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  • Help text gaming HB8.5 waitress!

    My question is, where do I go from here? Haha. I figured I'd let her either text me first, or I'd send some 'text material' (probably the 'stop' text) in a few days (friday/saturday). I want to try and get her to hang out in person (thinking having her buy me some coffee or go shoe shopping (for me) with her, something similar) before we hit that dreaded 'just friends' category. However, if it's either friends or nothing, I'd rather be friends as she has at least one attractive friend (saw her yesterday at the restaurant). Any advice would be helpful!

    Ok, a little bit of background here. This is the first text conversation I had with this HB8.5 waitress. I usually go there every monday (they have a special), with my mother, however it had been 3 weeks since I went (I went yesterday). 3 weeks ago she gave me her number. How I got her number was a little bit embarrasing, but I think I fixed it pretty well. We had been talking about the renaissance festival and the waitress said she had lived here all her life and had NEVER gone, my mom said 'well, give him your number and he'd be glad to take you!'. Yeah, she said it *hangs head in shame* RIGHT after she did I hit the table and gave my mom the worst look I could have, haha. Anyways, the waitress just laughed at that, said something else and then I was like 'well yeah, seriously, give me your number and I'll take you' or something similar. Without hesitation she gave me her number. When we got there yesterday, the HB8.5 actually said 'someone never called!' when in fact I had. She doesn't answer numbers she doesn't know (it was the first time I got a number from a chick I didn't already befriend, so I forgot to give her mine) and she doesn't call them back unless she knows them. I found out she actually had a lot of her friends listen to the message, trying to figure out who it was and she saved it for a few weeks, listening to it every few days trying to figure out who it was (I didn't leave my name in the message). Anyways, after we ate my mom left but I stayed behind (to finish the plate of fry's we got and drink more pop/read a book).

    I ended up telling (not asking) her to give me her phone and she does. I put my number in there and saving it as SEXMACHINE. For about 10 minutes after that I messed with her like 'what? you never gave me your phone! blah blah blah' just some random crap about her phone. When I finally did give it back I made her work for it. I held it up, as she went to grab it I moved it away kind of thing. Soon after I stood up, told her my name (never formally told her) and then I left the restaurant. About an hour or two after I left... I get a text from her, this is the conversation that follows. (I changed my name, in the actual convo I gave her my real name).

    Her- Lol! You are hilarious! I so knew you wouldnt use your real name! Which probably isnt even fox!
    Me- .. Damn. You caught me. You're right. My name is jesus.
    Her- Oh really? Fascinating!
    Me- I know, right? I can walk on water and turn water into wine. Why do you think i always drink pop at dinner? I tend to get drunk when i have water!
    Her- Oh well that makes sense then :-) at least you are a responsible drunk. So whats your real name?
    Me- ... Funny, i don't remember your hair being blonde. Or did you have wax in your ear? I JUST told you my name was fox.
    Me- :-P
    Her- Ok ok. Wasnt sure if you were messing with me or not :-)
    Me- No no. I don't even know you yet. I only mess with the chicks i've ... Well, lets just say know REALLY well..... ;-)
    Her- Ah i see. Ok fair enough. Ill trust you for now then i guess :-)
    Me- Well that's stupid. Do you trust all the strange men you flirt with at work? :-P
    Her- Nope :-) not even a little. K gotta go. Up north with the buds! Talk to ya later!
    Her- And i never flirted with you!
    Me- Haha. K. Sure. Whaaaatever you say.... Have a fun day tomorrow. ;-) where abouts you going? My grandparents have a trailer on a lake a few hours from the cities.
    Me- And it's good you don't trust too easily... :-P though, you'll find im one of the most trustworthy guys you've ever met! Remind me to tell you a story.

    I think the last two texts on my part were a bit overboard. I should have just left it at 'later' or something like that. Oh well, don't think it's irreperable though.

    A quick little discription of me. I'm 6'3", 218 lbs, 19 (but I look anywhere from 20-26). I've been told by many women that I'm a good looking guy (I don't think so, but they do). I'm pretty confidant, sometimes I step over the line to cocky too. I'm a sarcastic asshole, if I hear something I usually make a sarcastic remark on it. Luckily for me I'm pretty good at it so I don't piss (many) people off. I've been ok with women since 9th grade, terrible at approaching new ones though.

    Quick description of her from my observations. She's ~5'6", slender (110-120, maybe?), brunette, has the NICEST ass I've ever seen (in pants, anyways). Pretty cute face, semi small (high B cup I'd say) rack. She's friendly, outgoing (waitress/bartender, DUH!), judging from that conversation last night, she's either really flirty, naive (innocent), or just friendly.

    Thanks for the help! Sorry, didn't notice it was this long. If you guys need anymore info, please ask!


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    Hmmm... 111 views and still no replies? Well that sucks.

    Anyways, an update. I had another text conversation with her on friday... It went ok, she was on her way to work though when she answered so it didn't last long. It started out with her not seeming too happy to be talking to me (though, she always replied with full texts, not short 1 or 2 word replies), got a 'haha' and a 'lol' out of her... when she said she had to go she misstyped 'walking into work' as 'walking gun work' and I ripped on her for that, which resulted in a smilie face and her trying to correct herself. I just left it at that as I didn't wanna make the same mistake I made last time.

    I'm thinking about calling her up tomorrow and inviting her to take me shopping so I can get some 'female advice' (I need new shirts). Not sure how that will work though, any thoughts people?


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      StormFox, nice FR. Its always a bit harder trying to game Hired Guns. Just a few observations:

      After your first text conversation with her, when she said she had to go because she was hanging out with buds, you should have left it at that. It just feels that by you asking her whereabouts your demonstrating too much interest; we all know where that can lead.

      Also, this is just a rule of mine, but I try to not initiate any texts/calls on Fridays or Saturdays; especially not with newly-met girls. When they do try to contact me on a Friday or Saturday I usually make them believe that I have plans already, preferably with other chicks-even if its not entirely true.

      Finally, your mom would make a great wingwoman! No jk. See what your mom did? Just straight out asked for her number. I've learned that sometimes when your that straight out, it actually works too. Yeah, there will be times when your gonna get blown out by hired guns by being straight out but you should always have a good comeback to them. Remember they're working so if you can make them believe there's a fun world out there that you can introduce them to, they might just fall for the direct approach.

      Anyway, again, good post and good luck!