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  • First Post - Apologies for the length of it!


    I'm new to this forum, but I was drawn to it after reading "The Game" which I found highly interesting!
    Now, I thought I'd share with you an experience that I had earlier this year, one of those incredible nights that makes you really proud of yourself!

    This may drag on a bit, but I'm actually just giving the relevant parts of the story, and would be interested to hear thoughts from the forum...

    (Just as a note, I wasn't even aware of the book or the community at the time that this happened)

    OK, so last year I came out of a long-term relationship. It had just died away, and tbh it had been my awakening. I had tried for years to get what I had there, but I soon realised that actually I wanted to live the single life for a bit, and find my true self.
    When it ended, my mates quickly tried to throw me back into the game, as it were, by setting me up with random birds. They have always been more outgoing than me, and find it quite easy to approach girls. I now find it easier, but at the time I was quite enclosed and shy.
    So, over the course of a few months my confidence grew, and I started dating a few different girls (not actually getting further than kissing however, which bothered me a lot!). I developed One-Itis for a girl, and I knew straight away that I was f*cked! Basically she was a mate of my Ex and despite her not saying as much I knew I was properly in the friend-zone with her. We went on a couple of "dates" (Typical AFC stuff, a drink or two, a meal etc), and I had a feeling throughout that it was getting nowhere...

    Anyway, there were no hard feelings, we went our separate ways, she moved South and I stayed North. We stayed friends, and spoke occasionally...

    Next major step, I changed my job. Had been stuck in the same job for 3 years going nowhere, and suddenly one day decided to change to a different industry. My pay jumped massively, I was travelling the world doing some amazing stuff, and my confidence grew exponentially. Within two weeks I had moved out of my parents house, moved south (unknowingly about 20miles away from where the girl above lived), and started a new life for myself.

    Things began to move fast, and just before I started the new job the One-Itis girl (Lets call her Girl-A) invited me to her 21st birthday party at her flat. I would know noone there apart from her, but I figured "what the hell!". I needed to meet some new people as I was due to move into the area.

    So, I move into the new place. The day after I'm sent abroad on business for the week. I get back on the day of the party, and make my way over there. I get lost on the way, and phone Girl-A a few times for directions. One time her little sister picked up the phone - this was my first contact with Little Sister (19yrs old, about an 8).
    Anyway, I eventually found my way to a place where Little Sis was waiting for me. I told her to hop in the car quickly and we parked up. Then I wandered with her to the flat.
    On the walk her dad came to meet us, I duely introduced myself to him (I was on a high from life at that point, and was super-confident/more sociable than usual!).

    Got into the flat, and Girl-A came over and said hi, then formally introduced me to her siblings. I knew noone else there, and they were all in tight-knit groups...

    So, I chatted with the family for a bit, and then wandered into the middle of the room and started chatting to people. Just saying hi, introducing myself, asking how they knew Girl-A etc. There must have been about 25 people there and I spoke to all of them in the space of a couple of hours. Every time someone asked about my job I was honest, just mentioned the words "yacht engineer" and I seemed to suddenly have a group of very interested people around me, who were asking lots of questions. I have to say I enjoyed this, despite not normally liking lots of attention!

    I chatted to a gay couple at one point, who were surprised that I had no issue with their gay-ness! They were used to being verbally abused by straight guys, and found it refreshing to chat to me! I said to them that I had no issue with whatever people wanted to do, it just wasn't for me personally (little sister was in ear-shot thru all of this)

    There was a point where I wanted to go speak to a group of birds at the back, and they were all stood around smoking, with body-language that was telling me that they wouldn't take any sh*t. I did something that I wouldn't condone - I always used to carry a pack of cigarettes if I was going to a new social situation. I've always found it an ice-breaker/conversation starter, and in this case it worked as usual and allowed me to break into their group by asking for a light.
    Turns out that once I had introduced myself they were actually nice lasses. And we got on well, especially me and this skinny brunette (who i'll call Girl-B).

    So, throughout the evening I wandered between groups. Little sis chatted to me on and off, and I messed about a bit, taking the piss a bit when she said silly things, and unintentionally giving other people more attention than her (she's a drama student, and loves the attention!). Literally I was just myself, relaxed, and spoke my mind. I didn't analyse what I was doing at the time, and I didn't try to influence anyone/anything.

    There was a moment where I held little-sis's gaze at the end of a sentence. But she gave nothing away, and seemed her usual flirty self (as she is with everyone). For a laugh I did try to make her blush, but it didn't work... (Again, being myself, not planned!)

    So, later on in the night I realised I had spent a lot of time with Girl-B, and she seemed to like me. Little sis would occasionally run past and try and grab the group's attention (singing at one point!), and I remember smirking and saying "good work luv" in a slightly patronising way!
    I carried on chatting with girl-B, and eventually kiss-closed her. little sis ran through the room at this point, and smiled at us... Girl-B was due to leave soon after, but dropped me her number. In the meanwhile little sis was wrapped around some drunk dude, which I see now as an attempt to make me jealous! I didn't react at the time.

    When Girl-B left, the others also began to leave. Girl-A was v drunk and had gone to bed with her BF. Dad had left hours ago, Brother had gone to bed with his GF. There was just little sis, drunk dude, and myself left in the living room.

    Little sis - speaking in a whiny voice, says: "It's not fair! I'm so horny, and I'm the only girl here without a bloke!" I negged her a little, and threw in a jokey comment "Well, i could always help you out!" with a cheeky smile.
    She didn't react apart from asking where I was sleeping that night. I said: "Well, I'm meant to be on that sofa, so it looks like I'll be spooning with drunk dude tonight!"
    She was like "Well, you're welcome to share with me if you need to sleep. Just don't expect anything!" - Which I took to mean there was a chance!

    So I got into my boxers, casually slipped into the bed (which was a bunk bed, owned by Girl-A's flatmate), and waited for little sis to turn up. She gets changed in the room (smiling, while telling me not to look). and then hops in front of me and snuggles up.

    I jokingly say "so, what was all that about you being horny then?" and she smiled and said "oh fuck off, just leave it yeah? nothings happening" (She's actually quite posh, so I was surprised to hear her speak like this!), but then she squeezes my thigh... I squeeze her thigh back, a little harder and she does the same to me... I stroke her leg, and then move my hand down to her pussy. She lifts her leg a little without saying anything... So I then reach under her pjs and slip a finger inside. She moans slightly at which point I suggest that perhaps she is horny, and that I should help her out a little.

    Things went on from there, we had some really good sex, had great fun, chatted all night after, and her sister is still unaware that anything happened between us!

    Little Sis texted me for a few days afterwards sending some filthy stuff, and then apparently had the realisation that I'd dated Girl-A (her older sister). She said that we should call it off and that i shouldn't mention it to anyone as her sis would be disgusted in her! I was quite happy with this, and agreed... Then went to the pub and told my mates! Hehe!

    The main thing about this whole experience was I felt confident and in control throughout. I had her and Girl-B basically chasing me all night without trying. I had an HB8 notch to add to my bedpost, and I'd pulled a 7.5 that night also. I loved that feeling of power, and it gave me a large confidence boost.

    I've realised since that i was already analysing body-language without having read about it. I was also to some extent peacocking (flashy car, and bright clothing) unintentionally. I was also exhibiting Alpha male traits, and social proof to the people around me (again, unintentionally).

    I've had limited luck since really, and have hit a low recently in my confidence. I hit the friend-zone a lot, but I know I have the power to sort it out! It gives me a boost thinking back on this night. I thought I'd share to show that you don't need to do lines or tricks to draw women in. sometimes just being yourself and acting natural can yield results! ;-)