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  • Ross Jeffries Dark pattern tweaked for relevance

    Last night, while sarging at a local club, I decided to test out Ross Jeffries yoga opener. Ex. Do you by any chance practice yoga? HB: Yes/no.. why?
    me: You just have the most beautiful energy about you,( my added part) I usually see that in people who are happy in life. HB: Thanks, blah blah blah. ( This is a great opener btw)
    After the yoga opener you will use the October Man (DARK PATTERN) an example of the opener is about one of your dog's dieing. I felt that the pattern needed to be introduced, so I would not just be randomly bringing up dogs lol. After the yoga opener ((I talk briefly about some of the cute dogs ,that want to be loved, I was helping at my local animal shelter where I work.)) This is made up of course but WHO CARES!! After talking about my made up job, I point at the HB and say " You can tell they want it so bad when you look deeply into thier eyes (look deeply into her eyes), you just cant say no" then go directly into the October Man Pattern: “When your pet is near you they make you feel like the most important person on earth. Have you ever had that feeling? I used to, but then one day my dog was sick and my parents decided to put her down. Just like that, she was gone from this earth. I still miss her now.” After the October Man Pattern I go directly into ‘Natural Woman’ type pattern, where you talk about how ‘most women are really two women in one, the programmed woman that society has helped mold, and the natural woman inside your mind that yearns to be free’.

    Talk more about their ‘hidden’ woman inside and ask her to point out where in her body this woman resides. Touch her wherever she says it is, and shortly thereafter, escalate physically. What do you really have to lose if you try this out? I am going to test this out tonight and will give a report on what happens.
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    The Natural Woman Pattern is pretty sweet. I run it sometimes. I usually end it with this cold read. "You know, you have a good girl face. But, every now and then you make a bad girl mannerism." I find if calibrated well, that cold read fits in perfectly with the natural woman pattern.