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  • FR: Number/Kiss close - need help with call?

    So last night was a great night. 4 of us went out. We went to a local college bar and ran the room. we split into pairs. our social proof was sky high.

    we were standing outside and i was near the group we were talking to and a girl comes up with a huge smile and doesn't even say anything, gives me the two finger cigarette salute. I say I don't smoke and we bust on her for using a pickup line on us and i pull her into a conversation. she's all smiles, I run the 5 question game on her, we bet a drink, but then I say "You know what, you just look like you need some fun tonight, so forget the drink" and I beat her, and she takes my hand and leads me back into the bar and buys me a drink anyways. I run the 3 smiles, we're divorced role-play, she starts validating herself. Turns out shes there with 4 jacked AMOGs (I was only really able to befriend two of them), shes not with any of them, immediately says shes single. In addition they keep trying to pull her away from me and she keeps blowing them off. She insists I take her number (good, cause its in the middle of the gaming). One of her friends comes up and asks for a cigarette, she opens her bag and takes one out AND a lighter. So I bust on her for having cigs the whole time and tell her shes my little pickup artist now.

    So I ran evolution phase shift on her and she dies, cause while i'm explaining and doing it, at the end i just gave her a brush of the lips, I wasn't making out with her in front of her friends, "I respect guys" i tell her.

    So her friends convince her to go (she drove OF COURSE) and by this time my wings had gone to a diff bar district, so i go to meet them.


    I never got to set anything up for a day 2 on the spot with her cause she left in such a flash, but she said "You better call me, cause I like you" so I'm not sure if I should play this off by NOT calling her for a few days, or calling today or tomorrow to set up a day 2 for mid-week?

    Also, any suggestions for a day 2 with a girl that obviously wants to get a piece?


    - Hollywood
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    honestly it sounds like not much comfort was built, and this runs the risk of her flaking and thinking you are just some bar guy. Call her today the longer you wait the more you have the risk of her flaking. Bring her back to that world. for example when you call just say "whats up" she will say "who is this", then you say "you know you would almost be cute if you didn't smoke", she will be like "hahahah I know who this is!" Then bango her mind is back to attraction mode.


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      nice quote there is no such thing as rejection only feed back

      i think with all my knowlodge and wisdom i belive the call is always tricky she could have been drunk and even have a crazy ex answer the phone

      but all elses
      your gonna call
      she's gonna say hello
      you should say hello can i speak to a beautyful girl by the name of >girls name< , and describe her a little like good charicteristics about her .
      >she'll say speaking .
      than you inroduce your self as a guy she gave her number to
      seperate your self from the bunch by describing where you met

      then sneak in alittle about your self

      from here keep the fire lit and dont pour to much gas on the fire the best
      bon fires burn naturally


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        I don't think I agree 100% with Kurt's dialogue (work on your phone game, man! ), but I definitely agree with lazarus that you should call her ASAP...don't play games with her, just game her - there is a definite difference.


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          Originally posted by Dox View Post
          I don't think I agree 100% with Kurt's dialogue (work on your phone game, man! ), but I definitely agree with lazarus that you should call her ASAP...don't play games with her, just game her - there is a definite difference.
          Yeah Lazarus is one of my wings (he couldn't make it out last night), I think we decided on the give a call later today, make it about 10 minutes (if that), set something up for tuesday night, not a bar, not dinner, not coffee.


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            Originally posted by Decibel
            I don't think you should ask her out on your first call. Just call to leave some cocky message that reminds her who you are, but throw some kind of hook in there ('Hey, is it true what your friend said that you - ' hang up). But yeah, don't assume you're in at this point. Back up to A2.
            I disagree. You do not want to get stuck in phone games with women. He needs to spark the attraction back up in her mind then get her out with him again that is it. Trying to do anything else on the phone is a slippery slope.


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              well its all prolly a lost cause, I got the dreaded voicemail, but i had an idea of what to say already so i didn't leave an AFC message. It was something along the lines of "Hey its (my name - nickname) I'm looking for a pickup artist named (her name - nickname) (both are inside jokes we had) who gave me her number last night but she's not pickin up, tsk tsk. Well I guess we're divorced again (inside joke) you'll have to make it up to me, you have my number, lata"

              I don't plan on calling back again, she'll prolly flake. damn shame too, looked like she would've been fun.


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                amen to that


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                  Check out my reply to the same type of question.



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                    Originally posted by Queue View Post
                    Check out my reply to the same type of question.

                    I like it, good looks.


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                      Random phone game tip(Your message sounded solid btw), I always do when leaving voicemails that I swear by, your mileage may vary as it is a small thing.

                      But instead of saying "Call me later, XXX-YYYY" or "I'll call you back" or even worse "I'll call you at this time" or "Tell me a good time to call" instead just say "Talk to you soon" don't say it as "Talktoyousoon!" but say it like you are saying another sentence and with confidence.

                      It just comes off as more confident to me in a lot of ways and if she doesn't call you, it does't put you in the needy position of calling her when you told her to call. Some girls don't like calling guys or are terrified of it, so don't get marginalized by that. Likewise you aren't put in the position of saying you will call again which has the subtext of she wouldn't call you back or whatever; again needy and less confident.


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                        Seems like there were no A3 nor Comfort. Usually when a girl is being direct saying "Call me because I like you." she is being direct. Although I don't know the full detail, she could say that to guys as a shit-test. Instead you can go when she says that go "Wow hold on a sec, I don't know you that well it." With a genuine smile. "Usually I don't give out my numbers to strangers, tell me a little bit about yourself (pause) And I mean to really make a friend from this (pause) don't think too much." Say that in a serious tone focing her out of the Attraction Phase. What you want is to bring your energy down and in isolation.

                        If however, she doesn't take your words seriously, that's an IOD, and you are back to A2. Then after awhile, try back again with A3/Comfort material.