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    i have a friend which asked me to go with him and his girlfriend that lives an hour from me for a little 2 on 2 dating. he set me up with his gfs friend (HB). which i have never seen/talked to. i thought it would be a great experience to practice some game.

    a couple days before the dance i go to HB's house with my friend and his gf. i wasn't feeling so hot that day so i knew it wasn't going to be anything phenomenal. i walk in and she greets me with a hi but she was far away so i didn't go in for a hug. she was a 6 but with some big tits, I'm talking double d's so 7. we talk and at first i direct my attention to her but i wasn't flowing because i was having a shitty day. luckily HB had a sister who wanted to know if i had any jokes. so i told he what i knew and it raised many smiles out of HB. i could tell at that moment she was interested. she wasn't breaking eye contact and laughing at things i didn't think was that funny. as the day goes on nothing to exciting happened and we departed. she gave me a hug which is kinda pathetic that she started the kino.

    its the day of homecoming and i start it out with some Smirnoff on the way to HBs house. i arrive and there is no sign of HB so i go and change into my suite. i get done a go outside for pictures and theres HB in her dress with her boobs exploding out of her dress. i give her a hug and compliment her. as we are all taking pictures i escalate kino to soften her up. the parents leave so it is just us kids at HBs house. i drink some more and chat it up. Nothing really special was said but i was funny so i kept her interest. she was very flirty and i was happy so far.

    we head out to dinner at very extremely nice restaurant. we take our seats and i joke with her sending some negs and keeping the threads going. my friend compliments his gf's dress and i told HB the i loved he dress. she then says "i know why you like my dress, and don't think you going to see my boobs tonight". i was blown away and said "No i like that your dress is green" it was the first thing that came to mind to make her seem stupid and that she wasn't so special. luckily my friend and his gf said "yea he loves green he probably doesn't even care about your boobs". its was like a slap in the face to her and she got embarrassed. we got our food and i kept a good vibe going as if that never happened. she then wanted more of me i think because i demonstrated higher value.

    we leave and go back to her house. i lay on heavy kino during the ride. i drink some more and am starting to get a little drunk. we don't stay there for long before we have to head to the dance. i wish i could remember the things that were said but it wasn't to important.

    on the car ride to the dance i drink more and go in. i have to wait in line to get registered. i get introduced to a lot of HBs friends, she was quiet the popular girl. when we finally get out of the line we go into the dancing room. she leads me into the heart of the floor and we start freaking. i let her start out and she bores me. after about 15 min i thought she would be warmed up and would pull out some sexy moves but it never happened. we take a break to get some water and it seemed to me that i was falling into friend zone by the way i wasn't holding her attention. 10 min go by we head back in.

    this time around i take control and do things my way. i danced like my life depended on it and she loved it. we were sweating and breathing heavy. i would let he take control every once in a while to see if she would do anything but she bored me again. we took another break after about 30 min but this time was way different. she was all over me. i grabbed he hand and put it around my arm to escalate kino. she had a kung fu grip on my bicep. she was smiling, keeping eye contact, and laughing once again. we find my friend and his gf then talk to them for 10 min. we are all rested so we go to dance again with my friend right behind us.

    we start dancing and again i had to take control because she wasn't a good dancer. with my friend dancing with his gf right beside me i looked amazing. they we just going back and forth to the beat compared to me going to the floor and grinding hardcore on her. she had a big smile on her face as she was watching my friend. she started to get more touchy with me as so did i. i was thinking i should have kissed her on the slow song at the end of the dance but i didn't for some reason.

    we jump into the car covered in sweat and go to HB's house. she was cold because it was a convertible so she asked me for my jacket. after a min or to i told her that i was cold and pulled her in to cuddle for warmth. this also would've been a great spot to go for a kiss but once again i didn't.

    we get out of the car and change into our regular cloths at her house. i was coming down off my buzz so i drank some more. we pop a movie in then my friend and his gf leave to go get some McDonald's. i knew that this was the perfect opportunity to get some.

    this was sooo unexpected, she stayed far away from me no matter what i did. i think I'm hotter than her but she wasn't attracted to me all of a sudden, i didn't know what happened. when i laid down next to her to watch the movie she started talking to me. she the pulled her head away from me to get some distance. i was confused because the way she was talking said she was attracted but something was wrong because she tried hard to keep her distance.

    my friend and his gf come back so we go down stairs to finish the movie down there. my friend and his gf spoon and take up one whole couch. so i sit on the other one that has 2 seats thinking that she would have to be close to me....... i was wrong. she went into a room and pulled out a huge exercise ball and sat on that. we finish the movie and by then my friend and his gf are asleep on the couch. i start some threads up and keep a conversation going. when i thought this couldn't get any worse her younger brother came home and started talking with us. he pulled us upstairs and she kept talking with him. she then said "i don't go out with my friends ex-boy friends" (i used to date my friends gf). i thought maybe thats why she would resist getting close to me at times. my friend and his gf comes upstairs and says we have to go home. i get all of my stuff and give her a hug. she keeps her head down so i didn't attempt a kiss. i head back home with my friend while feeling confused and like an AFC.

    Please can anyone tell me what went wrong or how to get around that. anything helps : )

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    maybe you were too drunk. sometimes girls get LMR when they think the guy wont remember what happened the night before. your game will improve alot once you stop drinking.