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    Keep it up

    Arkangel, i've been following this post every step of the way.

    thanks for keeping this journal. you better print this out and slap it in your diary for your kids to read one day.

    you're going to get this. and be dating some of the hottest/fittest girls in town.

    and thanks for writing this man! and thanks for staying so damn persistent.


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      Wazzup guys!

      Originally posted by shadow74 View Post
      You are one persistent person.
      Well, I would surely like to have the persistence of the "Iranian
      from hell" one day, but surely I want to try my best.

      And thanks for the props diablo, where the "hell" have you been lately?!
      I would surely like to go to the gym more often and try my luck....
      and my game more of course but since
      I'm looking for a job right now and doing lots of errands I don't
      have enough time lately to explore this venue as much as I'd like.

      My plan right now is to go to the group classes since many of the girls
      who attend one time, usually go there the next class so you kinda
      get an opportunity to relate to them in some manner and also, I've
      seen there is not much competition. They are mostly girls, who attend
      these classes, and few guys, half of them are older so you don't expect
      them to be any threat.
      I was thinking, since one of the hotter girls stepped out in the
      middle of class the
      other day, to leave the class along with her and tell her: Did you feel that
      too? The lady right next to me just is doing some pretty nasty things back there!!
      NOt the best topic to start a convo but it could be funny :P and you can
      always go back to the class if things don't go well
      I'll keep you guys updated.


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        Wed 25th Approaching the finest girls in the club

        So it happens that I had too many things to do today so I got to the gym
        very late, about 9:30. I just came back and posting so that I don't forget
        any details.
        Once I entered the gym, my HB_blonde was there at the front desk
        taking a phone call, there was a guy(or gay either one! :P) there with
        her and he checked on me to see if my bar code passed. It didnt the 1st
        time but it did the second. HB_blonde noticed me and turned her gaze
        at me and greeted me, quite attentively I have to say.
        I immediately went to the cinema to see what movie they had and get
        warmed up. For some reason I was feeling really energized after having
        felt a big energy slump late in the afternoon for being too much time
        in front of my computer which made me get a good nap.
        After about 5 min I went to the front desk and leaned towards it,
        the person nearest to my spot was the guy, so I thought he would
        attend me but "lo and behold", HB_blonde saw me and anticipated the
        guy. I thought of going straight to my concern but I though:
        To hell with that, I'm gonna try and chat her up first.
        So it went kinda like this>>>

        ark: HEy there, how are you "Angel voice"!?(Angel voice exaggerated a little for effect :P)
        Hb_blonde: I'm doing good, and how are you?(Smily and appearing sincere)
        ark: Actually I'm doing VERY good today!
        I'm feeling good and .... ENERGIZED!
        Hb_blonde: That's really nice
        ark: Yes, you know what? It was too bad our convo got cut off last
        time, I was going to talk to you about the VO industry
        But perhaps we can talk about that later(when your not busy)
        (guy started approaching us)
        Hb_blonde: Alright!
        ark: Listen, I wanted to ask you a favor it's about bla bla bla
        (something about one of the classes)

        I didn't see her go to the changing rooms before leaving so I couldn't catch
        her this time around but I'll just put her on my waiting list. I think I'm
        almost IN with this set, let's just see how it turns out .

        It didn't stop there today, after a while running on the treds I saw
        HB gorgeous entering the gym using her usual sexy workout tights
        and went straight to the stepping machines. I used the mirror to watch
        her progress and moments later, the big guy I told you about came in
        too and as soon as he saw her, he immediately approached her and
        probably started trying to game her right there.
        And this is where you can see the difference to my gym game approach
        He stood there chatting her up for about 20 minutes. So, not only was
        he there really late but he even procrastinated his workout for 20 more
        minutes or so. I don't know if he even got the date, apparently he didn't
        but it just seemed sleazy to me the way he acted.
        Once he stopped sarging her, or whatever he was doing, I thought of
        going in but I was in the middle of an exercise routine and she was
        also wandering around so I kinda waited for the best moment.
        Saw her minutes later doing the dumbells and then when she was taking
        a breath and I was taking a breath too, I walked across the weight room
        with this:

