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    Hey fellas, went to embassy in central London with my wing and two girls who are game aware. We have an understanding, they come out and we show them a good time whilst they give us pre-selection and are great for jealousy plot lines when needed. Usually I like wearing a cowboy hat depending on the avatar I'm rocking, however tonight was not one of those nights... I was getting some hard ioi's cos of my nicely shaved head [COLOR="DarkRed"](guys I cannot stress the importance of good grooming, get a hair cut that suits your face)[/COLOR]. Opened a few sets, nothing special just warming being social, y'knw. The venue was'nt really saying much apart from one or two cuties so I number closed then we bounced to Amika, which is another high-end club.

    We get there and just breezed right in cos my wing knows the peeps on the door. I must admit, it felt good as we walked past the long queue as peeps were checkin for us like, who is that cat...this would prove valuable later on. Fast forward a lil and we're up in the club now,moving back and forth between the main arena and the VIP, which we got access to cos the bouncer had radioed down... and I get opened by two hotties... well, one of them, my target was hot. Big smile, she asked who I was, whether I was that brotha Dizzy Rascal??? [COLOR="DarkRed"](For those that don't know Dizzy Rascal is a London based brotha that spits rhymes and is on MTV and shit)[/COLOR] how she saw me outside so I introd myself as "T.C, pleasure to meet you [COLOR="DarkRed"](ioi)[/COLOR] but my friends call me Dan... I don't know you well enough so you get to call me T.C. You need to earn this girl." [COLOR="DarkRed"](iod, said in a camp impression which is funny)[/COLOR]. Big smiles...laughter erupted.. Set hooked! She still wouldnt let go of the whole Dizzy Rascal thang and insisted that I was lying or was part of his crew lol. [COLOR="DarkRed"](women are not really great conversationalist in the beginning which is why its our job to hold court)[/COLOR]. Still, she thought I was someone important cos I was well groomed. Sat down and ftc'd then went into my material. There were actually two guys already in the set who were posing as if they belonged but it was clear that they were just two needy guys TRYING to get some punanni lol.

    I acnknowledged them whilst running the set with well timed facial expression, eye contact and smiles so they did'nt pose any threat whatsoeva, and were in fact enjoying the playful banter. Once the target started throwing hard ioi's the two of them just got up and left. I had peppered in a lot of qualifiers from the start... I went for the move and lead her out of the vip to the soft cosy sofas adjacent to the bar whilst my wing stayed with the friend. As we walked to the sofas, I noticed she was getting A LOT of attention from guys cos her boobs were looking righteous in whateva it was that was half covering them and I had workd hard to ignore them up to that point. So I stole a quick glance whilst her head was turned and my dick said "dammmmmn", whilst I willed myself not to get a boner yet as my shirt was tucked in. We sat down, I ran the cube [COLOR="DarkRed"](which I dont use all the time but at this point I was following one of the older stacks that I've internalised... do this when the girl is HOT, so your delivery timing and body language is tight)[/COLOR]. I then ftc'd again before finishing and telling her what the routine meant and got up as if to leave. [COLOR="DarkRed"](This works really well cos it get them chasing you as they'll always beckon you to stay to tell them the meaning, which sets the frame that your the prize).[/COLOR]
    So... she then ask me to stay for a bit so I sat down whilst saying "ok but only for a little as I my frnds are going soon". So I ran the rest of the cube and my other material which included kino [COLOR="DarkRed"](from the start)[/COLOR] and then went for the kiss a bit later using Mystery's kiss close gambit [COLOR="DarkRed"](which I dont usually use but, again, I was using an older stack)[/COLOR]. She responds with "not here", [COLOR="DarkRed"](iod)[/COLOR] which I've never gotten with that gambit b4. So I get up again slowly like I was losing interest whilst playfully teasing her about her bad posture being all slouched up on the sofa [COLOR="DarkRed"](iod)[/COLOR] and stack forward into the story about my sister the ballet dancer [COLOR="DarkRed"](ioi) (this story is a fairly recent but heart warming peice, which flips the protector of loved ones, willingness to emote and a couple connection switches and is a true story based on my sister having bad posture and me recommending her to start ballet lessons then taking her to her first class. It's on a more recent stack but is internalised to the point of being a sincere luvable story to hear)[/COLOR] She was kinda speechless after the story but had turned into and towards me. I had also left her hand resting on my thigh which she hadn't removed. At some point tho, I remember finding out that her and her friend were in London for the wknd from Dublin and were staying in so-and-so hotel....and she ask me straight up if I want to come back for some drinks. Im sat there thinking does a bear shit in the woods and wipe its ass with a furry rabbit.

