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  • FR: When you run you trip

    This was a girl I was working to pick up from class. She opened me and I got her number and we made plans but they never fell through and I figured I lost this set.

    Later on I befriended the head of security at Nikki Marinas and got invited to this corprate party. I call her and invite her and she's down and we plan for her to swing by...that's where this FR begins.

    HBangel swings by my place for the corprate halloween costume party. I'm dressed as a Devil and she plans to go as an Angel. She brought two costumes for me and we did a little game where she models for me. I joke around with her and have her paint my nails black rewarding her with IOIs for passing the compliance test but also some teasing for fun.

    We finally head out and decide to stop at a gas station for energy drinks. The whole ride on the way to the place we were having a great vibe. I did my dane cook impression which she loved and we both have a crush on ryan reynolds. Just lots of commonality building with tons of laughing and joking.

    We get to the party and she's all nervous about being in costume but it turns out everyone is in costume so it's fine. They have us sign up for a costume contest, she showed signs that she didn't want her to do it but I figured it'd be fun and kind of made her (first mistake of the night getting all pushy for something stupid). We get in and start interacting with people and I meet up with Darwin who hooked me up with the party in the first place. She goes to wait for the costume contest which she didn't like and some guy flirted with her in line and got her number. Surprising to cause this guy looked like the poster boy for "nice guy" and didn't give off anything that I'd consider a threat. I caught her giving out her number and just laughed about it and called her a little player.

    We got some drinks and started dancing, here's the thing though...the girl would just not chase. With everything I read it always makes it seem that you play the game and the girl reacts to it, but my experience is they play the game right back at you. If you start a jealousy plotline then they'll start one, if you do a takeaway they do a takeaway. Even dancing she would try and dance right out of reach and we had a little thing going where I'd try and get her to come to me and she'd try and make me come to her. Finally I just grabbed her and pulled her into me and we started grinding.

    The party started dying down and both of us were pretty interactive with other people so we said our goodbyes. I then take her to the next party where my friend was celebrating her b-day. In the car she opened up big time telling me all this stuff about her (she said at one point she didn't know why she was being so honest) and we got to talking about sexual fantasies and it was just big time confessions and opening up which was great for rapport. She did have a few drinks in her though. I went for the kiss when we parked and got it lightly but she turned and said "we cant kiss" which was fine just meant it'd take more time.

    At the next party I had social proof by everyone cause I knew a lot of people there. One girl named Andrea we both knew. She starts going at it with Andrea and I begin saying hello to everyone and meeting some new people. I have my friend Bobby do a few drinking contests with HBangel to get her loosened up and we hit the dance floor. It was hot cold most of the night. Sometimes I'd just be chilling with someone I knew by the side talking and not doing much but other times some good stuff happened. At one point HBangel gave me an amazing lap dance where she felt me getting hard and that just made her work harder. Another time she went to dance on the pole with Andrea then came over where I was sitting and we started making out. We definately started getting the vibe that this chick was "with me" but most of her attention was towards Andrea not me. Finally I decide to take her home and try to close at my place.

    Right away she said she was gonna just come by and take off cause she had a bar mitzvah to get to in the morning. I told her I don't let people drive drunk and she should come in and sober up for a little while. She rejected at first but then said she could use the bathroom. We go in and I get her some water. When she comes out of the bathroom she pauses at my door hesitant to come in but I insist she has some water to sober up. She comes in and plops down on the bed after drinking some and goes under the covers and starts falling asleep. This girl was clearly not ready for seduction, she didn't show enough IOIs throughout the night or if she did they were to mingled with IODs. She was hesitant every step of the way to get to the bedroom and it should have been obvious that she needed more comfort building. If I just stroked her back and fell asleep with her without anything happening it would have shown that she could be comfortable with me and I wasn't just gonna go for sex at the first chance.

    However I blew this...when she lied down I started giving her a massage on got on top of her. I then moved my hands down unzipping her dress to work her lower back. Then I started massaging her legs working my way up until I was in her inner thighs right below her pussy. She visibly got turned on and when I saw it she realized it to and jumped up saying she really had to leave. I realized my mistake and said we don't have to do anything lets just chill until you sober up, but she insisted she would be fine and had to go so I showed her out.

    I pulled the trigger to soon and now it just feels things are awkward between us. Which sucks cause I have class with her. She also hasn't responded to any two text messages I sent her since then. Definite buyers remorse.

    I keep trying to use attraction locations for comfort building and it never works but those are the places I'M most comfortable at. I need to figure out a day 2 idea that I can implement thats focused around comfort building but that's also fun. Also a place where it'll establish the theme of just her and me instead of interacting with other people. I learned that you cant just force seduction because of logistics, the comfort MUST be there.

    Here's some pictures of that night.


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    Two words what you should of done



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      Resistance Going In

      "Come inside for some water to sober up" is a logical reason but it comes across as you trying to get her to come in to close her. She probably read that and caused her hesitation.

      You needed a reason that is totally nonthreatening like "hey, there's this hilarious youtube clip you have to see" or "have you ever seen a dog do back flips? Well, mines does." I'm sure you can think of something.

      She'll be more willing to come inside and not have her shields up. From your FR it seems her shields were at bay up until you implored her to come inside like a guy with a van down by the river does to kids with candy.

      The whole massage thing may work but it does come across creepy imho and if it fails it fails horribly. If anything she gives YOU a massage first and then you complain how her massage is so bad and THEN you give her one.

      Just some ideas but no worries bud, move on to the next instead of doing damage control.


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        you sure she (or you) hadn't had too much to drink?

        the best game is run on wit, and if there was too much drinking then it can lead to complications (especially in close-community gaming).


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          i agree with Amarok. I did not see sufficient kino building in the FR you presented, so when you went for the K-close (and later the eff-close) they were rejected because you still had barriers to overcome. With regards to getting her to stay at ur place, I know it must have been tough to think of something to say but you can't come across as seeming too AFC-like. My opinion of the matter is that you should game other girls, and stop worrying about this one for a while. You might be able to score her later with your increased social value after attaining other targets.


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            pretty cool fr. So this is what I got from it:

            She likes you
            I doubt it was the lack of kino esc cuz you WERE MAKING OUT! lol
            Like Amarok said give her a less threatening reason.
            She went right for your bed. She wanted you. Her ASD defense was just up.
            Next time try this. Since you already made out make sure you:
            make out in bed for 20-25 min (watch the clock, im serious)
            Say Jeffy style "I wanna lick it" and proceed to lick it-it's non threatening. you're just doing her a favour. she doesn't have to do shit.
            10 min of licking later you lick her into submission and she is turned on enough to bang. if you still get resistence do a 15 min freeze out then get back.

            MAD PROPS for going for it. MAKE DA HO SAY "NO" lol


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              It definitely sounds like LMR. Reading it though it sounded like you went from massage to her crotch, which I thought seemed too quick an escalation. I think a slower escalation would be:

              1. heavy making out
              2. kissing her neck
              3. rubbing her breasts on the side (moving along the side at first)
              4. rubbing her breasts on the front (again keep the hands moving over them). You can also take her hand and put it on your cock at this point (over the pants).
              5. your hand slips under her shirt or if its low-cut, pull it down to expose her breasts

              6. Here you may get LMR. Depending on how strong it is, you may be able to push through, or you might have to do a freeze out, at which point you get off her and go watch TV or read a magazine.