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    Last night I reached a plateau of great game, I was on fire. Shit I was fire. I had no wings just too natural friends. I was alone. It was me my game. All I had to do was find a target and prove myself. And these are the highlights.

    It all started at a surprise house/birthday party for my housemate’s 21yr old sister, she was the youngest girl there most were around 23 or 4. Im 19 and so played cocky-funny on it, how I could energise them, how they probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with me later etc.
    I circled the house running routines, playing games with them, learning names, and building up some social proof by working the blokes I didn’t know.

    When we got to the club it really got going. There was a separate bar area next to one of the dance floors so we all sat in there, I began running some routines and having general nonversations. When one of the girls boasted how cute she was to me I ran mystery’s questions qualifier. (She was a cute petite blond 8 in a form hugging blackdress and heels) I told her she’d got lucky, it was an accident, a genetic fluke. I told her everyone at the table was beautiful in some way.

    ME “Tell me three things about yourself that aren’t to do with your looks, your job, your money, nothing superficial, tell me three real qualities you have”

    HB8 Im a perfectionist ….…blah blah……
    HB8 I have a very positive outlook……. blah blah…………
    HB8 Im generous …..… blah blah………

    And then bang, out of nowhere she asks me my three qualities?

    Fuck. Think quick, answer. DHV. Fuck don’t answer, don’t qualify yourself to her, be the prize, fuck shes still staring. do something. Do anything.

    This had never happened to me before and iv run this routine on a lot of girls who think there (and general are) hot. [U]Any advice on what to do here?[/U]
    I’m still trying to decide what to do if this ever happens again. I think this is rare as girls love talking about themselves and when I enquire into there 3qualities they start telling stories and shit about them and the conversation moves on.

    I ended up just telling her she’d have to stick around me and find out. I like this as it implies we’ll meet again, some kind of commitment; it lets me keep the frame and not have to try and qualify myself to her and its kinda mysterious.

    Later on as I came back from the toilet HBbirthday girl (another blond 8 who was rather drunk) Grabbed me and lead me to the dancefloor. Id noticed her looking at me earlier and had built up some comfort and rapport during her visits to her bro in my house. We danced, we danced dirty. I asked if I could have a birthday kiss. She told me it was her birthday so she should get the kiss. I Obliged, she was a good kisser.
    (It could have been fun but she was too drunk and my housemates sister, it would have got awkward.)

    We went to the bar, she saw one of her gfs and starting chatting I saw HB8 in her form hugging dress again and so walked over.
    Confident walk. Check.
    Come in beside her. Check.
    Talk slightly over my shoulder. Check
    Facing the bar. Check.
    Active disinterest. Check

    Me so are you guna buy me a drink?
    HB8 No! I never buy guys drinks, they buy me drinks (oh AFC’s when will you learn!)
    ME Well im the exception, I prove the rule ( I love this line it sets you apart from the crowd’).
    HB8 Nope.
    It was worth a try.

    We walked back to the seats, there was only one square kinda seat/stool/cushion thing (I was in front leading her through the crowds by the hand) I sat down. Looked at her and she sat on my lap. Headsmile. (these are what I call moments when you break out in smile but to do so physically would look to AFC so you hold it in your head and just play it cool.)

    More random talk and game. I escalated kino and started rubbing the small of her back while we spoke. This carried on for a while.
    Then she went to the toilet.

    One of the Girls was taking photos on the sofa, the ‘old hand outstretched hoping its aimed rite’ style. I stepped in, took a few photos, HBbirthdaygirl was in the middle. I was looking at her, I was taking photos of her, the others were just scenery I had to include in the background. She played up for the camera. When they started doing posing I took the lead and like sheep they followed there shepherd. Funny. Angry. Serious Another Funny. Romantic. Sexy.
    Me “Come on iv seen sexier (random household object)s. Try harder.”
    I looked at HBbirthdaygirl. My eyes told her I wanted her and I could see it reflecting back out of hers. Another sexy, She bit her lip. Another Sexy. She was still holding my gaze. Each getting more adventurous as the drunken HBs got into it and pushed each other that little bit further. HBbirthdaygirl ran the point of her black high heel up my shin, she was drunk, I didn’t care. More photos.
    One of the HBs wanted to look at the pics, I handed the camera over and the game ended.