        (BIG SMILE)
        ark: Hey, (noticing her earphones) HELLO!!! How's it going?
        hb_diamond: (turned over and kinda looked surprised by my approach)
        ark: Well, listen, just wanted to come over and say hi, I was doing my
        workout over there and saw you, you look like an interesting kinda person...
        hb_diamond: (started to smirk... just hope she was not making
        fun of me or my approach in her inside These girls just get hit on
        so damn much!!!)
        ark: Yes, you seem like someone I should get to know better..
        (at this point she wasn't saying anything so I kinda jerked it a
        lil' bit b/c of that)
        You know, I've seen you a couple of times here before so I thought of
        coming over and say hi
        Hb_diamond: Yes, I like to work out here a lot
        ark: Yes, I've seen you. You come here at the midnight owl schedule
        don't you?
        hb_diamond: Yeah! It's usually when I'm not that busy.
        ark: Me too
        hb-diamond: Well, thanks for the comment and everything, but actually...
        I have a boyfriend...
        ark: Oh, you brought up that card already! Well I wasn't trying to
        imply anything! So don't get your hopes so high young lady! :P
        hb_diamond: OH, (paused as reflecting) sorry, I'm Rosa
        ark: Cool, I'm the Arkangel, nice to meet you Rosa
        I guess I'll see you around, I gotta get back to my routine
        before I cool down too much ok?
        hb_diamond: See ya!

        So I went back and finished my sets. Now, reflecting on my performance
        I did apply the 3s rule as much as I could trying not to interrupt her
        while she was talking to one of her girl friends or while she was wandering
        around, I did use the semi-fake TC but I noticed I missed usiging
        several NEGs and some
        more acting and adding an unpredictability factor. While approaching
        her while she was almost completely alone in the dumbbells section
        she saw it coming and almost knew why I was there, perhaps that's
        why she was smirking at some point on my opening line.
        I wasn't actually feeling nervous this time although you could
        easily feel it with a girl as stunning as she is. I guess that's why
        it's important to hit a couple of warm ups. Heck! you can even open
        a couple of dudes and get used to interacting with new people.
        But anyway I did feel her energy was pretty good, she didn't seem
        bitchy at all and her answers weren't so curt as some girls may
        respond to you. We did say our good byes later on so I think I'm
        gonna workout with her next time I see her.

        I did continue sarging after that, but I wouldn't want to make this
        post any longer than it is right now and it wasn't anything worth
        talking about either. Just a random comfort building conversation
        with a random girl. Never works!!! :P

        The GAME is always better!!! :P


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          Busted set and Unsatisfactory Results

          Ok so this it what happened.
          Today I went to the gym after hitting the tennis
          courts for about 2 hours and then just took something
          to drink and continued my exercising program in the
          I spotted this really attractive babe walking down the
          aisle the gym from the ab machines to the leg machines girls use.
          I thought she kinda looked at me while I was running on the treds.
          I was in the cool down phase with about 50% time left to finish but
          I said to myself : "To hell with the cool down, I'll better catch her
          before things change and before I think about it too much"
          And so I did, approached the girl from behind and seated in the
          machine next to her. My body was turned completely towards
          her and I said:
          ark: HI, how are you doing?
          (HB_sharapova takes one earphone off)
          HB_sharapova: (Expectancy look and turning her face
          towards me) hi, good
          ark: Cool, hey listen, I wanted to ask you...
          (poof! got out of air) Oops I got out of breath here!
          > I just stepped out of a tredmill back there.
          ark: Yeah, so I wanted to tell you, has anyone ever
          told you you look like a mini >version of Maria Sharapova by
          any chance?
          HB_sharapova: No, first time
          ark: Oh really, cuz you look to me like Maria a lot,
          I mean from a far >you look a lot like her
          And... Do you play tennis btw?
          HB_sharapova: No... I mean yes I do play a little but
          I'm like bla bla bla
          (OLD HAG lady appraoches my machine and
          comes busting my rythm and says)

