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  • Day 2 date ideas with stipper picked up outside strip club

    Picked up a stripper during regular day game at a grocery store. What are some good day 2 date ideas with her?

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    Hey man, first of all good work!

    I personally would make the day 2 as natural as possible, meaning don't think you have to set up smth heavy cos she's a stripper. Let her join you for the day whilst you handle your business about town, see a few friends etc. I don't know how you gamed her cos I wasn't there but now is the time to treat her like a person not the HBstripper 9/10. In fact, I would even be bold enough to say... Yes you want to use whatever comfort material you have and are grooming, but in a sense you want to almost turnoff 'game' and just vibe, micro calibrating when needed. Micro calibration can be an advanced subject for some depending on your skill level and experience ... but yields powerful results if used in the right way, accurately and with good timing.

    So... make the event as mundane as possible. . I don't know what your day 2 success rate is like cos we've never met but generally depending on how you rock it you want to avoid framing it as a date and focusing more on time spent together bearing in mind what I wrote above.

    I personally have set up a day 2 plan which I have field tested to work in my favour regarding logistics. Again, it's not just about building comfort. I'm guessing you eventually want to bang her right. So plan your day 2 like a master chess player. Be thinking 5-6 moves ahead. You want to eventually bounce her back to your pad so think about logistical issues like how far a certain venue is from your manor...then follow the rest of the model man.

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