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  • FR: What to do differently for next time?

    Me and my wing hit up a club on a semi-dead Sunday night. I go to the area around the bathroom where it is quieter, and do a few warm-up sets.

    A 2-set exits the women's restroom, and I deliver my opener over my shoulder. One of them is a gorgeous blonde with a nice rack, HBTits, my target, and the other is this little chubby girl not even close, HBSidekick. They stop, and answer. I focus talking more to HBSidekick. I body rock a few times to calibrate, and to make sure they stick around.

    I pretend to leave, and jump back in with some cold reads, and body language commentary. They bust up. I tell HBSidekick how "HBTits is the dominant one, and that I need to watch out for her huh", and she playfully agrees. HBTits tries to qualify that shes not. I keep not paying too much attention to her, focusing on HBSidekick when I talk.

    HBTits around this point gives IOI #1, as she touches and grooms her hair, and does this throughout.

    HBSidekick looks cold since we were near a door to go outside (smokers), and to keep her from killing the vibe, I call her out on her being cold, use my hands to warm up her arms, and tell HBTits, "Dont just stand there, warm her!" And she says "OK!" and does.

    I then talk about girl code, and the other creepy guys at the club, and how they lean in, act weird, etc. I side-hug kino HBSidekick. HBTits gives IOI #2, and says "You are funny." I decide to reward her, and tell her to high-5 me, and she does it a bit hard. I tell HBSidekick, "See, I told you she was a bit aggressive!" And HBTits tries to qualify again by going for another high-5, and this time does it super softly.

    I do another cold read, "See, at first she seems a little hard and aggressive... but deep down shes really just nice. Aww, come here you..." then I do a side hug on her, and calibrate by saying "OK OK OK, and push her away". She gives IOI #3, by asking me my name, and I tell her it. I get theirs too. I am about to go in to name memorizing routine, but do not.

    I tell them Im adopting them and they are my new little sisters. I hug both of them at the same time.

    This all occurred in a sort of side part of the club. HBTits, or maybe it was HBSidekick, can't quite remember, then says "Well, it was nice meeting you." I FELT this coming like 5 seconds before it did. My gut told me I had to ISOLATE the target.

    I later saw them, and it was not a 2-set anymore, but more like a 4 or 5 set. HBSidekick and HBTits were only taking a quick bathroom break before rejoining their group.

    What to do differently next time?