          OLD_hag: Excuse me I'm going to use that machine...
          ark: (I stand up and round the girl's machine avoiding
          staring at her crutch which was pretty much obvious
          target to see while exercising in that machine)
          ark: That's good you know, the important thing is that
          you are motivated, or that you want to learn right?
          hb_sharapova: (grin)
          ark: Well, you know what, I think your eyes are even the
          same color as hers. Are they green?
          HB_sharapova: Yes
          (And starts closing herself to me, puts the earphone
          back in her ear)
          ark: And what's your name?
          HB_sharapova: Pam
          ark: Oh, Pam, I'm arkangel(extending my palm to her)
          HB_sharapova: (giving me her hand) Oh, sorry, my hands
          are all sweaty!
          ark: (I realize could've negged her or teased her here but I
          just went)
          Oh, that's ok, I'm all sweaty too/ that' makes two of us(sth like
          So, I guess I'll see you later

          After that I went straight to my routine and everything
          and while I was doing dumbbells she came up and kinda
          took a glance at me again. I smiled to her a little bit
          and then I saw she was looking for sth in the rack of
          dumbbells. So I asked what she was looking for she said
          a couple of 10's so I gave her the ones I was using.
          She didn't want to leave me without my weights but I
          insisted and she left.
          I thought that she might want to keep talking to
          me at first when I saw her come near but she actually went to the
          stretching room away from everyone else doing dumbbells.
          I thought of teasing her with : "Anything for Maria!!"
          but I didn't come up with that until about 10 seconds later.
          After she disappeared I kept doing my ab routines and after
          a couple of minutes she came back and almost didn't take
          a glance at me like ignoring me even though I smiled at her.

          Finally I finished my routine and saw her crossing my path
          I said sth like "Hey it's you again!" and continued walking.
          She went back to do more abs and I didn some exercises that
          are good for tennis so I followed her back after that and
          thought of just closing the set and not letting any loose
          ends. So I approached the ab machine next to her and just
          spontaneously smiling at her, again kinda difficult to approach
          her both times b/c I had to look for an angle where I wouldn't
          see her butt, and legs too directly and boy she was smoking.
          She realized I was there for her so after a couple repetitions
          she took the earphone off and looked at me like: "Ok, ok
          what do u want now?" Not pissed off or anything but like,
          I guess he won't go away unless I talk to him.
          And so I asked her if she wanted to grab a sip with me after that
          and she came up with her BF card and said that it wouldn't be
          right and that his BoreFriend wouldn't like the idea to which
          I said it was OK that I had no expectancies anyway and that
          perhaps we could do a workout together sometime. She said:
          "Perhaps" And then continued her workout. I left, I got self
          conscious of my body language while walking away and noticed
          it could show a little phased by the outcome but I held my
          head up high and tried to walk with all the poise I could muster
          at that moment.

          I've been fighting negative thoughts all day since not only the
          set came crumbling down since the old hag crashed into it or >b/c of some
          other reason but
          also there weren't any other available targets as to keep plowing.
          I remember I told a good friend of mine years ago about a couple of
          experiences I had with women in which I would get even ice cold
          rejected or gotten flakes out of sets that started out (or apparently
          started out fine) and he told me "Man, you're approaching the same
          girl all the time!"
          ark: The same girl? what are you talking about dude?
          friend: Yes, it's the same girl, these girls, these 9's and 10's
          that you approach all the time, it's the same type of girl.
          I bet to you that 99.99% of those girls >>HAVE A BOYFRIEND!
          They'll never give you anything!

