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  • FR: Approaching hg's at presentations

    Hi there! Well this might seem like a long post but bear with me there are a couple of sarges before the actual encounter with the HG.
    This was my experience with an hg about a week ago. I went with my father to ths mall in my city to get some lunch. I was actually starving and saw quite a good number of hb's while i was heading to the food courts. I wanted to approach, but hey, I respect my stomach's lunch time, chicks can wait a little bit. so i had lunch and then i told my father there was a demonstration going on with some HG's since he is an HB admirer himself.
    We went there and the hottest HG approached offering us to take a free photograph with a US city background for an airline campaign. I thought I could say sth clever and start a convo right then and there but my father blew it saying that no, he didn't want to take a photo b/c those cities
    (the backgrounds)were very far away.

    (DUH!Was that playing hard to get? what kind of response was that???)

    I actually told him that he had blown out my set and went walking somewhere else.
    After this happened I actually lost my father and went looking
    for him for a while with no success. Then I said, what the heck!
    LEt's go check out the place and maybe find some HB's to

    First while I was in a 2nd floor, I was standing looking down
    at the 1st floor, then an HB came walking past me with a little girl
    in her hand and an older lady.As she approached, I tried some
    of my EC magic on her but I just didn't get through.

    ¨Hell¨, I thought, ¨This normally doesn't happen¨
    Then as I kept watching, the girl went down stairs in the electric ladder with the girl, i think the older lady went to get some medicienes at the farmacy.
    I went down to see if I could do the approach and saw the HB again standing there waiting with the girl. I passed her a few steps and then as I saw her standing idly, I went in and told her:

    the arkangel: "Hey, hello, I wanted to tell you sth for a sec."
    HB cold: "Yes?"
    arkangel: "Well, it's just that I'm liking your style..."
    (Her expression changed a little bit and I didn't see a a major positive
    response in her face, so I continued...)

    arkangel: "... but I also wanted to find out if you were easy going as well!"

    I don't remember her replying back, or if she just said
    sth lame.
    Anyway, I kinda felt a cold response on her part and then ---

    arkangel: "Well, I guess you might just be easy going with your acquaintances then
    and maybe not with strangers"(could have said sth better here)
    arkangel: "Is that your daughter?"(maybe that could have served as a neg)
    HB cold: "No, she's not!"
    arkangel: "Well, I guess your still too young to be a mother right?"
    HB nods and stands still saying nothing, showing absolutely no IOI's or interest in the convo.

    ark: (standing there with nothing to work on) Well, then, it's been nice
    greeting you.
    And there I left. I don't know exactly if the HB was being cold b/c
    she actually was a bitch or b/c her mother was on the way and she felt
    nervous or uncomfortable by her "catching us" chatting since about 20 secs
    from me leaving, the mother came back to her.
    Anyway, I guess some situations just don't favor the GAME.
    I wonder what you guys would have done in this case? Even though I am
    aware of the lack of NEGS and not using her responses in my favor.

    2nd approach.

    Well, so I kept looking for dad and sent him an SMS telling him to meet me someplace in about 15 minutes. So I kept walking all the way to that meeting place, suddenly I saw the hottest bodied girl I had seen the whole day there. I was going down the stairs and then I saw her walking ALL ALONE, my favorite kind of sets. She was wearing a very sexy mini skirt and and her top was skimpy. She was walking quite fast so I had to hurry. I practically crossed the entire mall until I got near her. At one point about 30 feet away from the hb some guys working at a store got out just to see her and they were like barking or making some funny noises after she passed the store, hahaha,
    ¨Im more conviced to approach her now! ¨ I thought.
    So the girl finally stopped at an ATM for some money, there was a small line and there I approached her. Everybody turned their backs when I started talking to her but I didn't phase out b/c of this, what I did was lower my voice so only she could hear me. I continued talking until the girl reached the ATM and told her I'd wait for her nearby. Since it is sth sneaky or even threatening to approach sb who is going to use an ATM.
    She finally got out the money and then whe continued talking, I was talking about her coming to the mall, and she said that she really liked it more than other malls, so I agreed with her.
    hb-sexy: I really like this mall
    arkangel: Oh, so you do come here often?
    hb-sexy: Yes, I do
    arkangel: Well, I have a friend who lives nearby so we come every now and then, who do you come with?
    hb-sexy: with my friends and family
    At this point, I don't know if I felt nervous or sth but I couldn't think of any
    attraction material to run to the girl. Maybe b/c of the approach dynamics,
    we were walking actually kinda fast.
    arkangel: did you come here with somebody, your family? (assessing the situation and
    finding out how much time i had left)
    hb-sexy: Oook! Actually I came here with my BF
    (I sensed a certain unwillingness to reveal this information to me but since I kinda
    insisted on the topic she did)
    Actually, we kinda got ourselves in a fight
    arkangel: (great just what i needed ) Oh that's so bad!
    hb-sexy: well, he is so childish I cant stand him anymore
    arkangel: (yess baby, let it go, let it go )
    more bla bla bla

    arkangel: What type of person are you?
    (I saw no bitch shield so I proceeded with more rapport questions and convo)
    hb-sexy: well, I'm cool
    arkangel: Are you the formal type of girl?(obviously didn't look like it, but let's
    ask for the sake of asking!hahaha
    hb-sexy: Hmm.. I don't know maybe
    arkangel: Well, I think what you need is a bf who appreciates you and who is formal,
    not childish and (list of my qualities D haha)
    hb-sexy: Hmmm
    hb-sexy: (continuing walking) Oh, there's my bf, wait up!
    (she hid from her chicano looking bf, who was walking in the opposite direction, behind a big fat column)
    Arkangel: Who was the guy? The one walking with a friend?
    Hb-sexy: The worst part is I came with him and I have to get back home
    I'll have to go with him anyway
    arkangel: (OH damn! I came with my father, should I get a cab?)
    hb-sexy: You probably hit me in a bad time
    (HUGE IOI my friends! and she kept talking)
    arkangel: Well, we have our bad times, I know how it is,
    there are some persons who just drive us mad...
    Maybe I should psycho analyze you...(maybe not you bozo, just cheer her up!)

