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  • FR: Yet another revision of Cocky-Funny

    Okay, y'all have heard about cocky/playful, confident/funny, and any other host of permutations of this frame. The one I tried out this past weekend is one that I call "Dominant/Playful."

    The cornerstone of this is actually a transition phrase that I found myself using a lot on Saturday night. I was in a 3f1m 4set and the guy kept trying to hijack the conversation to talk about how awesome he was, or talk about OMG SRS BSNS like religion, politics, and female genital mutilation (no, I'm not kidding). I wasn't using any DHV stories myself; I was just spitting rapid-fire wackiness, as is my wont. I was trying to keep the frame playful and happy, and not let this fool drag the set down into seriousness and logic and thought.

    Anyway, the phrase: "This conversation is now about x." X could be [i]anything[/i], more random the better. Things I made the conversation about in order to get it away from stuff I didn't want the set to be talking about:

    *Hula Hoops
    *Peanut Butter

    Here's how a typical thread went down:

    Him: "Kant, Hume, Hegel, blah blah blah."
    Me: "This conversation is now about hopscotch."
    Girls: (suddenly waking up) "omg, what?! I used to love hopscotch!"
    Me: "Indeed. Hopscotch is made of win and fun."
    Him: "So yeah, the other day, I was at work, and..."
    Me: "This conversation is now about pets. I've got a pet spider."
    Girls: (massive giggling; the subject matter almost doesn't even matter. They're just enjoying watching me keep the conversation light in face of the guy trying to drag them down.)

    It was more of a frame-saver than anything else; I couldn't eye-code the guy out or anything because he had shown up with the set (he was "just friends" with all three), nor could I isolate any of the girls too quickly because then her friends would be stuck with the boring guy and they'd resist something like that. So I did the best I could, which was overrun the frame as often as possible and then #close all three when I left.

    More on the frame itself later; I have a not-so-false time constraint at the moment that will involve me doing an amount of exercise that I am nowhere near used to doing, and I probably won't be able to move, let alone type, until tomorrow.

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    Awesome. Thanks. I'm definitely gonna pull this out at the appropriate time.


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      Hey I really like your way of leading the convo. It's really dominant and funny. Gonna try that out next time.

      A side note, perhaps you can gain compliance from the guy first, introduce a thread or stick one of the female obsticals to even his own thread. Then, move a little bit to have the other 2 girls left facing you in one direction, and the female obstical facing him in another direction. So he's in mini-isolation without further creating internal interrupts.