant lands, as men are with themselves for a longer affliction, the more this eternal love becomes the more acquainted hereafter.

                        And any whom shall claim the soft beneath my breast let me commend your words, but know that integrity has never been worth as much, when a man parts with everything simply to keep it. What has always never rested has hence never endured.

                        Do you see the words I have laid across this print for you to rummage with dirty fingers a slight pick, that in all things denied to the human sight, these things have always been revealed to the eyes upon are soul, and my soul seeks love, and hence what was once impulse, instinct, has become all the more to shape upon reason.

                        Often many women long for that which eludes there flair, and not what is offored to them. Though it true to be annoying to be honest for no purpose, there has never been a moment where a lie couldn't quell a love that could otherwise have lasted eternally.


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                          I know that I have lived because I have felt, and, feeling giving me the knowledge of my existence, I know likewise that I shall exist no more when I shall have ceased to feel. And though one day as the ash I shall indeed cease to feel, by allow me my simple ways, allow me to remember my peasures, to renew and rejoice amongst fires that couldn't topple stones along windy, dirt sodded roads.

                          My success and my misfortunes, the bright and the dark days I have gone through, everything has proved to me that in this world, either physical or moral, good comes out of evil just as well as evil comes out of good. And knowing that both come from one another, I know that to love, holds to hate, as hate to love. This we must know, that we are both the things, amongst the same strain of that moment.

                          Real love is the love that sometimes arises after sensual pleasure: if it does, it is immortal; the other kind inevitably goes stale, for it lies in mere fantasy. I declare, my love is not a fantasy, but just the epithany.

                          The man who has sufficient power over himself to wait until his nature has recovered its even balance is the truly wise man, but such beings are seldom met.


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                            Say if I move, shall the tender tear trickle its mourning dew down such a cheek? How during the darkest and coldest nights, the flicker of candles dimming hallways, the dark faces of men whom contemplate in the restless eve of battle. You cry your tender tears of longing against me, and though so far. . I can hear your sorrows amongst the wind.

                            Could my hardened hands take those tears from your eyes, so many a cold lonely night where you there holding me amongst my dreams, and I remember the sweet tastes of your kiss laid upon my lips. The thought of your love has served me in these battles, I am cold but not of death, for death couldn't take the embers which care deepest for you in these warring nights.

                            Though I may be struck down, know that I have given all of me which is the softest, I have allowed you to beat my heart and flow my viens, and if you commend me so my love, I shall be the bleed for which you ask me to show amongst my cuts indeed I bleed red, but even more I bleed as a man, a man whom strides the war, but wishes nothing more then to lay my worn sword amongst the hay, and return to my love as I have seen all these restless moments.


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                              Be my love, a Rose with no thorns but my life is full of misery still i would make you feel like A rose without its thorns and the stone without its hardness, i would protect you with shadow of love every time you be with me.....

                              I hope this small effort of mine would help you in your poetry.