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  • hired gun.. bartender feed back please!!

    Ok so I am waiting for my friends to get home from a hockey game, for the ufc tonight.. so I stop by this bar to get a bite to eat cute little bartender long brown hair with highlights great body (hb9). So I get a beer and I am looking through the menu and she has a tattoo on her chest a little rose, its kinda cute above her left boob.. so I ignore her and shes working she comes back to take my order and I order a tenderloin and she goes and puts my order in and I notice she doesnt have another tattoo.. tell me if this qualifies as a neg..

    forlorn - I have to ask you a serious question.. you have a tatoo on your chest, but no tramp stamp.. laughing... every girl I know thats the first one they get..

    hbbartender- I got it when I was 18 and if I could get rid of it I would it looks kind of trashy and I can't cover it up with nice clothes..

    forlorn - Its not that bad kind of a cute little rose.. (she leans in so I can get a better look at it) also way down her shirt as shes wearing a very low cut shirt.. I don't take the bait and look at the tattoo then right to her eyes..

    she wanders away doing work and shes the only bartender and its pretty busy but when she brings my food I get a phone call..

    to phone - Yeah I am getting some food, but the bartender didnt bring me any mustard for my tenderloin.. its impossible to get good help these days..

    from friend - what are you talking about? lol I wasnt really listening to him was all about the bartender

    to phone - yeah she remembered the ketchup for my fries but no mustard...

    she brings it over and apologizes and smiles-- lol she had a nice personality I dont think she had much of a bitchshield but I wanted her really interested.. heres my problem. Dude sitting next to me is watching all this and now shes coming over alot and smiling and talking to me about her tat and piercings and crap and he pipes in with her pretty she is and starts majorly kissing her ass.. I dont know why but she starts eating this up... he says shes the prettiest girl hes ever seen blah blah I keep playing it cool lean back pat him on the shoulder and tell him he needs to get out more we all laugh.. but the set was blown because everytime she would come back he would kiss her ass.. my friends came home and I left..