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  • The waitress who never has given her number out

    Im at a bar in Toronto with my brother watching the GSP fights last wkd.

    Now, I always peacock, its just who I am. But I told my brother that tonight I will try my best not to game and just hang out with him. So, we get to the bar and the waitress comes along and...Boom! (That lasted long huh?)

    She starts with, I like you necklace is that a... and we are off. I started gaming her and she kept coming back to me, she kino'd me alot but (hired guns always fake Kino). So, im brushing her off with negs and not hitting on her like everyone else. My brother was like " Man, shes into you." Im like"Oh, well. Im here for the fights." (BULLSHIT!!)

    So as the night goes on im working this hired gun and doing a very good job. Meanwhile my brother was getting hit on by a very hot cougar. I used her friend as a jealousy tool.

    But... here's where I went wrong

    I got drunk. Thanks to my brother and the fights and my pact to have fun with him I get pretty drunk and my game went to shit and I could tell I lost my value when she noticed I was drunk. So, I locked her in with my favourite wrist cuff and pretty much didnt talk to her for the rest of the night. She came back and she gave me her faacebook info and I left.

    Now, during the week I started to get upset because I gave away one of my favourite peacocking accessory. So, I went back on Saturday with Deliveryman AKA Pokerface.

    I gamed this girl again, and she was right into me again. Pokerface, helped me DHV and the game went on. I locked her in with a very creative awesome lock in prop I make(Mystery would be proud) and left. She swore she would add me to facebook. I almost number closed but here is the thing... In four years of bartending she has never gave her number out.

    Any suggestions??

    Add me to facebook
    Derail Laired

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    Always a pleasure reading your stuff Derail...

    Getting drunk...happens to all of us every now and then haha...we can't always be the calculating sober pick up machines that we are instructed to be...and its cool that you just wanted to chill.

    Be careful though...from the sound of the post at the end, its starting to sound like you are in a chasing frame...usually its the girl asking you to "promise to call" or to promise to add to facebook...

    Either way we both know that hired guns don't close so easily...and because of that id say that you are playing your game just fine right now...try back again and see if you get any closer...I had a situation EXACTLY like this 2 months ago. They always give out their facebook...and for them its like their business card - they don't really lose anything in giving it out. What i did in the end was to simply call up a girl i was gaming at the same time, set up a casual drink at the bar the HG worked at, and let the jealous madness begin. What do you think happened? :P...the next time i saw her, she did the typical "the girl you were with the other night was cute..." line...followed by more fluff, followed eventually by:

    Her: "I don't give my number out to any guy...",
    [Killer Blow]; Looking her in the eye smiling...
    Me: "But i'm not just any guy, I'm Michael, and i'd like to continue this conversation outside Happy hour"
    ...getting playful now from her saying
    Her: "What gives you the idea that i care about what you would or wouldn't like to do hm?"
    Blah blah blah blah BOOOOM # Close

    Keep your game up bro and you should see some results soon.