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  • OMG. This stuff works. F-close on fools mate!

    I've been [I]casually [/I]looking and reading into Style's annihilation method and Mystery's Method and it works. The girl just left my place earlier and another girl I was gaming previous was near begging me not to go home with her. The details will ensue.

    Girl 1, #1, I have been trying routines on her to get comfortable with and using/internalizing the Stage A and C techniques and hoping for nothing more but a good friend and an unconscious pivot. I like her but mainly as a friend.

    Girl 2, #2, I just met tonight at a costume party where #1 and a whole lot of mutual friends convened. #2 I did a little magic trick at the start of the evening and totally ignored her the whole night. Did some small talk and told her she owed me a dance at some point. We danced and I did five questions and got her to get me a drink at which I told her I would get next rounds. (I drank earlier because I wasn't expecting anything of this night). After which I ignored her and made fun with the group and strangers I met that night and complimented their outfits. Overall being the life of the party. If anything, having a great time with myself in my frame.

    When it came time to leave I found out by a friend that girl #2 had intentions of taking me home. Intentions I didn't even know of. Earlier I had built comfort with her at the smoking lounge and showed some DHV.

    The trip of the story is that #2 took me and #1 home! Before I got in the car with both #1 nearly implored me not to go home with her. She suggested that I might have a "change of heart" and what not. Well, #2 took #1 home and I told #2 to take me to my house cause I had something I wanted to show her a funny video on my computer.

    She came over, and in short, she watched the video. The irony of it all is that I started F-closing with her to the movie "The Tao of Steve". I didn't number close but I never care for numbers. Numbers are wood.

    In all it was understanding the social dynamics and 1. showing no desire 2. doing something heroic (it takes heroism for an otherwise introvert to talk to strangers and have a good time), and 3. retreating (thank you tao of steve)!.

    Never take the methods for rules, only guidelines as Style instructs. It is true. Understanding social dynamics will take you farther than sticking to routines and steps. I have so far to go but I have gone farther than I have dreamed already.

    I never thought I would F-close at my parents home with my dad finding the spent condom in the John and flushing it (I played it off nonchalantly, it was embarrassing). Getting so far on top of being a student with a student budget and living at home is amazing. You see I was a total AFC and believed I needed money, great looks, and my own pad to dream of F-closing. HAHA! That went out the window.

    Any questions please let me know. This stuff is amazing. Have fun.

    Fools mate!

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    Well done, but you went through all the stages. That's not fool's mate: that's solid game!


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      I never thought I would F-close at my parents home with my dad finding the spent condom in the John and flushing it (I played it off nonchalantly, it was embarrassing

      Awesome Field Report, sounds like you had solid game.


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        Originally posted by Amarok View Post
        I never thought I would F-close at my parents home with my dad finding the spent condom in the John and flushing it (I played it off nonchalantly, it was embarrassing).
        Wrap the condom up in toilet paper or the shit is going to float right back up even if you flush it. Good thing it was your dad and not your mom.

        How old are you? I lived @ my parent's house little past 21 and I could of stayed living there throughout my time in college without it being a DLV. I had sex soo much in my car throughout the years and at my buddies houses because the lack of privacy. Sucks having to keep telling the girl "shhh". I still had sex a lot at my house but it was only with the girl I had a LTR with because I didn't like bringing every girlfriend I had for my parents to meet. My parents had a nice place though with a hot tub, 8 foot custom pool table and a 60 something inch screen TV, so it was a nice place to have friends hang out.

        The girls were also young though 18-22. If you are trying to score with an older woman she might have an issue with it because it makes her realize how much younger you are. I will date a 18 year old who lives with her parents but if she has a curfew it is a DLV and I am too old to have to deal with that. I dated a 23 year old girl who had a curfew and didn't have a car! She was extremely hott so I actually broke my rules a little bit. So it doesn't really matter the age apparently but what restrictions they have.


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          Same boat

          I enter in and out of my parents pad through a back door from the driveway. From there it is through the bathroom and into my room. They generally don't care but I think they were a little pissed because the girl was just a tad too loud.

          The condom thing I just flush with no TP. Usually I wrap with TP and throw it out in the trash. I've had a LTR for a few years and have been having sex at my parents place for quite a while. Actually I think my dad was relieved when I ballzied up and started to. He was happy I wasn't gay or something (I was a devout Christian up until my senior year in high school and that's a different story).

          I do care very little what the girl thinks regarding my living situation. I'm only 22, still in school for engineering, and have a little left to go before I get into the field with a company already in love with me. The younger girls generally do not care and as far as older woman, my rule is that it has to be their pad.

          I purposed to never pay rent so once I move out it will be in my own pad. There's no rush I can wait half a decade.

          Money will come. Women will come. I have gone through some shit in my life and I know I can overcome. That's my inner game, my reality.