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  • Barzini's wonderland journey

    Hey guys,

    This is gonna be my sticking point for finding what mistakes shall I change and also sticking point for everyone who loves fun, natural flow and love women as well.

    To post you something about me, I'm rewritting my introduction here:

    [I]I'm sending my greets from middle Europe - Czech Republic. I wanna join to Venusian forum, not only reason is my affection for Mystery.
    Three years ago I was total waybelong AFC. I felt total embarrassingly when my lips began talk to chicks. I always wanted to do anything but my legs were frozen.
    I decided to change my life, I knew that I deserve it.

    I've joined to pickup community in Prague and as years were flowing, I had become a natural player with power and strong passion for beautiful women. I Love all the women, that's my attitude no.1 And no.2? - She doesn't want me? Her problem.

    Now I teach guys with my friend to pick up ladies in Czech. It's not so easy as we found out in those 4 years. Girls there are very feminized and reevaluated. Not kidding! But I can say (with no pride) I'm one of the most successful young natural players in Czech.[/I]

    [SIZE="5"][B]Unpacking my past[/B][/SIZE]

    When I was 14 I found myself totally confused when I was around beautiful girls. I didn't know what to do. Imagine that you can't swim and somebody throw you to the pool. How would you feel?

    I wanted to change my life. As I said I joined to pickup community in Prague in Czech Republic and my life toughly started to change. I was in field almost everyday, started approaching women on a street. It was really tough, I had got many flakes, girls screwed with me in clubs...

    What was the main light of hope which change mine attitude? Mystery and my unhappy past - shyness, embarassing moments with women.

    I had met a lot of people in community, which are now certainly happy (somebody in LTR somebody alone like a wolf).

    I had read a lot of materials from David DeAngelo, David X, Badboy, Mystery Method, How to become an Alphamale etc. I was studying many books and natural behavior from my friends except my cousin, ladies darling.

    I had relationship, now I am single and enjoying girls company. I'll post there some reports from my past (summer, autumn etc.) - allow me to inspire you:-)

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    [B][SIZE="5"]Back to June 2011[/SIZE][/B]

    [I]That story really happened, my soul hurt after my break up with girl who I love indeed. She made me stay blind and my eyes suddenly opened with new view on girls. Instead of being asshole who treats women like peace of sh*t I have tried to be someone with heart, modern gentleman, modern guy with honest behavior.[/I]

    *sorry for any mistakes in my English *

    [U][COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="5"]Student's Luck [/SIZE][/COLOR][/U]

    As the days were flowing away, I went home by a bus. I was making some noise in a bus (you know when you have your buddy around, those stuff were so simple). Anyway....suddenly one girl who was sitting on seat in front of me, turned back and said:

    "Hey, do you really like this pis*ing me off and touching my seat like ass*ole?" She wasn't so rude, you won't belive It but she had that smile spark in her eyes.

    I answered: "I know that this is not the best start for ours first conversation but my name's Barz." (her rigmarole had stoped).

    She: "Definetely, It's not! Where do you live?"

    She sat next to me (wtf, what are you doing girl?). I apologized her for my cocky overreaction and squeezing her seat.

    Me: "Althought you don't know me I'd like to go out with you If you're not scared." She agreed and I put out my cellphone. She began to tapp her number. I left the bus (I noticed she had wanted to kiss me..but It was too late).


    Things which happened a few days later were stunning and until those days impossible. I arrived from school and began relaxation (listening etc.) my mind was full of bad thoughts (tommorow was a day "D" - I had to study math). I had arranged meeting at 6 PM. The sun was hidden behind clounds and she stood there.

    The teenagers were enjoying each other, talking, laughing, pushing with fun.
    She had a brilliant vibe, took everything easily. We were out only one hour.
    Suddenly It happened. I wanted to have sex with her, she was making me very horny when talking.

    I asked her at first If she's single or not. She told me her boyfriend had left her and she would rather be in relationship (omg, It didn't look so optimistic, In the end...) I was persistent I had to.