    Talk about perfect timing... but my wing walks ova right then with the girls and her friend and hits her with a mega accomplishment intro for me and it hits BIG time! He signals that he wants to chat for abit so I get up and he tells me that he's actually leaving as the club was locking off and they were chucking peeps out. I had forgotten abt the time...we had actually stayed in the first club for quite a bit. My wing said he was gonna give the girls a lift back home so I was on my own but I didn't have to worry abt the friend as he had done his job well. He then left... safe bruv

    The friend had gone back to my target so they now walked ova and to me whilst the bouncer was politely asking us to leave. I said lets get outta here. It was clear to me that she had filled the friend in on what was going down. But smth didn't feel right. We got outside and they immediately were getting cat calls and whistles from the lurking grunk guys trying to pull. They almost got distrcted if not just for the attention. I had manged to hail a taxi and we all jumped in.

    To bring this to an end without remembering every detail except that which matters or will be of help to someone...I got a couple shit test in the car and handled them well. [COLOR="DarkRed"](so be ready for them and learn to recognise when your getting one lol)[/COLOR] The main thing I did during the cab ride was kept the vibe/flame well lit and engaged he friend a lot. She was kinda hating b4 we left as if she was thinking "why didnt I get a guy". She wasn't my type at all so I cldnt even imagine having a threesome...ohh God!!! So i was working my brain like a game of street fighter planning how I was gonna trim the other one. So we get back to the hotel, after wasting 10 mins getting a new key card thingy trying to get into their room cos their one was broke we finally get in. I just want to say that girls know exatly what they are doing, even the dumb blondes. Check these gals now...on top of their cupboard they had one of those Durex flavoured lubricant, prolly to give titty fucks to some playa and one of those HUGE packs of Durex rubbers..I mean the giant mega packs. Im thinking daammmmmmnnn, what were you guys expecting like, an orgy or sumthin?? Then they told me some of the stories they had been up to since they touched down the previous nite wth playas tryin to bang them but none getting close.
    [COLOR="DarkRed"](BTW this is very important... whilst they were trying to preseve their value I made sure I was sitting on the friends bed and not my targets (subtle push pull)...there were two beds in the room...just to play it cool cos the friend was being safe but looked like she was havin a pity party)[/COLOR]. Anyway, they had actually been changing into their pj's whilst all this was going on. My target jumped into her bed playfully and gave me a look as if to say "what are you doing fella, i thought you wanted me". I got up slowly like I was tired and slipped under her sheets... We quietlyfondled each other for a bit and went to sleep. (oh yeah, they got me drunk too on red wine so dont remember much). I woke up...the friend was in the shower, and was saying to my target she wanted to take a look around London, I whispered to her playfully like a kid, "you need to get rid of your friend" and she shouted back above the rushing sound of the running water that we'll come and meet her later. I made like I was half sleeping lol but she knew... when she came out and dressed. Then she left and we did the do. We then joined her friend at the cafe later and it was all good.

    Questions or comments welcome.
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    I'm liking this whole new coach field report business....good insight into how you guys roll.