          I feel kinda weird right now like a feeling of impotence and
          thinking what I could have done better in the initial approach
          but it doesn't seem to work. It's not a very good feeling,
          it's like I'm overanalyzing this one experience and starting to
          realize that what my friend told me that time could be true afterall.
          I know I need to dissociate more when I get rejected or get poor results.
          I don't know right now, but I think I'll be better off tomorrow.
          Last edited by arkangel; 05-07-2012, 12:54 PM. Reason: some annotations, additional details


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            Direct approach and Shot down!

            So I went there today early and just started doing some tredmill to warm up and then went to the weights section and do some biceps, preachers, and some back exercises after that I went straight to the abs section and did a couple of sets. Right when I was doing one of the sets I saw HB_blonde again and getting busy with all the front desk work. After I finished I went there and saw the schedule for the cinema and some other info there. HB_Blonde was there and we saw each other and greeted. I told her I was great and to my surprise she asked me how I was doing once more, like trying to hint me she wanted to talk to me more. I got so distracted by what I was doing there that I didn't persue the convo any further. And then I saw the sign up sheet for the classes, I saw one that interested me and signed up. A big and bulky young guy came in with one of those shirts that show the arms, pits and part of the pecs and greeted HB_blonde, it seemed as if they had some kind of closeness but I couldn't figure it out and heard something that left me puzzled, sth like:
            HB_blonde: Yes, I'm feeling kinda sick. My throat is sore
            bulkyguy: Bla bla bla You know I love you [unintelligible]
            HB_blonde: See ya

            There was no kiss or anything, but perhaps b/c they're not allowed to greet anyone like that while working, who knows? It's no wonder if she's seeing someone already since I come on and off all the time and have no continuity with her. Wish I had more time sometimes...

            After signing up, she gave me a pass and I left. The class was really long but upbeat. Me doing the dumbbells before that affected my ressistance there but I got through the class. While in the class I spotted a lean kinda tall brunette girl, we had EC a couple of times during the class and she was looking good.

            Immediately after the class finished and we were keeping all the stuff(weights, bars, etc) I went straight up to her and opened. At that moment I just thought of going direct and didn't really care if I got rejected, it was that moment's whim. When she saw me she thought I wanted the mat she was using for the abs exercises but I went like this:

            HB_cute: HI, bla bla bla
            Ark: Hi, how are you!!!
            Just wanted to tell you,
            You're ridiculously cute!
            HB_cute: :O
            Oh.... Really?!
            (kinda shocked and surprised I just said that out of the blue)
            ark: Yes, what's your name?
            hb_cute: Candy
            ark: Oh, Candy, that's quite an original name
            Hb_cute: (wwai- wai- wait!) And what is your name?
            ark: Oh, it's arkangel
            It's actually my first class here, you come here often?
            HB: I try to, yes
            ark: Oh, that's good I'll be coming more often I think
            So I guess I'll see you again!
            HB: Yeah
            (keeping the rest of the stuff with her...)
            ark: Hey and are you grabbing a sip after this?
            HB: a "sip"?
            ark: I mean, are you grabbing sth to drink after this?
            HB: OH!!! (Pfttt! Kinda look)
            No, well, actually I have a BF
            But thanks for coming over and telling me this, I really appreciated it
            bla bla bla

            And it went down from there, dead end approach I guess.
            At one point in the beginning I was like thinking there might just be sth there
            that I had a good chance with this one set(the initial EC and the initial receptiveness, the asking my name back, etc.)
            but I was shot down with the BF objection [I]again[/I]. I think I should have like continued showering her with compliments since that is what got her phased at the beginning or try sth riskier before asking her out.
            Any insights here from what I've just told? Would be really helpful.

            After that direct approach I thought of just going there with my HB_Blonde
            again and use another direct approach and get it over with. I'm know that if I keep this up, waiting and waiting for that "perfect " opportunity and not even having a date with her, I might risk falling in love with her or some other stupidity when I should just go direct or just ask her out.
            Right when I was getting there and saw her not very busy, good opportunity to sarge her, I saw the obnoxious brunette front desk girl, the one that ignored me the other day, and just cancelled the mission. GUess it'll have to wait a little longer.