    Barz: "I had figured out after my break up that independent relationship has many advantages...."

    After ten minutes she told me: "As I heard you...I don't wanna be in relationship too now, just bounce in future and enjoying the brilliance of youth."

    I couldn't stop myself as I saw her sitting on ping-pong table. I didn't know whether It's right or not...I just followed my instincts.I kissed her and suddenly we were makeouting heavily.

    My hand slid over her thight and drove under the skirt. Her panties had been already wet...

    I was so horny now. But I don't have my own appartment so I had to improvise. I took her hand and lead.

    "Where are we going, badboy?" She asked.
    "I want you, NOW."

    Skip It. It wasn't easy but yep...we had a sex. What's funny about It? It was at corn field and on ours first date.

    We decided to repeat It as soon as possible. We had done It too:-)

    That's my fast skip to June 2011 (I'm not Brad Pitt, can't magic, just doing PU over 4 years)

    I love fun which pick up allows you to.

    Sorry 4 any mistakes, It's not easy to rewrite It.

    With love and respect,

    Barzini de Tutto


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      [SIZE="5"][B]July 2011 - subway approach[/B][/SIZE]

      I arranged meeting with friend of mine, talk about school remember old times.
      I have had 10 minutes to the meeting and I was standing at subway station.
      Suddenly, I realized blond girl with small piercing in nose, high heels and smile in her eyes coming to me. She was just delicious! What was more exciting - she stood next to me, so I had a perfect view. We were looking at each other and I couldn't just stand and do nothing (everywhere were people standing):

      B: Hey, excuse me, don't you know when the train will come?
      She: (smile)..In two minutes, maybe..
      B: Are you sure, I don't wanna come late because of you! (smiling)

      On that vibe we were chatting until I decided to make it stop and be honest:

      B: I know that It must sounds weird but I'd love to go out with you someday.
      She: No problem, do you wanna my number?
      B: Definetely.

      We kissed and said goodbay each other. Two days later we had date.
      I was out with her for 3 hours and we finished It with tongues stucked (kissing each other,lol).

      But of course, I did a mistake - too fast, small building of comfort and after that date we didn't see each other.

      In that story - after approach (and party with my friends) I was in stripclub...but It's another story:-)

      I will be glad for any response,

      with love,

      Barzini de Tutto
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        [B][SIZE="5"]2012 and January[/SIZE][/B]

        Iíll skip to the present cuz Iím not sure that there are people whoíre interested enough in my accomplishments during the fall 2011. Just to summarize it up: I have become more than a normal boy, Itís difficult to name It, but something has changed in my soul Ė girls started to givin me reactions which are not obvious Ė naturally they started to approaching me, not everywhere but they have done couple of similar thinks like proximity etc. Iím so proud to write these words with love from my new personality Ė stronger than in past. My angle of view has changed. Now I know that girls are week and needs to be feed (needs to have a support) Ė does not mean being nice guy, means be the man with strong frame, strong identity and gentleman in heart (who thinks that It shows vulnerability is wrong).

        [U][SIZE="4"]One day in Club 27.1.[/SIZE][/U]
        The whole day seemed very boring. I was wondering what to do, outside was beautiful sunshine my heart was pumped by enthusiasm. Suddenly I received some message from unknown number. Girls from Italia invited me to a club. Why not? So I confirmed my visit.
        When I got to club, was after 10.40 PM. It seems to be empty and my doubts drilled up to my brain. Entrance was quite expensive (about 4 dollars in US). I didnít know anyone so at first I walked around a club whether I would recognized someone else. There was nobody. Suddenly, the two beautiful girls were standing alone next to the dance floor. This was my chance, I knew it. Came over and started to chat:
        ďHey ladies, I got just one question: donít you know whatís on club list? ( meant programme )
        They joined the conversation and I realized that being unobtrusive is the best what can you do. I never bother ladies - thatís my charm and also the way how to deal with rejections. Iím winner all the time. It shows you roll and gotta balls.

