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    Went with friends from work to a local bar. I showed up late. One friend was already shooting pool with a thin California blond (LA6, not my type). As friends filtered in, I ignored her for about 10 minutes while she hovered around our group. It was easy to neg her ("are you on a timeout? where's the rest of your group?"). She sought approval and attention from everyone in the group. I bought my friends round after round of drinks, and refused to buy one for her. All this happened on autopilot, with no intent to even number-close her.
    [B]I had basically let go of the outcome.[/B]
    After looking around, I realized she was the only one in the bar worth fucking (and that wasn't saying much). I ran the [B]color routine[/B] (she picked yellow) and she was throwing IOIs like someone starved for my attention. The group was starting to wind down. I found out she was staying a local hotel (ran away from home by all accounts). I hit some mild LMR (Me: "Let's go back to your hotel" Her:"You would, wouldn't you!"). This thing was locked in and riding on rails straight into her pussy.
    We made out in the parking lot against her car (which I noticed was full of beach bags stuffed with clothes). She had her hands down my pants and I contemplated doing it in the parking lot. However, there was a nosey security guy who kept circling the lot, and I convinced her to go back to her room. She decided to put on an impromptu fashion show with some of the lingerie she brought. Then everything came off, except the heels.
    She gave decent head, and we went at it for about an hour and a half (counting the breaks). She came more than once, and then swallowed everything I shot down her throat.
    I cleaned up, got dressed, and left without ever getting her number.
    And the clincher?

    When I walked out, she said "Nice fuckin' ya".

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    love the clincher, gotta use that one


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      These field reports would be so much better with pictures of the venue and target that closed. Everyone has picture phones and digital cameras, so no excuses guys. It's still a good close, and it sounds like minimal effort needed by not investing in the outcome. Good work.