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  • "Meaning Of Faith"

    To have faith.. never lose the good for the unjust of the bad in heart. That respect is due to those who wish it of you.. as you wish it within yourself. That in all things.. never can true faith be toiled or tarnished by the continual of inside pains, inside wars.

    They say if you love, then let it be free.. but it has always been free.. as I wish to not shackle another.. for within love.. there are no boundaries, no chains of my design to bind another.

    As conviction threw faith of heart, as night to day.. will serve multitudes of support in deepest restlessness. And for what is felt thought right, or the wrong.. I shall win, not by treading on the bear.. but by not treading at all as a testament of what is best unto myself.

    Though my heart may be broken, never destroyed. Though pain, never wounded. Though sad, never alone. As I am unrelenting in the tasks set before me.. even if blind.

    As howling within night, screams within self shake more then violence of anger.

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    I shall never scream, never yell.. for in silence I know myself best. To think of my mind, my body.. as if a army.. to where the differences are its weakness comparing to the formidable of its strengths.

    I cannot bare a world of wrongs I have written, for if I have done wrong.. then I know I did wrong.. and though shameful of things I have done wrong.. I serve the best to do right in my days.. as right lifts the shames and brings me to the light.

    I speak words for people to hear me now, as now is exactly the time I have been strong enough to live.. and for this time.. I honor them.. as I can express them with just doing.. unafraid.. for no one can test myself better then me.

    That to love is precious, for there is only hate to compare. That it is of value to express these things, there the only expressions I deem worth my very life, and so I share.. as I follow.. all these burning and fading moments of my life.


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      Though I always face pain, I do not need serve it, strengthen it, or reinforce it. To face fear.. as it mocks.. I atest to challenge it.. for it serves me, not the other.

      To set my spirit, be it restful above. To look down.. not opon others.. but opon myself, to do what is good as a judge as only I can judge me, and only you all yourselves.

      That words manafest what are greatest tragedies, are greatest glories.. reside within hidden by mimics of are dark. It is of a battle to where victory and defeat is that of which you stand for within self.

      To where a footstep ripples the water, shades reflection.. and so be here within the right faith to know what true face represents, not by physical symmetrics, but by what forces of choice you devote to express to this world.

      If you fail to stand whilst not believing.. then you stand for nothing, and thus if you stand for nothing.. then you stand for nothing, as you are falling, and by you this happens.. causing torment that blames.


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        To blame, placed for the falling we bring onto ourselves. It is that of which is your prison, the sanctity of which you are your warden. And what is honest.. is only we as people know this.. no matter are differences, they are seperate prisons of which are punishment, is to punish ourselves.. and so true to others.

        It is what we know, the greatest lies are of our truths.. and we know them well. But it is easier to pass, then to accept.. and thus how can we grow.. when were so easy to denie.. are own truths.

        I speak because this is of me, this is a expression of my truths. Burned by stake of anger, trapped by walls of mind, ripped by others, I feel no pain.. for I let it go, to see the truth of good.

        So I say that I do stand, I stand for what is worth noting, worth saying, and though I shall be dust one day, my words live on as echoes across this world.. thats my faith, so what is yours.


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          More, thats beautiful..


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            The Resolved

            Obiting, opon the rise of faith, to become sheild, forever remains never pierced, hollow sword, wilted by hollow blows.

            As soldiers march, so does your heart march, fighting of which the dream of the end, they wish to feel peace, so too does are hearts wish this peace.

            To stand whilst those among you who fall, allow yourself to shine radiant.. calm the inner of yourself.. the burning need be, and so stand, for what you wish, so true to stand.

            The echoes of these words allow me peace, to say those words gracing within mind, to feel calm amongst the storm,

            To believe could be temporary, resolve of yourself, of what lays sleeping inside, lays the mystery, the key to your mind.

            If you feel alone, coldest to those who should warm you, then allow these words.. I dare forwarn you, that its only up with you, too forgive, to rise, and be of, what is within myself, and allow others freely be, to be the best of yourself.. so those in front, may see the person you truthfully represent,


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              These days as I look, I see visions of what I know is opon me, as this is faith of heart, and fear what I shall bring, those who wish me harm.

              But I deem peace, and words as my message, as actions are my actions, I stay true.. as this keeps me within my peace,

              Tormented souls write with a penning of hearts fire, as words express the innate of there supression, the hollification of there dreams, the stamping of there hearts light, the fading demise of hope, the glimmer of faint chance

              As yourself can walk strongest of your frames resolve, to face the demon of your lost side, remember he is, of you..and so accept your demons, so you may be present among your angels grace.

              This is a path rigid, darkened by the depths of unknown. To walk it is within sell, that the flicker of the candle, emerges daunting shadows, whilst the path you walk, becomes warmest of the lighting.

              The beast that await deepest of your pains, are of not letting go, so remains the beasts laying in side, to face there sneering jaws,


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                as they heave, as they just stare.

                Fear not these beasts, as you become the beast to clash vehemently, as you overcome, tooth to nail, you indeed overcome.

                Enjoy the days of which shows glory to authentic triumphs, and learn the messages stitched within any defeat,, for defeat, is but lifes lesson to learn, to be whats best of me, and me.. to know my lessons so I may be my best to those of you, who feel me, as myself be.

                As I played this game.. the game was but a stone to build my wall, and created many pains, many joys, as my wall rose tall, I swear this within how I say, I say these words to produce behind it all. I sweared within that way, I wouldn't ever fall, I swear to this day, to be behind, that is all.