        After I bounced on a bar and saw a lonely bartender. I started to chat with her she was very cute. She talked about losers who approach her every minute etc. She had a boyfriend so I didnít plan to make my move. I have seen some three chicks going from the dance floor upstairs so I said good bye to bartender and went upstairs.
        It was a big surprise because one of them was sister of my classmateís girlfriend Patricia. I couldnít believe that. She didnít know anything about me but me everything. So I came over lean back and approached the three ladies. After a few minutes I was in set, being mysterious and confident.
        We bounced to a dance floor where Iíve rolled those beauties and Ashley the target.
        At the end Iíve taken her number and we decided to go out.

        Two days later I got a message from Ashley: ďHey how you doin?Ē I couldnít believe that, girls donít write me too often.

        Few days later we have gone on date had a good time. The problem appeared after a date, might her sister told her Iím the seducer (you know, school gossips) so she might changed her mind.
        I donít care, I enjoyed the time with her. It was quite fun, kiss each other.
        So my theory is that Patricia is attracted to me and was a little bit scared so rather pushed her sister
        towards me with fake instructions. On the other hand she is scared that I would be able to misuse virginity of Ashley.

        Another day in paradise, thanks for your responses.

        With love,



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          Look good, dont be afraid of her sister, trust me.. she wont care.

          If she confronts you with it, just respond you hope she does not have the jealous sister-type of sister. Or just smile and wave your fingers around ''I'm seducing you now, go make me a sandwich''.


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            Thanks a lot boy, you always cheer me up. New report coming soon.


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              Big events in my life, READ!

              [SIZE="5"]My February progress[/SIZE]

              [B]4.2.2012 - I have finally slept with girl who wanted me for three years[/B]

              That Friday was co cold, the windows were frozen and I just wanted to bounce outside. I didn't mean party, I just wanted to be in chill, easily be with people. What I have found out - I am sociable person, I love being with people, feel more happy.
              Suddenly my phone range a message. I came over the table and read it:" Want you, KNOW!:P I am not reacting. I am hesitating, she's inviting me to a college for a night together. My thoughts were flying in my head, I just wasn't sure If It is good decision.
              So, I sat down on a bed a started to read a book. But It was too much on me, depress came to my room and I figured out to put on my best clothes, parfume and with vibe of positive energy, left my house.

              I wrote her a message during my way to a city mention Im planning to visit a club. She said that Its perfect and she would be glad If i come at her place after.
              Finally I got to a club to see that It was closed. What a f*ck. Murphy law exist. So I walked around Prague, with my head fresh, looking at my watches, counting a time. I was wondering how well will she blow up my penis. I started being enthusiastic.

              So, we finally met and I started doing fun from her, asi I love to. Energy is on the right place. She is really talkative, I love it. It cheers me up althetime.®
              College looked comfy. I get know better her roomates and after she smoked out her cigarette we went inside.After that I came up to her from the back and kissed her on her neck, very softly. She could not stand it anymore, she turned around and pull my head on her lips. we started heavily make outing each other.
              To summarize it up - we had a beautiful two days together of sex. I dunno how much numbers we had. In the morning, she made me a breakfast, isn't it sweet?

              What Im feeling like a little bit lost is the fact, that she's kind of promiscuous- However, she has heart at the right place, no doubt. She has been through a lot of things and thats why I like her a lot. She is my mistress.

              In next few day I was healthing myself from disease and approached a lot of women on a street. I dont wanna talk about lazy approaches, you know how it goes. Some women blow me out like a peace of sh*t. Nice to see, honestly its theire fault, i was acting normal. In my country girls are very feminize and tend to sleep with boys who have a perfect social life (no doubts - there get laid just boys with a strong social life in school/Prague, creepy isnt it, whatever..) Im not excusing its just a fact after 4 years of training myself and others.

