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  • First Field Report

    Here is an impression how my evening was yesterday.

    First let me tell you where I’m from. Well, I’m from Holland and we went out in supposedly the Hollywood of the Netherlands, and I can tell you that this place really sucks. You rarely see any celebrity of that kind and this I way, they all live in nice house in Cannes or Monaco or go somewhere where there is more sunshine… well I don’t blame them. ANYWAY……….

    Went to half English pub it is full of weirdo’s a wacko’s for all that matter but the HB’s seem to like it there. After a few minutes in we realized that this wasn’t a good place to start se we moved on to the RANDEZ VOUS, this used to be my home base from home in my AFC time.
    We came in and I a group of nice B’s (3 B around the 7,5) and one HB say about a 9. This is kind of a shady club with not much light. So I opened a 4 set. After opening I was In for a rude awakening that the B’s and the HB where far from it and just where UG. Well everybody makes mistakes. After wondering around a few minutes I opened another 4 set. I did my Club opener. This one seemed to do really well. A club opener is that you mention the club for what you should be (or what you heard) but isn’t. HB and the B responded the same way and they where telling me that after there drink they went to a new club around the corner and asked me of I would join them. There also was another guy in this group but he recognized me (we where old buddies). I spoke to the group and nagged the target a couples of time…. After doing this you became very physical (IOI) and said this shit aint for free and asked the group if she always was like this. After finishing our drink I had an instant date. I said bye to my friends and went of to the other club. I sat down with her she bought me a drink (IOI) and we started talking to built an attraction. While talking I went KINO and took it positively. I did my Mystery initial guessing. You should try it this works really well. And I did the Cube that works really well. I had a few interruptions of her friends and several major cockblocks of this guy who was with us. After handling these she even became ignored by it and she said well I will come to you when we finish our conversation. She had the puppy dinner bowl look (IOI). We did some exotic dancing and all the eyes where on us in the club. When the night started to end I said I had to leave and she gave me her number.
    Pretty sweet for one of my first time sarges.