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              "Reencounter" with crazy girl

              Originally posted by diablo View Post
              it sounds like you're having a lot of fun man.
              and this is great that you are documenting ALL OF IT.

              while reading this i got to thinking..
              you're planting seeds right now.
              talking to all these girls.
              so that if you ever see any of these hotties out and about in public,
              you will be able to say hi and talk like a friend.. instead of a cold approach.

              which is an excellent place to be for a pua
              Yes, like you say if you see them out in public there is like a
              more familiar kinda feeling because not only you go to workout
              in the same gym but you also like to hang out in the same places.

              Today I went there again earlier trying to see HB_blonde but unfortunately
              she wasn't there so I just did my own thing with the workout and
              in the last part of my workout I was doing some oblique exercises with
              a weight and I was infront of one of the mirrors, when I turned left
              I saw several people on the treadmills but didn't pay much importance
              b/c it was like part of the exercise to look in that direction. Suddenly
              I saw one of the faces phase....
              It was a blonde girl whose eyes popped out upon seeing me and got like
              startled, when I saw this I payed closer attention to the details of the
              face I had seen from a far. It was the cheap version of Sharapova again!
              She suddently stepped out of the tread and said sth to a guy beside her
              and didn't come back to the machine.
              Suddenly I saw myself doing some rehab exercises in the same abs
              area and she came over with a couple of guys. Apparently one of
              them was her borefriend and right when she walked past me I could
              see and hear her whispering sth to this guy with my peripheral vision.
              I heard sth like:
              cheap_sharapova: "That is the guy I told you about the other day bla bla bla.."

              I didn't even acknowledge her and continued as normal, suddenly I saw
              tattoo_frontdesk girl running on the tread and approached her to say hi,
              that way she could even see that I don't give a damn of what she thinks
              and that I'm a social person who has friends in the gym too.

              It is obvious that she was the one more concerned about our interaction the
              other day, which I didn't even remember anymore by the fact that I
              didn't notice her from a far but she did by her ridiculous and stupid reaction.

              This just demonstrates what kind of sh*4 some women have running on their
              heads and why it's not even worth to get to know them in the first place no
              matter how hot they are or might seem they are.
              Like some gurus say, if they act all bitchy or stupid in the beginning it's just
              a clear sign that they are not worth getting to know better and sometimes
              they're doing you a favor to find these red flags on them early on instead of
              loosing your precious time.

              So so far I haven't had the opportunity to see my seeds grow by seeing
              the girls I've sarged in the gym outside or even in the same gym. For some
              reason the hot chicks I've seen there never show up again or probably get
              on another schedule. That's why I've decided to go more direct like I did in
              my last report.

              That's all for now, I'll try to keep you guys updated.
              Stay put for my next discovery.
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                Blown off once more

                So what can I say? I chatted the other day with another PUA friend of mine who gave me advice on how to approach HB_blonde in order to get her number through a note. I went there, she was all alone, all smiles and good vibes as usual. I talked a bit about the previous talks we had trying to re-warm up the set. Then I gave her the note on a post-it. When she read it she said:
                HB: Oooooohh!! It's so nice, but I can't give my number to anyone here(don't recall if it was anyone or people) besides, I have a BF. He's actually a staff member, he's one of the PT's. But thank you!
                ark: Well, you have a boyfriend, so what does that mean that you can't have any more friends or sth?
                HB: ....
                ark: Besides, I wasn't like trying to hit on you anyway.
                HB: Yeah, I know bla bla bla
                ark: Well, anyway if you'd like to know more about the industry just talk to me. I'm like really soaked with the topic if you're interested.
                The convo continued a little more...

                All of a sudden FD_Tattoo lady showed up again not even saying hi to me. I just took it normally and greeted her as nth had happened and she just said hi like turning to me for a sec. Apparently she was all busy looking for sth and all stuck up and complaining to HB_BLonde about sth that had happened with one of the schedules, she didn't insult her, but she sounded like very rude saying bad words and everything and there I had the rest of my convo cut off.