              [SIZE="5"][B]22. 2. 2012[/B] – My first strip game on my own back[/SIZE]

              Definetely, Im lunatic, crazy di*k, whatever dear reader...But I have a strong desire for these hired gun beauties (and all of girls up 9) I wasn't born to have sex with common girl (that who can get everyone). You know, i have nothing towards the common girls but honestly these "golden nails" give me a power, joy and do you know why? They're selling boys a dream. It may sounds stupid though it is not. Yep, im talking about strippers. Cuz they are treating men really with passion (i know what you sayin know– cool down buddy, the love just money...ok youre right, anyway these girls have understood something – men are losing in this world, women are more and more powerful effected by losers, magazines and other feminize sh*ts).


              I pissed of myself in the morning, these people at school are such a duchbags whose gob gossips on everyone and have no empathy. Hate it. Im really looking forward to finish that high school.
              When I was almost at home, I decided to look at the clothes store until my bus came. When I came in the store, the little cuttie brunette noticed me. She was a shop assistant and was very asertive. I wasnt in a mood enough, you can image but i wanted to get her in my game.
              Everything seemed perfect but I wasnt in my skin so comfy. We flirted with each other i threw some negs and we chat about an interesting topic: „Metrosexual men and her opionion“ What really pissed me off was a security fagot who stood althetime behind me.

              Evening knocked on door, I didnt know what to do. Suddenly I realised that I wanted to build up my skill with strippers. I always wanted a beauty like this for me and I always will. I know in 18 years old it may sounds funny but I can get it. I've been through a lot, i can get her. Trust my instincts.

              Honestly, I was really nervous. My big thanks belong to Urijah, he gave me a great material. Thanks a lot boy.

              Night was waiting, so i put on my suit and wish myself luck. I didnt know how will my eve end anyway hope for the best. I felt the progress is coming. My target was simple -close the stripper if the best. Also be communicative and build a social proof.

              During my way to club i listened to my favourite music and decided to approach few girls to get into a relax state.
              Here we go – Beautiful dark hair girl. F*ck that people, Im goin for her. Im asking her indirectly, where is one a clubs (i knew the answer, goal was just talk). She attracted to me but I couldnt - i had another job to do this night:-)

              My next way was from the subway, where i peripherally saw the girl below me at the escalators. I approached her with smile on my face and indirect. She took a bait and we talk. You know the gentle style, love that! When our short journey ended and she navigated me into a place i wanted, i had told her Id like to go out sometimes just to know each other more.
              She said: "im sorry, blablab boyfriend. Whatever. We said goodbye and I bounced to a paradise - Strip club.

              [B]Strip and mine friendliness[/B]

              On a way to stripclub, where i wasnt since last year, the bouncer (note- the man who takes you to a clun) suggested me to go with him to a club for free Why not? I just wanted to go inside, anyway. So we talk and he was very friendly, not some SOB.
              I said hello to a doorman and after we chat, we bounced into a club.
              Next step i need to do was introduce myself to manager. How ironical, the youngest guy in a club, get to know well a manager:-) What a surprise, seriously! He was such a cool man, wa talk about everything, girls, stripclub, what is it like to lead this club and of course work intention – Id like to make her some surprise for boys from our bootcamp. Suddenly, I saw it. It was like a magic. Those girls were staring at me and smiling, when talkin to manager– i wasnt just a regular customer, i was someone. Of course not every girl in club had a same opinion, but that looks, wont forget.
              They want a social proof and i was working on it. When manager started chatting with his personal bodyguard I roll on the bar to have something for drink and get to know better a bartender. Only DJ left, I almost have attention of a whole club) Bartender navigated me beside some hostess za (superhotbabe) but i still didnt know (such a jerk:P) – i hold off on purpose. After my talk with bartender i moved by hostess and tell her with fun that im a little bit scared of her, where is she taking me. She didnt get it at first (these girls are used for niceguys) I sat down and the game began.

