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  • Field Report: Amogged by AFC friend last night

    I was out last night with my Afc friend and a female friend of his in a restaurant. We were just about to go and watch the film, The Pursuit of Happyness which i have to say is a very inspirational film but thats another post! Anyway we were sat down in the restaurant and there were quite a few cute girls working there. We get served by this hot foreign girl and Happen to remark to her about her apron: "hey you cook here as well? and she says "what?" "oh no I don't" and laughs then i say "because you apron looks dirty" she laughs and as I'm trying to think of more things to say my bloody AFC friend elbows me. He keeps saying how he needs a beaver (as in woman) and hardly does anything to get a girl. He was slightly annoyed saying "Tony she's got more important things to do and I want to get my food tonight!" Its probably jealousy because I have the balls to approach hot women and he doesn't. I have a lot more game and I'm better looking.

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    That's just the way it goes when you're out with some dude who'd rather jack off than approach a woman. You really can't get mad at someone who doesn't really understand what you're doing. I've tried and it doesn't work. Some people believe it's harrassment just to talk to a woman you don't know, period. That's due to years of indoctrination, and there ain't much you can do to change their minds.

    For me the solution is to sarge or not sarge. If I'm out with some PUA homies, then I've got to be on top of things and put in the effort at all times. If I'm out with a dude who just wants to chill, I chill too, unless a girl falls right into my lap. Other friends of mine are neither PUAs nor AFCs, but rather regular dudes who like meeting woman, and in those cases you can play it by ear.


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      Originally posted by tony77 View Post
      I have a lot more game and I'm better looking.
      that was funny.

      there is very little you can do after someone like your friend completely ruins a set you tried to open. try putting hot sauce in his drink when he isnt watching. works every time.


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        Get rid of your friend.

        Or don't game while he's around.


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          Don't put hot sauce in his drink. It's noticable. I like either 1) Filling the straw w/ tobasco (if it's a clear drink - G&T or etc) or 2) Making sure the bartender pours him 151 all night (good if he's drinking anything+coke).

          Either way, entertainment ensues. "Hey, I don't know this guy. He's *loser* drunk, I don't hang out with people like that..."


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            I don't know about playing a practical joke on this guy, he is prety aggressive and I'm a pathetic coward even though I have been doing kung fu for 9 years! And Plus I don't think he is worthy of know anything about the game but I would like to break him out of his negative thinking. I can think of other guys who are more worthy, really shy guys who have never even kissed a girl!


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              Hi tony77,

              most of us had an experience like this. I met a guy who was with three women, none of them was his gf and i started gaming the whole set with magic DHV, Negs and shit but my dude came and dragged me away saying "You are with us tonight". He was jealous the whole night long. I think he just tried to keep me as a friend like a your gf becoming jealous when you meet someone else.

              Nox is right. Either get rid of people that stop your progress in live or enjoy them and know the downside. I find it pretty good that you want to break him out of this, but you know, people don't value what they get for free, so he's unlikely to follow your advice as long as he isn't the one asking for it. Well, how do you get him to ask? Maybe he will do this when you have two girls on your arm when you meet him...


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                Hi Everest

                Well the day will come when I will have great success with women and he will be jealous and when he sees I am the real deal then I could help him. He told me about a friend of his who gets approached all the time because of his looks but I don't believe its just his looks! He probably conveys a lot of alphaness and has a lot of confidence. Now my AFC friend is a good dancer but seems to get too reactive when a girl rejects him, and if a girl happens to dance near him he will show way too much interest. Every time a hot girl walks past he makes this face to me and any other of our friends and every other girl has probably seen him do this so i try to turn away pretending i'm not with him. In the past he would tell me not to get so crazy and he thinks I'm the one who goes crazy when I see a girl. I don't think he is going to listen to me either as he is a lot older than me and has had more girlfriends but most of them treated him badly!


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                  I suggest you have a talk with your "friend". I'm sure he'll understand not to do that again...


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                    Since I'm relatively new to this (6 months), I got a bitter experience with that too...

                    I was actually out to a movie with a guy I thought was a big player... was I ever wrong. There were a few girls at the theatre that kept noticing us and making comments and I jumped into what I usually do, some playful negging, DHV. Then my friend gets weird and tells me to quit it.

                    I wasn't a happy camper.