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    Getting back into the game after a long summer hiatus. My roommate joined a Chinese club on campus today and they rented out a club in downtown Hollywood for the members to meet and greet. He didn't want to go alone and I had planned to go out to a club tonight anyways to I joined him to partake in the festivities and all the little azn girls. Considering I'm 6'2" and white I stuck out in the club to say the least.

    Right when we arrive I banter with the hostess at the door and chill with the bouncers to make sure that they are on my side just in case anything goes down. I walked in like I was the shit and everybody knew it. I said "HI!" to pretty much every set that I walked past, and was commenting on and opening pretty much every set that was in proximity. I was just vibing with all the sets until I found a target in a set that I was interested in.

    I used the social proof opener where you tell people, "I am trying to improve my brain power and memorize names, so at any point during the night if you see me, come up to me and say 'hi' and if I can't remember your name 3x in a row then I will buy you drinks." I only did that with 2 sets because it didn't seem like they were too into it, but during the night I think three people came up to me asking me for their names. I'll have to field test this more.

    I pushed my roommate into a few sets and he was pushed out of his comfort zone so good for him, but he introduced me to my main set of the night. He knew Two HB7.5s and I picked a target right away and starting having fun with her, spinning her around and leading the interaction with heavy kino and hugging. I knew I was in and she started telling me that she was a dancer. I told her to prove it so we start dancing and she is into it, but she sees her friend now talking with some chode and excuses herself to save her friend. It took more then 10 seconds and I didn't want to be a chode as well so I left and opened another set of girls to preserve my value.

    Maybe 15 minutes later I run into again and she smiles nice and bright.

    Hb7.5: Are you having fun?
    Me: I'm having a blast!
    Hb7.5: How can you be when your not dancing with me?

    That's when I took her hand and led her back out to the dance floor. Things REALLY start to heat up now. I used 'the spot' on her. Lower back and the ass spot(thanks again). At this point she is really grinding on my dick and I'm breathing into her ear, caressing her arms, neck, moving her hair and she loving every fucking second of it. I turn her around and making out. I think I made out for 1 second too long because she was the one to withdraw but shes still into dancing and rubbing my dick with her ass. Some douchebag comes on the mic and the dancing stops so I grab her hand and take her to a couch in the corner.

    I used the classic, "Looks aren't everything, your cute, but is there more to you than meets the eye?" My reasoning for going into qualification so abruptly was that I didn't her to have buyers remorse from the make out on the dance floor so I thought this was the best thing. If she knows that I am attracted to her based on more then her looks that I should be good.
    She was reluctant to answer my questions though, saying lines like,
    "You shouldn't ask me questions like that."
    "I get to know people through experience."

    I got her to open up a little but I was doing most of the talking, and at this point her state is just dropping and I knew it, but we were still doing heavy kino and she was accepting. I took her hand and placed it on my leg and she only removed it to fix her hair, but then put her hand back on my knee. I went in for another kiss and she was still way into it, this time I was sure to be the first to pull away.

    I took her to go look for her friends again and she followed me around. I told her that me and my roommate are bouncing to Mel's Diner pretty soon and she should join us, and she was totally for it. I left her with her friend to find my roommate and he didn't want to leave yet so I went to find HB7.5 again and ask her to bounce.

    She didn't want to leave her friend behind and I said it was cool so I #close her and get her name for facebook.

    Few hours ago I text her, "Hey HB7.5 this is drub, glad to meet you tonight, hope you got home safe."

    It was a pretty fun night and I don't know if she will flake or not, but I still felt that there is definitely room for improvement still. Any comments are appreciated.

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    What's 'the spot'? I haven't seen this before.