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  • It's so on!

    Do you ever head out and feel its just so on?

    Lately I've felt like this whole thing is coming together. As soon as I see a girl I describe as 'adorable' I'm in set.

    Let me break it down. I was out friday and I had sets entertained, I was locking in and saying the right stuff without thinking, I was re-opened by a set I met a month ago (I need some advice on how to deal with re-opens, go straight to A3?)

    I had the chance for two kiss closes but the girls were too drunk when I saw them later and I flirted indiscrimately with all the staff, Zan style:

    Desire: Wow, you're like the coolest barmaid ever! We are totally getting married.
    Barmaid: *giggles*

    My wing rolls in and orders.

    Desire: No way how can you cheat on me with my best friend? I thought what we had was special!
    Barmaid: Oh, I'm sorry, I won't do it again! (very playful)
    Desire:Ok, I'll give you one more chance.
    Barmaid: Oh, really?
    Desire: Yea, but only cos your special, you know in that funny sort of way.
    Barmaid: Haha, *playful punch to the arm* what can I get ya?
    etc etc

    Seriously guys, you have to do this stuff, I could get served so easily when it came time for a coke and the women love it, it's so much more fun for them when they're working.

    So what's the point of the post, is it to boast? Nope, it's to say that I went out the next night, Saturday and every set seemed to backfire, it was totally the opposite reaction to the exact same material but it got slightly better to the end of the night.

    So I guess I learnt that state matters but by sarging even when you feel low you'll help yourself do better next time.

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    Sounds good dude, sometimes it all falls into place doesn't it?
    And you're right about how it helps even when you're low... Practice makes perfect i guess, and if you can do it without trying then that's awesome man :-)

    I think it's useful to know how to open/close sets etc, but I've never been one for lines really. You just gotta take each situation as it unfolds...


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      Hey marco, it's really weird that you say that because I find a decent ability at spontaneous coversation really ups your game. My wing Trixta is super good at this.

      I actually hit the point when I was walking up to sets and, because I was doing well, skipping my stock material. I didn't neg or FTC. I got blown out. Straight away.

      I think it's super important to tease (or neg) and FTC. After that it's game on.