              What I really appreciate on me is the courage to go inside and play on my own. Seriously Im happy for myself and proud.
              Girls started theire entertainment on a catwalk and i look at them with interest.
              At first a blond girl came over me, she wasnt bad, but i didnt like her look in face, i dunno just wasnt my type. She started touching me. I told her she could introduce herself for me, it is he polite to do. She laughted and gave me her hand to shake it. Than she started talking her bullshits about dancing for money: Im tellin her that we dont know each other so well, to gave me a lapdance... She couldnt believe that. Then my favourite neg came from heaven (the one with wig). Girl was so excited and confused at the moment. Then my "best" part came in:
              "You're such a young rabbit boy, arent ya?"
              - And why do you think, girl?
              "are men inside amazed by your seducing?"
              -yes, but you are such irresistable. (IOI)"

              She told me to not use a familliar form (IOI).

              Now i suppose to ask her about "what did you wanted to be when you had grown up?" Time ran out and we said good bye. She promised me to come back, honestly who would trust that? lol

              Sitting a while, another one came over, she was so gorgeous. I ve seen everything in her eyes: mafia men, rich man.. but she was stunning. She was still interested in me. And asked me:

              "Where are u from?"
              – Jeez, not so fast, only if you give me a free lap dance. Haha, she rejected but it was fun, i enjoyed that communication. She reacted perfectly on my neg with her nose (wiggling stuff, love it) She smiled even more, how cute she was.

              What really made me a hard time were questions from girls about dancing for money (private room) and fact, that get their time to build a comfort is really difficult. I gotta train it more.

              However, i proved one thing – my social proof. I told them that i know inside one stripper (truth) and wanted to visit.One of them asked me:
              "Are you waiting for something?"
              -Yep, im waiting on my free lap dance right know. I just rememeber her sitting on my lap and riding my crotch until she pulled my head to her breasts. And what was the best? For free. I dunno whether she got it, she didnt have to do it - was something like a compliance test and i passed it. I type her about 30 but she had magnificent body.

              The last one came over, tried her "routines" on me and gone away.
              I decided to bounced to a next station: club. I was getting bored king of and wanted to make my minds settle in a right way.
              I shook my hand with manager and took his number just in case to reserve VIP. I left the club with a calm state but kind of disappointed about my non close. Doesnt matter.

              This club was next to a cabaret so i decided to bounce into and maybe meet some babes. I had a luck and meet two beauties (one from india second italy) in an elevator.They were beautiful, of course not like
              I used a really beautiful neg (In my opinion):

              Me: "Wow youre from Italy, its not possible..."
              She: "Why?"
              Me: "Youre too beautiful to be italian."

              She wanted me but i did a mistake for beginners - her friend, uglier girl was giving me a cock block, i should have focus on her in first place. Never mind.
              So last minute of the game - talk with a security guard and girls, than leave.

              So my last words:
              I can get those supermodels, strippers, in short - beauties. And do you know why? Cuz I deserve them. Everyone does. Why to let you fear get you down? I will get one of strippers in my life, at least. I believe it.

              Thanks a lot for your reading since this sentence, I appreciate that so much and i will be glad for any response and support.

              with love


              btw: sorry for my english, i was kind of in hurry and tired.

              sound for a report reading: [url][/url]
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                AMAZING! Really proud of you bro you took my advice on that article and just rode it till it couldn't be anymore. (the one about building social proof) Bro you are going to become great with woman because you learn a principal and the next day you go out and try it. Amazing how much fun you can have at a strip club and not pay a single dime huh?

                MMMkkk you got this far, now let's get you even farther

                First of all I don't understand why you didn't close, what happened, why were you bored? why did you decide to leave (it's kind of hard to understand your typing I'm assuming English wasn't your first language, no offense of course Just trying my best to understand)

                At the least you should of gotten a number close from at least two of the strippers. Remember your not a customer anymore in their eyes, so asking for their number isn't that big of a deal. You went in their and ran that place magnificently any girl would of been excited to give her number out to you. With strippers it's easy to get their number to suggest going back to their place or your place because a lot of the times their not much for going out since they go out so much as their job. A lot of them will tell you going out is their job.

