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  • Response? to Strippers Text...HELP, LMAO

    Ok I went out the other night, pulled two strippers phone numbers, that night my phone got ruined, one of the girls was supposed to call me to go out on friday, Tonight!, didnt call because my phone got ruined, i did text her, on a mass text.

    The mass Text read something, like, i got kidnapped the last night in front of a club and my phone was destroyed, send me pics again for my contacts!!!!!!!

    The rest of the message with my name was cut off and rather than start again, i left it as it was in hopes that it would'nt look needy and it would look like she was supposed to know.

    However i recieved no response, tonight, i pulled four phone numbers and had a blast, around 1:45 i went into the strip club upon walking in, this stripper was on stage (i walked through the side door about six feet from the stage) and she screams! Big Papa!, I did my alright whatever wave, got a drink after tipping the bartender 11 dollars because the other night i didnt have it and made clear to her i would be back to tip, she made a statement like, your for real huh, or something, (she remembered me too)

    I made a round of the strip club talking to everyone, and looking like i was the guy to know, eventually I sat at the edge of the stage, this stripper was in the middle of doing a thing with some guy, and she looked at me, when she finished she came toward me, i turned away from the stage and looked around the club, so she stopped at the pole, i got up to get a refill. She began another dance....

    I walked to the bar, around the side, threw my hand up nodding at megan (the bartender) she immediately went to getting me a drink, this guy behind me (in my opinion much better looking then me makes a comment) " maybe you can get me ten ones" lmao i said yeah, took his ten she came with my drink and i asked for the ones, she brought them right back, i handed them to the guy, and he said you must be the guy to know...

    LMAO, i again sat at the edge of the stage, the dancer immediately comes to me, begins a special little thing, putting her legs on my shoulders, i handed her like four ones, talking

    The dialogue was along the lines of:

    Hey, Im here cuz i said i would be, strip clubs arent my thing

    Really, Why Blah blah blah

    Yeah my ex was a dancer so I know how it goes

    Oh ok blah blah blah

    My phone got messed up the other night

    how blah blah blah

    I got kidnapped out front and well it got destroyed,

    Haha, wow blah blah blah

    Verizon sent everyone a text...

    hmmm blah blah i didnt get it

    you must have gave me the wrong number.. then (crazy eyes)

    no it was my number cuz i texted my phone from yours blah blah

    oh well you should have got it then

    blah blah

    No dances aren't my thing, lights come on clubs closing, here handing her a ten,

    she said sumthing i wasnl't listening

    i got up immediately went to the bar,


    ignored and moved to bar, got three shots and a drink, (after last call im special)

    tipped another ten dollars

    Standing outside bar

    OK our discussion last time was about how she likes big guys, she gave me her number, and said she would call, but didnt possibly because of the phone destroyed thing, but maybe not, any how, i had her tip another dancer for me, tipped her a five for a buddy, she knew it wasnt my choice but his, then gave her a 20 telling her to find me at 15 to close, she did i told her nah im not feeling a dance go make yo money.....

    She Texted me a while ago since ive been home

    " From: Nadia Good night dustin talk to you tomorrow Received Sat Aug 22, 3:02 am "

    what would your answer be

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    I admit that was a pretty pathetic post as far as structure goes, however this one did end up going pretty decent...

    She defineately talked alot about me as ive heard from some of her coworkers (the bartenders and the shooter girls ) she asks all the time if i have come in...

    I let her sit, for a while then went back in she wasn't there but another one of the girls whom i never seen comes up and says "Are you Big Papa?" the only answer i could think of was "Not tonight" she laughed so hard, i had a blast again, and outside the night club after close, did pull a number only to find out she was married.

    She was with friends and I pulled her away, we ended up in the street talking, my phone was dead so i couldnt do the normal phone swap, so i told her to call my number and leave me hers in voicemail, her friend tooke her phone and hung it up, pulled her away from me, i saw her from across the way, I was in another set, she was watching me, and leaving her info on voicemail, now i havent called because she IS MARRIED and i think thats just kinda Bad Karma, so thats how it goes...


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      Well done sir. Sounds like you got some tight stripper game. All you gotta do is break through that programming and youre legit. I understand your dilema with your target being married. Im a fence sitter when it comes to that choice. on one hand you dont want to be that guy who breaks up a good marriage but on the other hand if she isnt happy in the relationship and he treats her like crap i feel obligated to show her that not all guys are like that. I guess the real question is, IS SHE HAPPY IN HER RELATIONSHIP. If not i almost feel you have an obligation to the rest of us to do something about lol.

      Happy Gaming.


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        Hmm... I'm pretty sure this post is the plot to the next James Bond movie.


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          Originally posted by Sperkzy View Post
          Hmm... I'm pretty sure this post is the plot to the next James Bond movie.
          Lmao, gotta love them small towns right...

          I did end up texting the married chick, and asked if her and her husband wanted to go out, we did last night it ended up working out pretty well, as i had a great little set to be a part of all night, i brought a friend of mine amber and she was great worked the room quite well with me actually, i felt so... un threatening in comparasin, will post more in a differnet post as this one is kinda reserved for the strip clubs...

          I went to another little strip club, and kinda made an ass out of myself at first, but did end up fixing it gotta go for now phone


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            Seems like you have a good time, how exactly did you open with the dancers?


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              seems like you are tipping a lot and you said you gave the one 4 dollars right off the bat? and then 10 shortly after..

              I'm wondering how far you have actually gotten w/ any of these strippers, it sounds like they are being nice when you show up, but other than the married one meeting you out, doesn't seem very promising...

              I don't go to strip clubs really, only been 3 times all in mexico and I only gamed this last time and got as far as turning her down for a dance, and telling her I won't buy her a drink, but I instead was charging the stripper 20 peso for a back massage, but she said, no a long kiss instead, so i said ok, (now i guess they have some orange siren light w/no siren obv that they turn on when the girl is doing something wrong or spending too much time w/ a guy for free) and this place was like empty 5 people including my group of 3, poorly ran club, and anyway like 30 sec of her on my lap and me rubbing her shoulders they turn this light on and she mumbles something and points at the light and gets off me and leaves, lol...

              but my point is that i was working game w/out giving her a dime, and was telling her that she didn't really want me to buy her a drink and all this bull to make her feel like she wanted to be near me not for the money...

              now if it wasn't for this shitty club rules i think I would have gotton far with her, maybe a day two out of the club if my vacation had time... but if I was spending money on her I don't think any of it would have mattered and if I wanted to meet her later it she would make it be for paid sex, which I don't do...

              you should watch the pick up artist vh1 show (mystery) episodes (i think they did it for both seasons) where they pick up strippers... it's pretty good and could help you gain their attention with out the variable of cash...