    HB8 wiggled her petite frame back from the toilet and sat down on my lap again. My attention shifted back to the target. More random talk, game and Kino escalation.
    Dance floor. This time she took my hand and lead me. Such a blatant IOI.
    We danced.
    The first time I went in for a kiss I knew I had it. So I played with it like a kid picking wings of a fly. She was mine, I held her strings and knew how to pull them.
    I pulled away the instant before our lips met, she she opened her eyes, looked shocked. I smiled. She couldn’t believe it. here I was with the blessing of being able to kiss her and I didn’t. I was still smiling, still holding her body firmly against mine, I kissed her. The dancefloor disappeared. The people disappeared. The music was distant. It was just us, I love that moment.

    General kissing, talking, sitting, dancing and club life continued till everyone decided to leave. As we left the club (my arm round her lower back) I teased with the perfectly clichéd ‘my place or yours’ said in the right tone it was a joke, the undercurrent was real. Her friend next to us stepped in.
    HB5 “Shes got a boyfriend you know.”
    Bang. Holy Shit. Headsmile. Id gamed her and she was committed. We spoke about it, better in then out rite? I don’t know if this was the rite thing to do seduction wise? [U]Any advice?[/U] but I wanted to find out more, my ego wanted it.
    Turns out she’d been with him since she was fourteen. She was 21now. She’d only ever slept with him and one other bloke when her and her LTR were on a break.
    I saw my angle of destruction. It was shining. It was calling me.
    Me “I don’t think I could be with someone, anyone for that long. You’d miss out on so any things, so many opportunities”
    HB8 blah blah…..
    Me “I always like to be with girls but Im not really a fan of the whole ‘marriage’ idea. I prefer not to be exclusive so when something exciting comes along I can just go with it. I guess im just that spontaneous kinda person.”
    She took the Bait
    HB8 “im spontaneous.” Blah blah qualifying blah
    Shit this could just work. We walked and I continued with the general theme.

    She wanted a Burger. I continued to try and destroy her BF.
    We decided to get a taxi home and headed off. On the 15 minute journey i tried everything I knew to get her back to mine and destroy her BF.

    I created a yes ladder. This was the jist of it (with the surrounding fluff removed)
    Adventurous Yes
    Fun Yes
    Wild Yes
    Spontaneous Yes
    (Seemingly changing the subject) So you’ll come back to mine?
    HB8 “you know I cant, I’v got a BF”
    I then tried to trap her by her earlier words.

    I used a Ross Jeffries BF Destroyer – Dnt worry, I don’t want to be your BF theirs to many roles and rules and people should be able to get to know each other without the heartache and constraints of traditional BF GF relationships…etc..

    (This was all between some passionate kisses and touching of body parts, I like to think we gave the taxi driver a good show.)

    The Journey was nearly ending. She was digging around in her bag for her purse. When she got her digital camera out I tried Styles photo shoot routine.
    Serious. Funny. Staring into the distance philosophically. Angry. Romantic. We stared into each other eyes as she held the camera. I knew she wanted me.
    I said the taxi was too bumpy and we should probably take it again just in case. As she stared into my eyes, her mouth an inch from mine, I ran my fingers and nails up her back, her neck, I brushed her hair aside and with my hand on the back/side of her head I pulled her in and kissed her. It was perfect. I heard the flash go off. She was taking pictures of herself making out in the back of a taxi with a younger guy she’d meet 5 hours earlier. Her boyfriend was at home waiting for her. Its moments like that that make me love life and women.

    As we looked thru the photos she deleted the ones of us kissing, apparently her boyfriend wouldn’t like them. Shocker. I asked if he always holds her back from what she wants, what she likes. She just smiled.
    As the taxi pulled up I knew it was game over.
    She looked at me as she went to get out. I held her gaze for a second. Pulled her in, kissed her then pushed her away again.

    ME “Bye. It was fun, well do it again some time”

    I hope she thought of me later as her boyfriends got the rewards from my game.

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    Man when that HB5 came in with that cock-block line I felt my blood boil lol. How irritating.

    Anyway good game, you played it nicely.


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      Yep! irritatings a moderate word for it!

      I swear girls actually enjoy blocking i spose its a kind of revenge for them not being hit on.
      Although i didnt really game the girl who said that that much, i guess i didnt win her trust so maybe she was just trying to protect her mate?
      Thats why i like writing reports it gives you a fresh look at what went right/wrong and how to improve.

      Cheers man, sometimes it just clicks inside and im sure youd agree its wikid when it does.

      And i love your signature Xen0s, i watched Fight club last nite on bbc3. The last time i watched it (far to long ago) i wasnt in the community and now watching it again i got such different stuff from it. Great film
      Last edited by *Design*; 03-18-2007, 08:04 AM.