    Few questions for you dude:
    1) You got some nice Preselection that i guess led to this set opening you...say you didn't have that hindsight, would you have approached them? And also, what do you think would have been the best way to?
    2) I googled the spots you talked about...Mayfair ...seems like you go to some really high end places dude...Do you have many experiences with girls calling you out on "common" pua-ish (The Cube, gambits etc)?
    3) Do you find that you are less prone to being cockblocked by a target's friend(s) in those environments because the girls "know the deal"?

    Awesome post ~



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      Hey PaperMike, good questions. The pre-selection def helped but also I was pushing the flame out, beaming smiles and just looking like a fun soicial person...soz for not being too clear in my fr but we had actually worked the vip room bouncer and adjacent sets to the point where they were loving us and percieved me to be a cool cat having fun with his peeps who had the social proof of the room to back them up and my vibe was congruent with that. I don't say this to brag bruv but to let you know that if you apply the concepts of the flame/ghost with good timing ppl are gonna respond that way no matter who you are. Thru vibing with the room I notcied they had been watching, and to answer your question bruv... now you might understand when I say that I kinda did open them (ppl are drawn in by the flame) my presence and my vibe (flame) they felt it cos it was direced to the whole room including them, just exuding warmth and giving value and pushing it to specific sets, like their one. At that point all it takes is a well timed smile or a childish grin/facial expression (I had been in the moment vibing and had noted them checking for me, flashed a quick smile and a raise of the eyebrows beckoning them and the set will feel the need to respond to you even tho you set it up with your vibe (mate, I wish I could show you, its very easy if you know what top do. This manifested itself, in this case, with the set throwing out the ioi question if I was that brotha Dizzy Rascal. Yeah who cares you might say lol but the whole point was I was now in the set with all that to back me up. You might see the value of this as opposed to blindly and cold (no prev sets opened) walking up with your mate or on your own and TRYING to hit on the hot girl with the boobies.

      If im going high end clubs I will have to have women with me...if Im going to a bar with the intention to meet women to bounce to a club then Ill be with my wing. But lets pretend that for some weird reason I arrived at the same club with no women...yes, I still would want to open her set as she was hot. See below for how I would do it.

      When I first got into game I would have rolled only with my wing or even on my own if wing not available that night (going solo gets you good fast btw).
      I would still follow the model, so (and I actually did this a few times back then) solo-I would have vibed with the room (even more imprt when solo) opened an adjacent set, and then merged (forwards) into the set with my target and run my game, locking her in with my hat, pawning off my girls to the guys and her friend, moving her to a c1 location to show her smth interesting, which at that time was prob 'the cube' and then escalated in comfort etc ... with wing- same and my wingman doing his thang. By far not only way or even best way, but has worked in my experience. Think about this scenario...prob the hottest or at least one of two hot girls in the vip in a mixed 4 set, 2 rich looking dudes sitting down in a top high end club in LONDON!!! (that means they have their own table which in London is some BIG p's (pounds) like a few grand mybe). Good idea to have social proof/pre-selection b4 going in matey for a number of reasons.

      Yeh, I like the high end clubs man.

      Getting called out on shit...I did when I first started game. First time was after using the girl fight out side, and second time was after using the same gambit in a mixed set lol but I had since learnt how to turn it around.... and the guy hits me with "I've read the book mate", to which I responded with "omg, cool man, I got to chapter 2 and then put it down cos it was too much jokes, where'd you get to?". We spoke for a bit and I threw a few negs her way...ran the set and he ended up literally giving me his girl (they were friends).

      These days, anyone that I roll with, like Discovery, knows that I can be heard using the above gambit once in a while without being called out. Why...cos I have sinced realised and groomed my delivery and its also all about your FRAME. Listen, if a girl likes you or your very charismatic in your delivery with fun interesting stories, observations... whether its the cube or woteva she will just go along with you..women are socially intelligent, they know the score.