                As the night I glared whilst nightfall, opon waves of the ocean, I remember feeling small to the universe, but that I was large to the world, as those moments are to kept, they are rare dreams of your night, so never allow them, to seep from out of sight.


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                  To be seen, watched as I trudge, not of a dream, but of myself. As I bask of those, that seek to defile, that of which remains beautiful, within the realms of the broken solace, the depth of your shadows sign, the figure of you, you pushed, as you left your ugliness behind.

                  That of which lingers within heart, stays within heart, unless learned, and as to forgive equal it best to accept, so the linger falls, and you may rise.

                  To see self like the majestic of the treading of a lion, to bear claws opon those who test your resolve, to roar with dreadful persona, so say hear me roar, fear and quiver, as I deliver you opon your way, so you see that those of us as lions, speak.. and therefore we should be heared.

                  That to hold with clutchs of caring, allows heart to rest, to hold tightly, to worry, to allow your thoughts, to taint to poison, will not be good, and so find what is of joy, to be calm, as the rough.. slows to calm, and enjoy those whom you care, as what is best within self


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                    The path of roads, dotted by trees opon unfolding horizons, as you walk, the moon comes to cast, and so far it resides, it permits its shining, of that which speaks the moon

                    To love what women you allow, to be that armor of which allows no pain, as to yell calm.. and be with peace, as love is a challenged trial, and those who learn of how to treat it, shall never forget its symbolism of written riddles.

                    And if you face war, as the fading light, then love of what you are, as it will be along you as one.. holding tight. Those who whip as you sting, will learn to cast aside, as you decide to rise, and be that of war, which is within your grasp to fight.

                    The battles acount for fragments of whom is myself, and those whom face there own fierce battles, but if one knows whom he is, then he shall feel no fear, as his clutch, strikes those hearts, as they lay crippled opon the ground.

                    To be cast within waters of which you cannot swim, as you descend.. the flow of what's inside shall come fourth, to seek pulse,


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                      of which the pulse, shall shock vibrations to the ring which vibes within all, the heart will beat as though, it never ceased.

                      The behemoth of myths, those beasts which have descended lifes years, are they the demons of people who stood, creations of mighty ideas, as any to defy, whom myths lay to resemblings of my self.

                      As doubt to cast its sticks.. coupled by its pairs of stone, to stop me as I walk, but these I know do not cause me pain, for the stopping of the walk, causes the movement of dreams.

                      To feel lost, it is of your sadness that reveals plans of change, as you may move the clouds, so to clear the sky, to feel good, to transcend the high.

                      I learned when lost, to not know whom I was, was the creation of my imperfect complexities, and that to fight was foolish, but to accept was the difference, so may I know peace

                      To be within clutchs of deaths door, to see blacks darker then shades, to see life as my eyes picture that of what I have yet to achieve, was the dampening of hope,


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                        But to rise from death, as life was with me, my mind happened to see that of what matters, for I ask that my chance over not be wasted, so as I shine, those whom hear, those who touch.. may also shine.

                        That those whom I share bread, or within bed, may hear me say.. that it is within me to be that of my best, but to do me right, to keep this real.. so theres no delusions, to try best to hold from a fight, so there are no confusions, I know what is for me, therefore I will be me.

                        So resolve what you must, its a journey, where what you seek is but the closest thing, of which it came to being, from the first breath.


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                          "A Man For She"

                          To love is let it be free, as care is to clutch, but to clutch gently. For the heart thrives not on aspects of diminishing love, but rather gentle.. caring. But the heart needs two loves, the first of myself to reign fierce messages, to be that of which my heart deems being, the second of that which is your other, the protection of your women, as breaths escape a whisper, if it is so, then defend it for it is you to do so.

                          To see with hearts instinct, that the dreading of venemous spews, as they inflict from your lips, they cause wounds, as wounds as these break, they seep.. and ooze.. this never suffices to say, surely you leave her bruised.

                          To know within self is a man of fire.. and which doesn't burn, the glowing of its flames, burns more over desire. That I wish to spread this warmth, so it may spread within those and my women, so the flames dance, as the trickle of peddles slipping down from a tree.

                          That to fight is of pride and love, that of which braces your stand, as it crackles opon your knees,


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                            Sprung fourth with the tales of which is high to be sought, counsel those who cry within the cusp of this world, as they cry as weight for there hearts descends heaviest opon them, and let it be known that ground of which you idle shall be fruitful, and so be fruitful to them.

                            That it is of men, who trials there women, to hear what is said aloud, to decipher what is best told to me by myself, and to be as fair, as fair is to me.

                            That so having the choice to be dog or a man, it is of this choice that I bicker amongst, as it reflects with mirror casted about my mind, for this I amount to usurp my spirit, so I may look down and judge best accordingly.

                            That to beg, fight, or plead with my women, convicts my pride, and true.. it takes my energy, but hear me say, that though my energy be taken, so to shall it be replenished.. by thoughts of good, never bad.


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                              That if I hold my women, may she feel my strength, and my comfort. As though lies are easy, truths cause the best of returns.

                              It is of what is felt that cascades memory against the brain, and threw storms.. there is wind. As the raging tides twist, contort its sorrows, and calm those ravaged waves.

                              So be to her, what she is to you, never forsake, but keep your sake always within vision of stake, so let the heart turn differences between what is, and what is fake.

                              That it be fair to let go, if that of which you care falters till no more, no strings, no puppets, for being honest.. though her heart shall grow sore, remember your honesty, she should indure.

                              But if that caring threw trebulations does not falter, then be to it with haste to firmly show you sought her.