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  • Funny Mini Report.

    So, I was in this store in Universal Orlando called Quiet Flight, very cool surf and clothing shop with tons of girls on a packed three-day Haloween Horror Nights weekend. So I walk in looking for a new pair of stunner shades, or some ridiculously obscene Florida sunglasses. I want some aviators so I start looking through the glass cases with my friend laughing and being very positive. I wanted my energy to be top notch in case there was any HB's.
    One of the ladies that worked there, a short plump ugly asked me if I needed help. Being really enthusiastic I said "Yeah sure I need to look sexy" We all laughed as a tried on a bunch of shades while walking around asking other people and the other employees. I finally find some nice gold aviators.
    Then I spot a girl come in to the right of me standing at a sunglass case, very easily a HB8-9 with a bitch shield no doubt. She has that bitch stance which is suppose to imply innocence but none was present. I took my chance and spat a usual line of mine, "So, do you like these shades on me". I stood kinda with my chest in the air full of confidence and smiling employees behind me.
    She swirls around and take one look at me.

    "No", and turns back around.

    Me and my friend were shocked and laughed it off kinda booing her from behind. Inside it really pissed my the fuck off because everyone I did ask liked them, and she didn't. She just went around her business trying stuff on.
    Instead of taking shit, I bought the glasses. I liked them and wasn't going to ruin the vibe. I met her again next to me at the register with my glasses meticulously being prepared for my purchase. She might have glanced. I didn't give her the time to look. haha

    Just a funny story.