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  • Picking up a pharmaceutical girl? Not the average Hired Gun

    Hi everybody.

    Im new at the PUA community, a few months ago i bout Neil Strauss "The Game" and since then ive been looking for all the information and content i could get my hands on about the subject ( from all the masters and methods on existence), and im trying to convert myself from an AFC to at least a half decent PUA.

    Anyway, going to the subject, the girl im currently interested works in a pharmacy ( not the average Hired Gun), and i think the last time i went there she gave me an IOI ( at least i interpert it as such, but i can be wrong), my question is how to pick up her next time i go there??? (since i need to regularly buy the same medicine, i have at least a valid pretext to go there).

    My main doubts are the following:

    A) DHV - How can i show some value in the short time it takes since i enter, bo the moment i pay the medicine and go? or should i save DHVs for some other time when im with her?

    B) Since she works there, and is a very busy place, i need to be as fast as possible (cant interfere with her work), without compromising any step to get her number or ask her out.

    C) There are several pharmaceutical people working there besides her, all in the same counter (and all older than her), so her co-workers ( and possibly one of them might be the owner of the pharmacy), maybe act like a restraint in her actions, and make her shy of saying yes to anything i try (besides having them watching my moves also makes me shy, since im quite nervous at thoose situations, even more with public).

    D) From what i understood from all the material i devored so far, i cant show any interest at the beginning right away ( neither call it a date, even if what im asking her to is a date), so im stuck because i dont have any ideas to lure her out without showing obvious interest.

    E) Even if i successfully do a number close/ ask her out, i still have no idea where to take her, since going to the cinema or a nice dinner are obvious cenarious, i need original ideas ( which are also feasible under realistic situations).

    F) I looked to her hands and saw no ring, but she could still have a boyfriend, how do i find that?

    Fortunately not all is bad news, because unlike average Hired Guns, her job is not the most propitious to be hit on, also despite being very cute isnt a perfect 10, so probably isnt used to men trying to pick her up all the time.

    Thanks in advance for any advices.

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    try to avoid getting one itis with this girl. find some way to hook her , set up a time bridge if you have to go quickly, and n close whatever. i don't know too much specifics what to tell you. anyway, whatever you end up trying, if it doesnt work out move on to the next until you find out what does. maybe you will get better answers later from those with more experience.