                So you can get a number close by saying crazy shit like "Let's order pizza one night and watch a bunch of movies at your place." or usually I don't do this but I like you you're really cool, let's meet up afterwards and go do xyz" I always find closing by saying ridiculous shit like "One night when you get off will go to your place and have a pillow fight half naked in slow motion, feathers will be flying everywhere, and when we get tired will just cuddle and go to sleep cuz I'm not that easy."

                Don't be scared to suggest going back to their place. Be a man who suggest something in the direction of opportunity to having sex. If you're to scared to ask very rarely will she ask for you. A woman want's a man who can lead her into bed, that way she can say it just happened. When you suggest going back to her place or yours say so you and her can do something non sexual, again she knows the whole point of going to your place is to get sexual but because you said it was for something that's not sexual she feels like less of a "slut" if it does happen.

                OTHER TRICKS

                Do what I use to do, If you have a monopoly board game lying around the house or any board game with fake money. or just go to a local store go to the toy section and buy fake money. Now next time you go to the strip club bring that fake money with you. When you see your target get off stage take her hand and move her into a chair, tel her this "You been dancing all night, you deserve a break, I'm going to dance for you now" Then start acting like your the stripper and grind on her a bit. Then say woa woa hold up, you think this shit is free. Then take out your fake money and give it to her, tell her Only big tippers get a piece of this ass. and continue dancing on her and then stick out something for her to put the fake money in. GIRLS WILL LAUGH THEIR ASS OFF, AND ENCOURAGE YOU TO KEEP GRINDING ON THEM. I got strippers really horny off doing this a couple of times. and kiss closed two strippers on the job doing this.

                Just a routine you can do to really make things wild.

                Another thing is ONCE YOU GOT THEIR ATTRACTION AND OUR INTO QUALIFYING A BIT WITH THEM. TOUCH THEM KINO ESCALATE!!! at first when you talk to them don't give them the time of day when it comes to physicality. But KNOW WHEN THE POINT IS TURNED TO GETTING PHYSICAL WITH THEM. make sure you get past A3 qualifying her before you do this. So that she knows that you like her for something about her not just because your horny and she's a stripper.

                Also your at a fucking strip club when you get 15-20 minutes into it talk dirty. or use NLP. I'll talk about me at my bouncing job and ill say things like "You know what sucks is I'm working REAL HARD, and I got SLIP through these really TIGHT SPACES, and I'm just moving IN AND OUT IN AND OUT, trying to escort vip girls and barbacks, and nobody want's to move.

                Say dirty ass pick up lines and make everything she says sexual. Their use to talking sexual but that doesn't mean their numb to it. their only numb to losers not you.

                you did really well in attraction now go back and work on your seduction! YOU CAN DO IT SON. hit me up with any questions


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                  Hey man.

                  At first I'd like to tell you that I appreciate your feedback, you know, It's not easy to find someone with many skills and advices in this area like you.

                  It was not easy to got to a club on my own, seduce girls older than me but I had really enjoyed my time with them. Anyway, as you can seen to seduce girl from an single approach during a day/night everywhere is not seriously problem...just these hired guns. Except cashier girl (i almost pickep up one of them..) I just wanted to mention it, dont take it like bossy behavior or something like that...:-)

                  Why I didn't close the deal? Easily. Because whenever I wanted to sticked her around she couldn't and said things like: "Ok sweetie, maybe next time..then bounce to next "customer".."
                  I didn't have so much time as it can seem. About 5 minutes with every single girl. That's not enough.

                  I don't know how to let her stick around me. They had a really strong frame, dominant you tell: STICK AROUND, WILL YOU? She will reply no.
                  I know, maybe use some super dupa routine....ok to skip it - I need to let girl/stripper be with me in A3-until comfort.

                  Another one: Why was I bored?