                And so I went to do my workout but decided to cut it short and called it a day.
                I'm running out of options, I'm running out of time...


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                  I have been reading your posts since the beginning and have been wondering why you never really try indirect with MM.

                  I have been a trainer for years and have seen countless people working out trying to hit on girls. (one even tried pickin up my client mid I could spot a pickup mile away. If I know whats going on then the girls know whats going on. If you really understand MM and how to microcalibrate, you can get results.

                  Girls in the gym are there to work out. Most of them have a hard time actually getting to the gym so when they are there, I'm sure they wanna make the most out of it.

                  I wouldn't go for full on convo on the gym floor. As you've seen, the convos won't last & you don't wanna gain the reputation of "that guy". I currently have about 8 "that guy"s in my gym. People see them coming and run because they don't wanna be stuck in a convo while they're working on their goals.

                  I have some really good exercises I can tell you that will definitely make you stand out. (as long as your knee is feeling better). PM me for that. Become the "fitness guy" in the gym that everyone comes to for advice. Any health questions, PM me. You could already be getting a bad rep and not even know it.

                  I would definitely try going indirect. Even with something as little as "are you using this", "how many more sets" could be a start. If you see a girl doing a exercise wrong, running up to her and correcting her, because you just happened to notice her breaking her back from across the room, is soooo beta-male.

                  I can tell you from experience that being in your own zone, enjoying your crazy workout, and looking like your the only one in the gym will definitely get you EC from both men & woman.

                  Once interaction is made, DHV about fitness or your area of expertise, say "hold on one sec, my time is up", do a set, return & DHV, FTC by saying you gotta finish your workout. If you have been getting IOI's, calmly collect number to "continue the surprisingly good conversation" and roll-off.

                  I used MM to get my current girlfriend of 2 years. Been off the club, bar, lounge scene since then but I consider the gym, where I work, to be my social chessboard. I have a lot of insight about the gym so feel free to PM, value free of charge.


                  P.S. - Front desk staff = hired guns = paid to be nice. Seems like a waste of time. I call my front desk girl HB BlowEveryMember... lol


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                    Thanks for your opinion

                    Hey Miracle, thx for showing up with some nice insights from a gym insider's perspective. Sometimes you can get very caught up with your own perspective and can't see other details.

                    Originally posted by Miracle912 View Post
                    I wouldn't go for full on convo on the gym floor. As you've seen, the convos won't last & you don't wanna gain the reputation of "that guy". I currently have about 8 "that guy"s in my gym. People see them coming and run because they don't wanna be stuck in a convo while they're working on their goals.
                    That's why I've tried direct game or semi-direct game if you will. The problem I've encountered so far is that when I go FULL indirect giving advice or commenting on sth I actually NEVER see the girls again. It's been like 5 indirects so far in which I never see the girl again. I dunno either they change the schedule and go there really really early, or drop off the gym. Who knows!
                    And at this time I haven't gotten into full convos on the floor either. Though I know there are guys like that, like the 1 I wrote of, that buff guy who approached the Diamond_HB working out and stood there like 20 -25 minutes post poning his own workout. Which I think is very dumb or needy since he's not her BF.

                    Originally posted by Miracle912 View Post
                    I would definitely try going indirect. Even with something as little as "are you using this", "how many more sets" could be a start. If you see a girl doing a exercise wrong, running up to her and correcting her, because you just happened to notice her breaking her back from across the room, is soooo beta-male.
                    Agree with that. However it just doesn't lead to anything if you go very indirect b/c if you hop into one machine and she's beside you, you can chat her up right there, but there is no specific order in which they work out and they can grab just about any other machine there and the continuity of your chat gets broken. Heck you can wait a full week stimes until you see her again with indirect or never see her again. Either b/c you don't go there again at the same sched. or b/c she changes her schedule.
                    I think indirect works when you're in the same activity at the same time.

