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  • Field Report of events from last weekend 9/14/07

    I'm in a CVS store on line to pay for my stuff, when the girls in front of me start talking to me. They asked me where the chocolates were. I made a joke out of it by saying, "Why are you planning to buy me some?" They both giggled (IOI), and they asked me what grade in college I was in since they were wearing shirts from the same college that I attend. I made them guess, and they guess correctly at first. I then gave one of them the "pick a number from 1 through 4 routine." Then I asked them if either of them had been to the Caribbean. After hearing "no" from both of them, I told them the stories of my travels in the Caribbean, and they became jealous in awe of my stories.

    After the stories, they asked me what i was doing after paying for my items. I negged them by saying, "Why are you so nosey?", "I just met you!" They leaned toward me and asked me again what I was doing. I told them I was going to the soccer game, then going to the comedy show later that night. I also mentioned that I was going to get trashed before the game. They asked if they could pregame with me. I said, we'll see(indirectly saying "yes"). I said to come over to my place at 5:15. After they complied with my test by saying they would come over, I pulled out my phone and one of the girls gave me her phone number. Her name was Kara, and she was a 17-year old freshman in college. I'm 20, a junior, and there's a 4 year bubble in the age of consent in Maryland.

    After exiting the store, I noticed that the girls were struggling to carry their bags. Being a gentleman, I offered to carry it for them, but not without throwing a neg by saying, "You girls are about to drop the bags." I jumped through their hoop because they jumped through my hoop with chilling with me afterwards. Once we walked onto the shuttle, there were no seats. Kara and I ended up standing in the back of the shuttle. As we were talking, she was genuinely paying attention to me, as I was leaning back and listening to her talk when she was qualifying herself to me. She faked losing her balance a bunch of times and ended up touching me several times in many places. I negged her by saying, "Whoa! Not so fast! I enjoy your company, but I don't want you getting too excited." After getting off the shuttle, she said, "Thanks for doing this, but I could've gotten guys to carry my bags without them willingly volunteering." I told her that I was only being a gentleman, and "Don't go there about being too nice because I have met girls like you everyday." She laughed at this (another IOI).

    After dropping her bags off at her dorm room, I walked back to my room, and then I called her at 5:15. She told me that she was walking over, and I said I would meet her halfway. Once I was out there, she was more than halfway there. Once we walked into my suite, we made each other drinks of stawberry kiwki juice and vodka. I showed her the things in my room including my halloween costume which I already bought(Fells Point is one of the best Halloween party spots in the country), and she was fascinated by the other things I had as well as the stories I told her about things (DHV's). She then noticed that I had the movie [I]Beerfest[/I] , and she told me she had never seen it. I said to her, "How would you feel if I said Let's blow off the game and watch Beerfest." We both ended up lying down on my bed watching and cuddling because she kept touching me after laughing. She told me many personal things about herself. (IOI's) I knew it was time to pull the trigger. I turned the lights off and asked Kara if she would like to kiss me. She said, "Sure." I kissed her in every place other than the forbidden areas. Then she started getting on top of me and kissing me everywhere except for below my waist. She still had her pants on, and I had my shorts on me. I told her that if we had sex, I would stick around, and everything would be ok. She was glad that I said that, but she said she just met me, and we would not have sex today even after I said that I can't stop thinking about you to inoculate against LMR. We kissed more and more, she took off my shirt and my wifebeater, I took off her shirt, and she became more aroused, that she was grinding her vagina(she still had pants on) on my hard penis(I still had my shorts on). I also touched the sides of her breasts and the sides of her breast while she still had her top on. She told me she was surprised I knew where to touch her and kiss her. I told her I had a confession to make that I was a virgin. She told me that she was not and that although she has slept with three guys, she is not a whore. However, she felt surprised that I was a virgin. She said, we should stop. I told her yes we should stop, but I slowly kept going then stopping all of a sudden. She felt discomfort then rose up and straddled me again. Then she said that she had to go, but she wanted to see me again. I told her I would like to see her again around lunchtime tomorrow meaning 12, but I guess maybe I was unclear by not setting a definite time. She told me she needed to see when she got up the next day and finished homework, and I walked her back to her dorm. On the way back, she told me that she had made out with six guys since the academic year began, one of which was last night. She told me that when she was in high school, she hooked up with alot of guys in clubs. She also said again that she was surprised that I am a virgin, and no guy had ever asked to kiss her before. She said I was different in a good way. She asked me to go to a party the next night (Saturday) at a school where I knew the guys drugged girls' drinks. I didn't want to get involved, and I figured I was screwed tomorrow night so I would chill with her during the day on Saturday since we hooked up on Friday.
    I called her up the next day, and I didn't get an answer. I didn't leave her a message because I was meeting my friends somewhere. I called her several hours later when I was in a liquor store, and she answered when I called her. I kept it light and said I didn't have long to talk, but to meet me at my suite at 7 if she was not doing anything, and I would call her when it got closer to 7 since she wanted to finish her work. I called her a few hours later because it was close to 7pm, and she was getting ready for the party. I told her I couldn't make it tonight, had only a few mins. to talk, and to have a great time tonight(willingness to walk away). She told me she wanted to chill tomorrow, and I said to her that I would only chill with her if she called me. I made my excuse to go and told her to have a great time.
    However, I did not get a call the next day. I thought nothing of it because I felt that she probably met someone else, and I decided to move on with my life. However, I learned recently from Facebook information on the biggest partying event of the semester, which is this Saturday, that she is attending. Now here's my question. What should I do about this girl if I see her even though I want to create jealousy by sarging other girls. Should I just forget about this girl completely like I did for a while and sarge other girls as I plan, or should I give her another chance if she hits on me or comes on to me? I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks.

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    First off good job bro, you mastered the beginning of the interaction !

    Howoever when you proposed to drop off the football you kind of made her a little too important (or was it that you never intented to go either way ?).
    LMR seemed good although one has to wonder if you could have pushed it further since a few minutes after agreeing not to have sex she mentions fooling around with a shit load of guys (remember girls always sleep with more guys than they say they do).

    Anyway you have good skills so go ahead and sarge others and yeah go and say hi to her during the party with your recent sarge holding your arm. Be cool and tell her you had a "nice" time together.

    Anyway you have more experience than me, you'll find something, and whatever it is don't have any regrets
    Good luck.


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      great job on the begining you had some pretty clever negs, maybe your rushed into the seduction phase, average 7 hours and it helps to have a few different venues that’s probably why the LMR, dude shouldn’t of told her that you were a virgin there no pre-selection their, I recommend ringing her to meet but don’t make her the event something like "im going shopping for clothes I need a woman’s opinion, (“some one with style, do you know any one" maybe neg?) Some more DHV to make up for telling her your a virgin and the bring her back to your place (which she’s already familiar with) make out and do the usual seduction stuff


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        you did good kid, but you can't let one girl get the best of are like most us...we are generally nice should just go and sarge other rapport and use your got the methods, believe in yourself...if she sees you act like it's not a big deal...make it seem like its her loss...if you want to spice things up, whisper in her here "you didn't really think I was a virgin did you" then walk away, it'll get her thinking.....


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          By the way, I was not completely honest with her about my history. I only said that I had not been with any women so she would feel reassured that I would stick around (evolutionary baggage).