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  • HB10:Stripper! Need advices!

    Hey PUAs how are ya! I just posted this on the FR section, here's the link if u want to read it:


    so i'll tell u a little bit: last saturday i met this 22 yo colombian stripper and she is a 10! If you read the post in the link, you'll find out that i sent her negs, did some kino without being in the "CUSTOMER ZONE" if you know what i mean, we dance, we talk like 2 hours or shit like that in a club, not in a stripper house or whatever u guys say it LOL... anyways she gave me her number and she gave me a call on sunday (yeah, she called me first) i called her back an hour later talk about 3 minutes and im planning to call her tomorrow or wendsay to plan a day 2 what do u think so far?

    so my plan is to keep acting cool with her but i need advices! I did the cube and the 5-wrong-answers from style (works great man, thanks) but i need more bet games to make her lose and make her buy me drinks LOL! So... ideas?

    A friend of mine tells me that i should act friendly and flirty as a regular girl cuz sometimes strippers don't want to feel like an object all the time, that if i show myself as a different guy that is not trying to fuck her but to hang out with her cuz i like her personality and stuff, it will work just fine and close the deal later... cuz of course im not pretending to be her gay friend LOL

    hey btw... in some point you guys think i could use a style opener modificacion? something like (and after having a good time, some kino, and heating the oven) "haha omg ur funny... (pause, eye contact) if i weren't gay i would have you tonight" so she would say something "ARE YOU GAY?" and i would say "naahh... I'm kidding " so i would send her the message that YEAH I WANNA FU and also i'm messing with your head! please give me your opinions about this.

    PUAs that have been on day2s with strippers, please let me know what works and what doesn't i don't wanna make the big mistake of trying to close the deal too fast that she wouldn't do it or trying to take advantage of me instead of feel real attraction for me! I mean i'm not scared about her or shit like that, i think she is another girl that i could met, but cuz she is a stripper... there must be specific things that i can do to get her!

    i'll be waiting for advices
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