                    Originally posted by Miracle912 View Post
                    Once interaction is made, DHV about fitness or your area of expertise, say "hold on one sec, my time is up", do a set, return & DHV, FTC by saying you gotta finish your workout. If you have been getting IOI's, calmly collect number to "continue the surprisingly good conversation" and roll-off.
                    Agree. The problem most of the time is that if you're talking and working out, you tend to loose the count of your reps, or her reps. So it's sometimes very difficult that your rest falls at the same time her rest falls. And as I've seen many times, people just take a quick break between sets even though I do give a good rest to my muscles in bettween sets.

                    Originally posted by Miracle912 View Post
                    I used MM to get my current girlfriend of 2 years. Been off the club, bar, lounge scene since then but I consider the gym, where I work, to be my social chessboard. I have a lot of insight about the gym so feel free to PM, value free of charge.
                    That's great, I've also seen all the PT's there who get a good social chessboard since they get to meet most of the people b/c of the type of job. And some of them even take advantage of that by meeting the chicks while working with them(members and staff) or approaching chicks who happen to be doing sth wrong by correcting their technique.

                    Originally posted by Miracle912 View Post
                    P.S. - Front desk staff = hired guns = paid to be nice. Seems like a waste of time. I call my front desk girl HB BlowEveryMember... lol
                    Minimum wage hired guns, but hired guns still :P
                    I guess you can only use them to get info on the member girls, either by asking for schedules or asking them directly if they know they have BF.
                    I'll try to keep going see what happens.


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                      Friday Gym Session

                      So I went to the gym for some weights. I saw HB_blonde again at the
                      front desk. As usual she was busy but took a moment to say hi and she seemed nice as always. I took the first treadmill I found and did some high intensity running to warm up for the weights.
                      I saw this HB across the machine section doing some dumbbells and she was looking good. I had seen her near me on one of the machines while I was doing some calf rises. I've seen this girl enter the gym with a guy before who's probably the bf so I wasn't like very motivated to sarge her.
                      When I saw her doing the weights, actually there were absolutely NO other girls at the gym,. just gym rats and older women. I was like : OMG she's the only woman here in this section and she's smokin' hot.
                      The muscular guy I saw the other day approached her to ask if she was using one of the benches and she said no. So he took it, probably he was just testing the waters b/c it's the same guy who approached Diamond_HB and chatted idly for about 20 minutes.
                      I watched her a couple of times asking myself what to rate her.
                      I was thinking to myself :
                      "She's a 9, she has to be a 9 at least, but hey, there's noone else to compare her to, so she could probably be a solid 8. She has 0 body fat on her waist, woah those are some wicked abs!!!"
                      All of a sudden she changed from doing standing dumb berlls to leaning to the bench and doing the saw motion, so I thought:
                      "Ok, ok, I give up, she's a 10, she's a 10!!! :'( "


                      And so I continued my exercises on my machines and didn't bump into her that night.


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                        Little update!

                        Have been to the gym about "thrice" this week, just short workouts. 1 cycling class but just old hags and fatties, pickup short of short of range Got out early.
                        Saw a nice hot B doing some bend downs earlier on the gym floor but I was busy doing a workout with one buddy, who has told me to go in the morning but it's just too early for my schedule but he was there on monday night.

                        Any good openers you guys can think of for the gym?


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                          Is this the normal behavior of women here???

                          Hello all you silent followers and lurkers of the Gym Journal. Lately I've been attending regularly with some interactions here and there but it seems difficult to reach a hook point or to start a decent conversation in a short period of time when you or the girl is busy with the routines or exercises.
                          The other day I saw the HB I told you about, the one leaning to the bench, who is like a 9 and saw her with her endless ab routines so when I saw her approaching after finishing one of her sets I raised my hand towards her (NEW ARKANGEL'S TECHNIQUE FOR OPENING HB'S WITH LOUD EARPHONES LOL) and she started to stop, removed the earpohnes and I told her:
                          ark: Hey, I don't know if anyone's told you this before...
                          HB: (expectancy look)
                          ark: but you have some really wicked abdominals!