                  Simply, these girls were serving another men and i had no fellow next to me to talk with. Maybe my bad mood from morning..anyway...i felt a bit off weird..I gotta work on it..

                  Well, next reports coming soon. Enjoy the day gentleman. Urijah, I will contact you by PM.


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                    [SIZE="5"]Summary of my new steps[/SIZE]

                    Since March a lot of things have happened. I've been dating a many women. Some of them were really interesting, some of them were the real waste of my time. I had a two short relationships. One of them I wrote in different topic here on forum.

                    What I have figured out is the fact, that I am able to seduce women faster than in past (one or two dates).

                    My biggest success and phase of my new beginning I celebrated on 26th of May. It was my NAME holiday (accord the calendar). Me and my great friend, bussiness partner and wingman was with me on a streetgame. You know we approached about three 2sets. Have one short instant with one of them. Than I spotted a perfect HB9 - beautiful body, great tits and stunning ass.
                    I approached her for a bannality, some indirect shit. She baited and I offered her to go out of the shopping centre to go for a walk...she had a free evening and I had a free house (Im student living with my parents - not easy to get laid with them in "living room" you know)....

                    After 2 hours she was blowing my d*ck, and I was banging her toughly. It was incredible. Of course I was gentleman a let her vagina enjoy the show as well, no doubt.

                    I accompanied her to a bus station because It was getting dark and as I said - I am a gentleman.

                    The greatest success in my whole life. I did not even need the date. I was wondering to see her again, but she is kind of unreliable and doesn't reply in time to my cell phone messages.

                    Now I have abou 6 girls in my harem, but It's not the main problem. There are a few things, which let my game down:
                    [1] I still can't isolate every girl into house, because my parents are at home all the time
                    [2] I'm limitated by my small income
                    [3] Girls are often excusing and flaking on me. For example: they promise me to go on a date but than call me or write to reject me.
                    [4] The school takes my whole time[/LIST]
                    And a last problem is that I don't know how to deal with girls attitude - they have a lot of MEN FRIENDS. And you know I can imagine that these boys wanna have sex with them or they have already had.

                    Why It it is so serious for me? I wanna get in LTR with a girl who is not cheating on me.
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                      [B][SIZE="5"]Summer and my (un)goals[/SIZE][/B]

                      Well, hello everyone. Hope y'all doin well in states, enjoying the vibe of sexuality and warm weather. The truth is, that no matter whether you read my diary or not, I'm glad to be there. It is a pleasure to be on a forum with brilliant legends as Mystery. Thank you people, sending my peace and love to you.

                      So let's begin. In June I had sex with girl I was in love at primary school. I figured out when this porn beauty was laying under me, that my past has gone. The best sex of my life, no doubt.

                      Next girls I had sex with were from my social circle. One of them was from a kid camp. It was incredible. The next one I am not so proud - we both were very drunk and everybody nows that it is easier than.

                      Me and my good friend visited two summer camps, you know to enjoy atmosphere of summer. Why? In this period I was kind of sad. You know, I realized that my life needs more vibe and not just flowing like old river. I felt kind of deppresed. No love - no money - no reminiscences

                      In one of these camps we have relaxed and I thought that I found the girl suitable for my loneliness. She was gorgeous, the sexiest girl in camp. But I f*cked it up - I slept with another girl and than kissed her friend. Well, my problem, what could I do? When I walked into the room she was sleeping...

                      So boys, my advice to you is: If you think that some girl is heavily making your heart beating, don't stop it. Don't try to lie to yourself. Listen to your intuition. Sex is a weapon but bane as well.

                      Now I'm still looking for new girl, but I will graduate this year so I am kind of scared to broke up. Love is not a toy.

                      Thanks If you read it. I feel fine, but I can do better. I gotta trust that peace in my heart will come some day and I will finally find a beauty who will love me and not tryin to cheat on me. If not, there is many girls who like spreading their legs (unfortunately).

                      Enjoy your time boys. Preciate your reaction.

                      With love,