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  • LR: Friday night goes with a bang

    If you guys remember I had a Myspace date with this Indian girl a few weeks ago but through her busy schedule and her asking me what I wanted I didn't get to see her again til Friday night. I've been more focused on finding a job so haven't done as much sarging as I'd liked due to goign to register wiht employment agencies. I thought taht she didn't want to see me again as she want more of a committment and not just sex. Anyway we met at the pub, nice family pub just outside of Oxford. We started chatting, didn't kiss her right there and then but when i just left a silence and just stared at her, thats when I went for teh kiss. Being passionate I kissed her again several more times and the subject of sex came up when I mentioend something random about Tutankhamen being buried with an erection. She was looking at her watch and I said to her "is it your bedtime?" and she just said, "I thought you might have to be goign" but that was n't the case! I made sure I applied enough kino, complimented her a little and I led her outside to her car where we began making out again. I told her it would be a good idea to go in her car as it was getting cold. In there we resumed making out, where i began to suck her tits. I moved her head to my cock and she started to suck me off, all the time with teh risk of being caught out by other patrons returning to their cars.

    I hadn;t seen her for a few weeks but text her every one in a while and chatted to her on Myspace IM but mostly building comfort and teasing. I was non needy and assumed attraction. In fact she says I'm very handsome so big ego boost for me. The story doesn't end here as I went over to her flat and stayed over saturday night.