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  • FR: Solo sarge, Late night shopping

    So thursday I decided to do some sarging straight after the gym and its always late night shopping on a thursday. For a warm up I opened a girl looking at dvds in the supermarket. "hey is that film any good?" "I was thinking about getting that for my friend!" She responds then I eject.

    I notice Boots is open so I go in there and open a cute girl by the cosmetics counter. I make eye contact and open her immediately but hey shop assistants are easy.

    Her: "can I help you?"
    Me: "I was just wondering why you're opened so late"
    Her: "well its out Advantage card night"
    Me: "Oh ok"
    Me: "I was actually looking for a new aftershave"
    Her: "Anything in particular?"
    Me: "something that smells nice and will make me sexy"
    Her: "well I like this one"
    Me: "Oh really, is that what you wear?"
    Her: "well if they had that for girls I would, so what do you think?"
    Me: "I don't think its working out"
    Her: "yeah it is a bit strong"
    Me: "No I mean between us, you're far too bossy" I get a little cocky funny on her arse
    Her: "yeah I can be"

    She has to go away as her colleague asked for some help so I get served by this guy but I say I will come back and ejected.
    I then go to my favourite booksop which is open monday til saturday til 10 pm and til 5.30 on sundays so perfect for sarging. So I opened a couple of sets in there, one downstairs looking at dvds, a cute student with glasses and a girl up stairs.

    I opened the girl looking at dvds with somethign situational.

    Me: "so you having a hard time too?"
    Her: "yeah trying to find something for 3.99 or less"
    Me: Is that for you for someone special?"
    Her: "nah just me, I'm on a budget"
    Me: "I see, so what kind of films do you like?"
    Her: "oh anything really" I start to fluff with her about what she is doing, what she is studying but ran out of things to say and ejected!

    Opened a girl sat down reading. She looked like she had just finished work, noticed the comfy chair behind her was free.

    Me: "hey you're not going to beat me up if i take this chair are you?"
    Her: "nah thats ok"
    Me: I start reading but open her again "you look like speed reader"
    her: she says something, i can't remember!
    Me: "so what are you reading?"
    Her: "its a romance novel"
    Me: "why is it women read that? is it for the escapism?"
    Her: "yeah, I like it"
    Me: "so you just finished work"
    Her: "yeah just came in here to chill out"
    Me: "probably better to do that in this chair"
    Me: "I have this intuition about you, you probably do something really important"
    Her: "i'm a lawyer"
    Me: "No way, thats it I hate you now, all Lawyers are bad"
    Her: "oh no, I'm a good Lawyer"
    Me: "sure sure"
    Bust on her alittle, build some rapport and I think I was doing really well considering it was pretty hard to take her away from her book. Did the ring finger routine on her and managed to wing it as she didnt; have a bloody ring!
    I ejected as I couldn't think of how to close eitehr girl but I think I realsied I probably didn;t have enough attraction or comfort but it was definitely a step forward.