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  • Shot girl

    This is going to be a long post but I really want to know what I should do in this situation so bear with me.

    OK, so there's this bar in Ft. Lauderdale that I hit aboit 2-3 times a week because it's set rich and the drinks are cheap. Anyway there are these really hot shot girls that work there that I chat and flirt a little with on my way in and out. Nothing big really a joke here and there and/or a neg about how their doing their jobs.

    So last night there's this one HB 9.5 shot girl at the front entrance of the bar who opens me.

    HB: So you told me you were gonna come back last night and you didn't what happened (said with a bit of an attitude but playfully)
    Me: Oh, I move around with my friends a bit and bar hop.
    HB: Move around where? What's better than here?
    Me: Oh, just here and there we get tired of seeing you all the time but I might stick around today.

    I eject confidently and go inside and get a couple drinks. While I'm finishing off my drink my buddy calls me and I step outside so I can hear what he's telling me. The shot girl walks right up to me and is like "Hey, where you going, where you goin? I tell her to hold on a sec playfully so I can hear what my buddy has to say (I figured it shows more value to ask her to hold so I can talk to my friend). I get off the phone and she's like "Yeah, where are you going, you can't leave. I'll beat you up. I'm small but I'm tough." She flexes her arms at me and I say "Oh, are you stronger than you look." As she's about to respond to that the bouncer grabs her hand and moves her away so that he's standing in between us. I don't have much experience dealing with AMOGs much less an AMOG from a bouncer so I say something else and she says something (I can't remember and I walk away).

    Later on, I wanted to make sure that the fing bouncer didn't blow me out so I go up to her as she's dancing on the bar and call her down with a finger wave and say "I should get a free shot since I'm still here." And she says she can't give it away but she can give it to me for a dollar (they're normally 3) and I take the shot.

    I spend the rest of the night trying to keep my value up by opening sets, taking a pic of and with a cute two set. Getting one of the girls to take her first shot from a girl ever (I made sure my shot girl gave it to her), etc.

    Anyway, I'm not sure where to go from here. I'm not really using any MM with her just using my normal personality and being fun, but a challenge since I don't cling to her like other guys do. Should I go direct for a number close? What should my plan be?