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  • Need Bartender A2 Help

    So a couple of nights a month i goto a local bar for poker night and there is a HB7 bartender. I usually open with "can i get a coke" lol but she is really happy about it and i make very, very small talk with her and she seems interested.

    Every time thou i sit down with my mates and i just think how i could number close her and i cant think of anything, its a quite place and the bar she is at is usually empty so i don't need to worry about an interruption or anything BUT the problem i'm facing is i cannot think of anything to say to her to build attraction.

    Any suggestions?

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    Mystery has tons of great material about gaming hired guns... I'd definitely suggest finding it on his DVD's and in his books.

    You basically need a lot of social proof and preselection to legitimately pick up a hired gun. They get approached by "normal" guys at the bar 50 times a night.

    Some things you can do are: Bring pivots with you and let the hired gun see you with them, approach other women and look like you're having a great time with them, then have your friends take pictures of you and other girls (flash game), be the life of the party, talk to the bouncers like you know them, etc... and after doing some of those things to exhibit preselection then you will be ready to pick up the hired gun.


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      what has helped me a lot was using banter to get bartenders. It helps keeps the frame and instantly puts you in a different category from regular guys. Especially since most bartenders dont have time for an indirect opener and a direct opener can be difficult since they are paid to be nice. Also qualification seems to be where the sarge against bartenders is won or lost.