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  • Today I failed

    Hi there,

    after making some approaching during day, I wanted to go to some clubs tonight. Since I was moved to this city, I heard about one pretty famous club, called Ether. I mean, MM was created mainly to club game. I had enought money to get in. But when I found it, I saw so many people in front of it. Few limos, this croud, loud, guys 2x bigger than me. All of this made me nervous. I felt scared. I won't pretend that that was different, because I don't wanted to cheat myself. I felt ridiculus thinking that I may get in that club and trying open sets with my openers. Don't get me wrong, I opened people before but it was first time when I saw that, that's my first experience. I've never was in club before. And I'm sarging alone. At least right now.

    My question - did someone had that before? How get rid of it? Just ignoring? Right now I'm in my flat and I'm about to practice my material in front of mirror. I think it's matter of practice in field, to be open to people by countless nombers of approach.

    One thing is certain true, what Mystery said and I noticed that in myself - when you stop approaching people, you will eliminate yourself. Sad, but true. I'm gonna learn now.
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    Nah you didn't fail! Clubs are the most difficult places to game. In my opinion, you have to be EXTREMELY good at cold approach in order to do well in clubs. Otherwise, you'll have to have a big social group which you roll into clubs with. It is a different game in there because it is SO loud and the women are the HOTTEST you will find around.

    Don't feel bad! Even if you do literally fail, it is all about recontextualizing the failures and realizing that your identity is built more and more every time you fail.

    One more thing. I read your other posts, and while I recognize that you are putting your heart and soul into this thing, I recommend that you reconsider the way you are approaching this game. Now I don't work for VA or anything, but subzero told me that he runs the stack creation customer service. I don't know who much a stack creation consultation would cost you, but I do recommend that you contact him about it to to check the price at least. It took me a while to figure out how to play this game properly on my own, and from what I read, you seem to be on the right track, but you could certainly use some help from the pros.

    So contact subzero and ask him about stack creation. It could be the biggest breakthrough you have in your game yet!

    Peace out!


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      Thank's, dude for all of this

      The funniest thing is, that when I read Mysterys book, watch his seminars, youtube infield video - it all seems so easy God damn it. When I practice these routines in my flat, actually I recording myself and trying to "search and destroy" my disadventages in my speach. And actually, at that point right now there are very few of them. I mean I speak slowly (sometimes I speak fast, but as soon as I noticed that, I repeat all phrase once again, slowly), with many pauses and with my own, specific pattern.

      I think I found what's wrong with me - I put too much preassure on me. I mean I know that at my level of the game, the effect of approach FUCKING CAN'T affect on me. It's just about get it smoothly, get on the speed my tools. And I have to stress, that I'm lazy person, but I'm trying.

      I need to focus on that at my level of the game, that approach as many sets as I can. That the fail is when I don't approach, not get blown away. Put simply, have fun I think in that way I won't get boring and get any negative fealing.

      I noticed something else. Something positive. Actually, when I talking to a strangers... well, they are very helpful, when I listen to them. For example, today I was looking for my University Practice time in VOLVO company, but they were close. I meet 2-set on the bus-stop, opened them and shoot-the-shit with them for a while. Guy gave me some advices about what I need to do in that process. I mean... god damn it, there is so many possibilites with interacting with people. You never know what's gonna happen, who you gonna meet. And when I'm thinking that thaw was a matter of accident when I get to this society, to read those books, to looks this material. People living only once, and I think it's cool living in that way



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        Don't say "I failed", say "today I wasn't feeling my best, I'll try harder next time".
        All is not lost just b/c you missed one night out. There will be many many more for you small padawan if you just have enough courage and self determination as to keep bouncing back despite your shortcomings. Just don't give up!