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  • FR: (Date Report) I'm being GAAAAAAMED!!!!

    So i met this very cute girl online last wed. But she was a total bitch... YUM. I love it when girls are bitchy to everyone but me. . .Anyway, after a sarcastic battle of wits we finally mellow out and start building rapport.

    She's made it past my shit tests & i've made it past hers. She's roughly 5'7 with long (very long) brown hair, nice body... and native. Yeah... like pocahonats. Ahahah.

    So anyway, from the beginning i'm setting up the dynamic as though she's a predator. Worrying that she's gonna rape me, or be a man, or something along those lines. Just stuff to tease her with. At one point she's like "Omg, i sound like such a pervert!" Bahahah.

    She's super pumped up to go out but when we first meet up she's shy & very introverted. This was the same girl, that a day ago was slinging insults faster than Rodney Dangerfield at a hick convention. I'm wondering whats up... I still go along w/ it and speak in statement form (PLUG: see [url][/url] for why that's important) to relax her. It works... we get to the museum we were headed to and start taking goofy pics and having fun. I have a pic of me sitting in a little kids car surrounded by stuffed animals. One of her hugging a dinosaurs ass... just in general good times.

    But through the whole thing she seemed very closed off and def not receptive to kino. I'm thinking it's a write off and we go our seperate ways.

    OH! I forgot to mention that a couple days earlier we had planned to get a hotel and watch "movies" all afternoon... She has a wicked high sex drive.

    I call up a few other girls to see what they're doing and nothing. I'm pissed, i blanked and i'm heading home. Mojo from Dallas gives me a call and we shoot the shit for a while while i'm shopping for new jeans.

    I get home and she messages me right away saying she had a great time and she wants to get together again... I tell her that she's SUPER hard to read. And she tells me back "I know, it's more fun that way!" ... the damn girl was playing with me all day!!!!

    So - this could be an interesting dynamic. We're getting together on Fri or Sat. I'll let you know how it goes.


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    Ive found this happens quite often with online game. Hence why I stopped using it.

    Behind the mask of the computer or phone they are great fun, extroverted, high self esteemed, have good confidence and are naughty. Just what you want.

    Then you meet them in person and they are shy, introverted, not so confident and may seem LSE - infact most girls Ive ever dated from online are actually LSE and have had more issues than the New York Times.

    I wouldnt look at it that they are gaming you, I hate to say it but I doubt thats the case. Its much easier to be the person you WANT to be while hiding behind a computer and/ or phone. From my online experience most girls on their are either validating themselves, ugly or have issues/ LSE/ Low confidence. Why else would they go online? High quality girls only have to walk down the street to get hit on.

    Although in saying that, once you get enough trust and help them build up their self esteem and confidence, they are already thinking the way they want to act so its only up to you to show them HOW to be like that.

    Either way proceed with caution. There are easier and more efficient ways to game girls. IMHO.


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      She's coming over friday afternoon to "watch movies"... AHAHAH


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        haha that sounds awsome!!! Is gonan kick ass because you better make a move which im sure you will hehe. Oh also WHat site do you meet there people at?


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          and don't forget to report about saturday!