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  • Masturbation - Can it help pickup?

    Ok so I know what Mystery tells us - abstaining from it will make your game better. While I sincerely advocate against daily masturbation, it can get a good 3 months+ until you actually get to have sex with another human being (preferably female).

    Now, don't get me wrong i often stay 2-3 weeks without polishing my rocket. But I've gotten great success the same day or the next after I jerked off. Also [U]my game was better[/U]. I was a lot calmer and material flowed gracefully. Kiss close .

    The biggest time I fucked up was after 3 weeks of abstinence. I said to myself - "I'll abstain until I get this girl". And man was she good! I fucked up bigtime. I was too nervous and desperate. I couldn't consciously get myself out of that state.

    So, I guess if you keep it to once a week it ups your game - you're not that desperate/ needy anymore. At least that's what I noticed.

    Your thoughts?

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    It all depends on how not masturbating affects you. For some people, myself included, not doing it causes me to have less of a sex drive. It's as if my body gets used to not having sex, kind of like a hibernation mode. If I either masturbate or have sex on an almost daily basis then my sex drive increases, because I'm used to getting it every day and therefore I'm always ready to go! lol So to do it daily is good for me because it puts me in "I Need to get laid" mode.

    I would bet that in Mystery's case he probably abstains from masturbation because it makes him want it so bad that it serves as motivation to get out of the house to get laid. Maybe for him, after he jerked it he felt relaxed and satisfied, like there's no need to go search for it. So for me, daily is good, but I can totally see how for some it may not be.


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      This is a very good question.

      My human sexuality teacher says that it's healthy for males to hit one out the park 2-3 times a week.

      I've also heard that statement from Mystery and it makes sense. Sometimes after I perform a stress release session with Dr. Johnson I feel too tired and lazy to go out. For me, pumping the shotgun makes me complacent and hard to escalate. Staying calm and relaxed takes practice. Shellacking the glacknoid won't help you in the long run.


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        lmfao your guys terms for jacking off are hilarious.


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          Heres the thing, until you completely let go of your dick and get some women into your life you'll always be grabbing your dick. Better to have a hot girl grab it for you, at least i think so.


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            Originally posted by Colgate View Post
            Heres the thing, until you completely let go of your dick and get some women into your life you'll always be grabbing your dick. Better to have a hot girl grab it for you, at least i think so.
            i think is mystery's concept in taming sexual drive by not jerking off.


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              Well, I beg to differ. If you don't masturbate for a long time and make a deal with yourself that the next hand to touch you dick will have nail polish you have just given women an enormous power over you.

              Just think about it. You will not be able to "just not give a fuck" when you crash and burn a set. You'll crave sex so bad, you'll be extremely nervous. However if you wax one off suddenly you are able to do it for fun. You are able to test new material, go 20% further etc. and if it happens, it happens.

              Women can pick up sexual frustration. I believe it's quite evident in the way someone behaves. And thus going months with vigorous random sorry boners and no satisfaction will not do much for your love life.

              Mystery also said 1 a week is enough. No more, no less. In addition to that, i read about a study that was conducted where they determined that if you don't have sex once a week [U]your testosterone decreases[/U] - a lot. Holy shit!

              So, all in all, I believe it's good to abstain for 1 or 2 weeks but then again the body has needs. And whether you're conscious or asleep, it [B]will[/B] take care of them. Cheers!


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                If staying calm and relaxed in field is your worry. The best thing to do is to practice and to breathe with your diaphragm. I read an article on where several studies showed that the majority of Americans breathe with their chest and only use the upper part of their lungs, limiting the amount of oxygen that their body receives. Breathing like that makes people have sweaty palms and more anxious for no reason, other than their body is lacking oxygen.

                Basically, breathe throw your stomach and not your chest. Try it out!


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                  Basically, breathe throw your stomach and not your chest. Try it out!
                  Yes, this is diaphragmatic breathing. You should feel your stomach bloat out when you inhale. I recommend yoga or fire breathing exercises to everyone to help with this.


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                    Personally i enjoy an orgasm a day diet whether thats through spanking it or sex i have at least one. Anytime ive consciously gone longer than a week my standards drop as a horny 18 yr old!


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                      Avoiding jerking off for a few days adds buildup. Personally it doesn't affect my game much if (1) I get lots of exercise, and (2) I don't watch porn when I rub one out. If you have solid aggressive game and you give it a rest for awhile can add to your alpha-ness, but if you wait too long you may take on that starving desperate quality. If you're willing to push your boundaries I suggest you study tantra, for specifics read "the multi-orgasmic man: sexual secrets every man should know."


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                        ) I totally read that shit!
                        It was in the period when I gave up pickup since I was like " Fuck it, I'm too short. If I am to jerk off better do it right!". Needless to say I had some chronic dick ache after that..

                        But you know what? Last night, at a table with two really tall guys and about 6 girls I absolutely [B]owned[/B] that set. I told a girl who came to dance with me and my target on the floor - " Come on", I said, "look behind you. There's a guy (from our table)" "FUCK HIM!". Great night!


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                          Ahah one time it had a negative effect, I thought my ex was busy and wouldnt call me through that night, so I started, then she got horny and called me through, in bed it was like "bloody hell Dan that was up quick!" and I was like mmmm yea :/


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                            Rocklaw, great question.

                            It turns out there is actually a biological purpose to male masturbation. Namely, tailoring their sperm army to maximize the chance of getting a women pregnant. Women also unconsciously use masturbation to control which of their lovers will impregnate them.

                            Anyway, you pretty much nailed it. Abstaining from masturbation is meant to increase motivation to get out of your house and go practice. This is good advice on average because most men don't practice game enough to consistently get the awesome results they want.

                            On the other hand, if student is going on and practicing 4 nights a week etc. If he has enough motivation, but one of his sticking points is coming off as desperate or needy etc. Then, by all means he should go jerk off.

                            Last thing, some research shows there are potential health hazards to men not ejaculating on a regular basis. Among these is an increased chance of erectile dysfunction. Put simply, "Use it or lose it." They also recommend weekly ejaculation.


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                              Exactly! The use it or lose it danger manifests direcly with prostate cancer. to be in the clear a man should blow his load once per day. Oh by the way after surgery for prostate cancer most men experience a 40% size reduction.