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  • BF Possible Probelm/ Field Report

    Ok i'm college so this is where i mostly game at, majority of the time. So when i met this HB8.5 i let the games begin. So recently, as in today, she gave me her number like this

    ME: So do you a face book
    HB: Yea
    ME: DO You have email so i contact you
    HB: Yea
    Me: Here right it down
    HB: I'm going to right my name down because i haven't checked my email in about a year
    HB Friend: *Laughs* Its so true
    Me: Wow do you know how to work a computer
    HB: Yea i'm on one everyday to check Facebook*Hands Back 3x5*

    I look at the paper and then hand it back to her

    Me: Put down your number just incase
    HB: *Nods* Yea of course
    Me: So class do you have next
    HB Friend: *Names Class*
    Me: Well the teacher let us out really early
    HB: Here you go
    Me: Ok thanks

    *Fluff talked* So i text her as i was sitting in my next class and she responded at the same time it would have been as if she just got out of class.

    Heres the problem when i got home i went to facebook and did somethings and then added her. Since shes in the same network i could see her profile. So i looked at it. Except it says she in a relationship. No where else on the page does it say anything about him or her being in a relationship except for a picture. So i checked his profile same thing except for more pictures thats it. Never once did she mention a relationship, plus everything up until now has been playful. Shes starting open me when i come to class, i tease her and shes smiles and laughs and sometimes she punches me for fun. She stares alot maybe 10-15% of class i know shes staring, and i catch her all time doing it but its like sometimes she looks away and other times (Now) she smiles and starts to bounce a little in her chair. Major IOIs from her. I have some much Attraction going that when shes leaves class with her friend i'm naturally about a step or two behind. So i continue a conversation or start one right then.(I know i should be in front) She'll stop for a second and walk next to me until we part ways to go to class.

    So i know not to bring it her BF when i talk to her but should i care that she has BF and if so what should i be doing?
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    Style always plays "as if" meaning pretend as if there is no BF. Alot of girls will put that on myspace just to warn off AFC's and most guys keep their status single. I knowi did, lol. At the same time ive scene girls blow off BF's at college left and right. DOnt sweat it.

    If you really dig this chic its yours. If you do it just to be an asshole then id advise otherwise, but you dont seem like "that" guy at all. More like me. Treading the morale fibers that run through you, lol.

    I say enjoy, and dont let it get you down. Worst case you are practicing for the next hb 9 or 10!!!