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    So I read the mystery method book and went through the first 4 dvds of the mind of mystery home study course (well worth the money for beginners btw), which only went into A2 so far. I'm getting a divorce to a HB9.5-10 after 9 years of going out and this is my first outing where I entertained the possibility of hooking up with someone beforehand.

    Since it was a Halloween party I dressed up a bit Gothic, which was also a first for me - the equalizer t-shirt, white thermal long sleeve, 5.11 tactical pants, boots, black eyeliner, black nail polish, a stud neck collar and wrist strap and two glow stick bracelets. big hit. all eyes were on me.

    I got to the party late and almost everyone was leaving except for one of my friends and a couple. The girl was dressed up as a naughty nurse. I know I didn't follow all the steps 100% properly but I ended up kiss closing and number closing... while the guy she has been dating since 2nd grade (she is 27 now) was there. It was kind of funny because after I got her number I was like... hmm. what is your name. I think she couldn't believe she made out with me a few times without even exchanging names... I was like, "hey I can't help it that you find me so attractive." and she agreed then we made out again. this girl was also taller than me too which was kind of cool. plus in all honesty I thought the guy was better looking than me. lol. i don't think i ever told her my name.

    I sort of did the photo routine with the iphone and also showed a skydiving video of me on youtube on the iphone. she said that the pix looked a bit creepy because it looked like I was posing but that didn't stop her from taking pictures with me (licking my face, etc.) but it made me note that I should uncrop more of the picture to show the girl I was with more.

    anyways it was a nice confidence boost being the first time even remotely trying something. then on the way home a drunk driver came within inches of killing me. thank goodness for fast reflexes. i swerved into the grass and slammed on the brakes. so damn close.

    what a night.