    HG Approach

    We kept walking back until we got to the place were there were the HG*escorts and the one who approached my father earlier approached me again, this time, me with the hot sexy girl. The escort asked if we wanted to take a picture together, would have been a great idea, but hb-sexy started making a call probably to her bf or ex-bf to go take her home. Obviously, the escort had a more beautiful face than my new sexy friend there but I thought I would gamble it since I had already acquired social-proof within the HG's scope of vision. I told hb-sexy to join me for the photo but she seemed quite impatient and speaking through the ph. and kinda wanted to get the hell out of there quickly. I stayed there and chatted the escort up doing some kino and funny convo.
    Here's how it went:
    escort: Doesn't she want to take the photograph?
    arkangel: no, she's gotta go now
    I empathized to how she was feeling at the time and said goodbye with a kiss
    on her cheek.
    escort: Oh well, do you?
    arkangel: Ok, no prob, but... you have to take the photo with me ok?
    escort: alright
    (escort trying to find another *customer)
    arkangel: Hey! you know what?
    escort: Yes?
    arkangel: You look a like one of my cousins a little. She's very skinny, just like
    you...(but she's taller and cuter!! damn, remember NEGGING!)
    escort: Oh, then she must be very cute then!
    arkangel: Oh, I see you are very modest!
    escort goes fix sth in the stand a little and comes back
    arkangel: I know how I should name you! MISS MODESTY!
    escort: Oh no! I was just kidding!
    arkangel: Well my cousin got married about 5 years ago but still
    she's like the model of the family, she is very skinny
    and even though she eats, she never gets fat
    escort: really? she can eat anything right?
    arkangel: That's right
    escort: You will take the phto right?
    arkangel: yes
    escort: Well, you must be in line then. Form here..
    Well, I have to continue here, excuse me
    We took the photo together and that was that.
    I forgot to continue kino like hi5'ing her after taken
    the photograph but anyway.

    As I went to get the printed photograph, they told me I should wait 25 minutes. The escort finished her activity and went off with her mate to one of the tables and talked for about 10-15 on the phone. My dad came back and was there waiting with me after I asked for the photo to get printed.
    I wanted to go in again, with an opinion opener but she continued talking and talking. While I stood there waiting for the photograph to get printed, I knew it would take a while since my photo was about 5 or 6 guys away from being printed and it was one of those small computer photo printers.
    The other escort was cute too but her bf came for her, a not very attractive kind of guy, he was rather below average looking and quite menacing. Maybe this is the kind of blokes some of these girls like to have, guys who they fell can protect them b/c of their demand on the... *meat market.

    3rd Approach/ HG

    Well, so I kinda gambled again and went to one of the food court exits too see if the escort took that exit and for me to conclude my approach there without any interruptions from my dad. In a moment I felt I took the wrong exit since she was not showing up. But after a couple of minutes I saw her and she was paying for her parking(here they give a ticket to you when you enter the mall and you have to pay for the parking at some automatic machines at various locations around the mall).
    Finally she walked past me so I approached her>
    arkangel: Hey! give me just a sec!(should have called her MISS MODESTY again : ( )
    escort_snob: (totally ignoring me as she walked hastily)
    arkangel: Hey you..
    escort_snob: (Still irresponsive)
    arkangel: *Poked her arm with one of my fingers
    escort_snob: (looking at me)
    arkangel: Hey, I just wanted to ask you a question, very quick
    escort_snob: Yes, what is it? (still showing no enthusiasm at all and being all weary)
    arkangel: Just wanted to ask you if you would give your phone number to a stranger?
    escort_snob: ...(acting all stupid) I don't have one anyway! I lost it, it fell off the balcony!
    arkangel: ...(typical, what a lier!)
    escort_snob: (walking even faster to loose me) My bf is waiting for me downstairs



    1st : She did have a cell phone, the one she was using at the table
    2nd : She didn't have a bf downstairs. She paid for the parking ticket, no chance in hell
    the bf be waiting for her if she had a car. When you pay for your ticket you have about
    10 min to leave or it expires and you have to pay again so the guy wouldn't even be there
    to waste that time.
    3rd.: What a beyatch! Didn't even let me finish my opener

    And she left. She actually had an argentinan accent at the end of the interaction so I presume these girls other than being escorts are also good actresses impersonating guatemalan accents when they work to mislead the customers in general. Or to stop them from asking the typical question : where are you from?
    I swear she was totally different from the girl I had approached back at
    the airline campaign. That's why they say they are payed to talk to you.
    It had been a while I hadn't approached these types of women (HG's) but
    Luckily I did learn sth new and rehearsed some of the things I
    already know about picking them up.
    Actually I sacrificed the girl I was sarging successfully for going for a very risky opportunity given my current lack of practice with HG's, as I outlined before in my presentation in the forum.

    Well, that's it for my FR, I will continue my HG game fundamentals in another post so you can comment separately.

    Thanks for your comments