                          And I continued towards my ab machine
                          She stood there a couple more seconds and said:

                          HB: OH! Thanx!!

                          I went to the abs mat, is where about 3 or 4 people can lay and do their ab exercises in front of a big mirror. She came back after a few minutes and continued woking out her abs. She didn't even glance at me while she was doing this even though I was about 3 o 4 feet away.
                          As all you may know I'm not from here, I'm from Guatemala (for those who haven't been following me much, read my introduction
                          You think if she had liked me or my comment she would have at least taken
                          another glance at my upon returning or is this the normal behavior
                          of women here???

                          One more thing I was thinking about the other day and I think I didn't report this, but I tried to go for the # close with HB_Blonde one day when I was chatting her, she was nice and friendly but when I asked for it, she simply said that she wasn't supposed to give out her number(sth like a company policy) and that besides that she had a boyfriend (lol no sh*t you have one! otherwise "what do you do with all that"?!)
                          I told her that I wasn't necessarily hitting on her and stuff and kinda changed the subject a little after that and then tattoo_girl came again busting my set so I left.
                          Well, the truth is it kinda phased me afterwards but I knew I had done what I could at that moment and situation. So much for your PUA superpowers huh!?
                          Anyway, the truth is that HB-blonde never came back to the gym for her front desk job. I've seen every other girl working there except her and the other bitchy girl. It seems after she graduated from High School she got another job or is doing something else. The moral of the story here is that still, I did what I think I was supposed to do, I closed and although it didn't happen, I guess that I'd still wouldn't have been able to get her even by playing my cards a little better since she had a BF already.


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                            Like Mystery said in the book,
                            "This place is dead" .
                            [B][I]I'm[/I][/B] going somewhere more [I][B]participant[/B][/I]-rich.


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                              i'm still loving this thread man. thanks for STILL updating us.

                              as for the ab girl most recently. you def seemed like any other dude in there. telling her that her abs are hot, she knows that. ya gotta try something different in the gym.

                              i'd say, that since she IS showing her body off like that-- this is when you CAN'T say anything about the body. (for purposes of being at the gym)

                              after following this thread for so long. it seems you have the best results when you just treat the girls like friends. planting seeds and seeing the girls back at the gym the next time.

                              i love you persistence. and i'm learning from you every time i read. sometimes it's what NOT to do, haha. but learning none-the-less. so i am infinitely grateful towards you for writing about it all, because you're adding real life experience to the forum. triumphs and rejections.

                              do you think, from your experiences, that timing may be a large factor in gym game?
                              example: approaching a girl who just finished a workout, opposed to one who is mid-workout..

                              smiling and giving a friendly "hi" to a girl you see in the gym.. just acting like you've known her for years, and are just saying hi to an old buddy. friendly vibe. and then calibrate her response... is she receptive and smile back? yes- proceed with pretending like you know her. no- she probably isn't available. or she at least isn't available to ME at this current moment.

                              i think the best route for closing in the gym .. after reading all your posts... seems to be to try to get her to close you.


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                                Arkangel, you've done a great job posting these field reports... this last field report that you talked about the girl didn't give you the glance. I've encountered this before, while gaming a supermarket cashier... The thing is, if all you did was just open but not DHV and get them really into you, they wouldn't take a look at you---normal response. That girl that you're gaming, throw a couple of DHV routine( stories, cold reading,etc), and see how things goes.

                                The other one of the HB telling you she has as a bf, it seems more like an excuse than a real concern. Even if she really had a bf, she should be hiding her bf from you, until she feels that you know her well. In other words, she's not interested enough in you. Here's the solution: ''You have a bf? Thanks for letting me know, but I am not gay. So, don't try to hook me up with your bf'' Then run DHV routines, when she's giving you enough IOIs, then try to close her again.

                                You're doing a great job, keep up the reports man!!!