      Yes, as you rightly said too, they know whats going on in those environments... but, in high end clubs is where I MAKE SURE to win the friends over for that precise reason. The fact that they know whats going on doesnt stop them from cock blocking you and actually means that they (the friends) will cb if you dont give them a reason not to, so they preserve their value and that of the set and 'protect' their friend as well as getting validated. Also, a lot of the time girls get hit on by wierd guys that are chessy/slimy or just plain they dont find attractive (in high end clubs [U]hot[/U] girls will judge you, to a certain extent, by how you look..not just dressed but the way you behave, move, how others react to you, are other girls checking for you etc. Thaese all combine the 'how does he look' part in a womans mind. Anyone that disagrees, cool but Id like to know what clubs ur frequenting and how hot your girls are...) Even still, the hottie may entertain their company if just for a brief second cos she feels validated by it "oh, another guy that likes meh boobs, but wheres that high value guy, that looks the part... with the money or the one that will make me chase him and do about 10 rolloffs all with perfect timing??? I'll wait it out for a bit and get Claire (the friend) to get rid of this guy thats talking to me im getting bored.. also my plan worked cos all the other girls have already seen that Im the one getting all the attention.". If they(the cb) feels uncomfortable in any way or the target threatend, its likely the frnd will cb. Like the fact that you are hitting on her friend(target) and not her, just like the other loser who just left or you seem a lil too needy like your only after one thing or you dont even acknowledge her (frnd) or have no value...then she will cb you hard regardless tht your in a club...even more so BECAUSE your in a club. I could easily get cb'd hard like the next man if I only relied on the FACT that women are in the know. The reason I dont or, at least, reduce the chances of it happening is because I win over the friend(s). This can be achived a number of ways and each friend will need a diff level of winning over.

      Bruv, like I said earlier...good questions and if you have any more don't hesitate.

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        Even before reading your reply..i can see u truly believe and LIVE this stuff...i can see you doing the whole thoughtflowingstraightfromyourheadtothekeyboard thing going on haha..respect man.

        In a way, i uae the flame to get girls to open me too now and it WORKS...for real...only problem is..the louder the club...the harder it gets...thats why i like long queues at the mo...i like starting at the back winning over sets...merging them into the set ahead...before u know it we"re at the front

        Im interested in the whole befriend the bouncer business...any pointers or common topics/frames u recommend? Bouncers are like targets in my mind...they know ur talking to them for a reason and u have to try and circumvent that somehow. Any tips TC?

        And just a general one...whats ur take on how your game needs to adapt in a club vs a bar? I frequent clubs mostly these days but play around with bars sometimes..

        Much apprecoated bro


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          [U]Club game vs Bar game[/U]

          In these two different venues, bars and clubs, what do you usually do and how has this been working for you??

          [U]Bouncers/Door staff[/U]

          Talk to bouncers all the time. I know wht u mean bruv, but I don't usually treat them as targets tho...Get the book 'How to win friends and influence people', and learn how to get others to like you, build genuine rapport and make people feel good (and much much more). Generally speaking tho, you want to treat them like you would a good [B]friend[/B] and speak to him on a level. So this means, for example, dont neg but allow him to own the frame sometimes and share it both ways. This way you will develop mutual respect... remember he thinks he's importatnt so pace this and then maybe talk about sports, cars and women but also find out interesting things about him like what he does when not bouncing...elicit his values and passions. Remember a lot of them are cool cats but just have a hard exterior cos of the job. Even buy him a drink and bring him girls. This has to be done with class and no neediness. Find commonalites. You never want to ask them directly for smth like, "can me and my mates come into the vip?". It will get to the point where he buys you a drink and will give you things like VIP access naturally. This could happen in the same night or over an extended period of time.

          BEWARE: some people think they can deceptively befriend bouncers/bar staff/club owners and then kinda just use them for their own benefit. It does happen but this is disingenuous and they will pick up on this... it doesnt work in the long run. Again, you never want to ask them directly for smth. You always want to be giving back some kind of value. It has to be sincere (see book recommendation above).