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  • FR: J the Ripper "9th Night in Row"9/9/07

    Tonight was a turning point. No more bitching about how tired I am, I gotta practice what I preach now more than ever (refer to my post/theory about "being in state").

    We go back to the Roosevelt and at first glance, it's pretty dead. What a fuckin difference from just the night before when it was sets galore. It's a Sunday night, and even the bar area is pretty lonely, as the bartender leans on elbows and watches a rerun of King of Queens. The security guys are leaning up against the wall, as they take turns saying "yep" and nodding thier heads (like on King of the Hill). Something has to happen. Then from around the corner near the dining area, 2 HB9's come our way.

    These are the types of girls who most AFC's would chop off a nut for. I know it's counter productive to go on about a woman's beauty (depending on the context), but trust me, these girls were fuckin spectacular. One blonde (looks like Nicole Eggert for those of you old enough to remember the show Charles in Charge) and a brunette with short hair (like one of the cheerleader twins from Grease 2 but with bigger tits). Stunning.

    Is J the Ripper getting soft? Getting a little intimidated? Is that AFC trying to dig out his fuckin grave that I've spent so long trying to bury? After 9 nights in row (minimum 6 hours a night, non stop sarging), what do you think?

    Lets do this shit.

    My wing Vince Kelvin opens and does his thing which I'm sure most of you are familiar with (patterns, NLP, anchoring, etc). I introduce my self to both of them and do the handshake hug combo. The brunette is the one I have my eye on, but she takes out her cell phone and walks away. Fuck, come back bitch! (somehow they know to listen when I think that

    While Vince is gaming up the blonde, I take a moment to look around and evaluate the situation. There's more girls coming and they go to the bar area. I see Vince say goodbye to the blonde and we head to the bar area (dont worry, we run into them again in a bit I guess they had to go to the ladies room.

    We go into the bar, and game up these other girls for a bit, but they dont compare to the ones we met outside. I'm on a fuckin mission. Madness has seeped in just a tad bit, and justifyably so after 9 consecutive days. I gotta find those girls. I leave the bar area and scope out the lobby.

    And there they are, sitting side by side on the lobby couch sipping on red wine.

    Lets do this shit.

    J the Ripper:" You guys look so cute together sitting there, picture perfect, almost". They giggle and toast each other. "It seems as though you guys have been good friends for a long time; isnt it interesting how sometimes you just meet someone (pointing at myself subtly) and you just click and become inseperable?" They hug and smile at me as I sit down with them.

    We start talking about a play they had just come back from, and all the fun they had. Then Vince come out an it was on. He took the brunette (which was my choice to begin with, but the blonde was just as smoking hot, and arguable more attractive). We went to the smoking patio and broke off in pairs.

    I ran attraction material on the blonde, and asked her about her passions, interests and motivations (and anchoring it back to me), and all the while throwing in C&F and being playful. It turned out she was a really cool chick; we are both into obscure punk rock music, love cult underground films, and like the way the Rite-Aid store smells. It was getting late, and they had to take off...I gave her a big hug, and she ran her fingers up my back and kissed my cheeck. hahahaha....we can do better than that!

    Insert "J the Rippers Makeout Technique"

    Works like a fuckin charm, and I'm gonna set up a day2 for this week. This was one of my proudest moments. A year ago I would never had had the guts to talk to a girl of that calibre. Easily a model/actress/stripper type.

    For those who look down on the community and say its a bunch of bullshit; hey man, Im living proof this shit works, and I live and die by the principle that you really can have YOUR CHOICE of what kind of women you want. It's doesnt mean you'll get them all obviously, but by approaching the types of girls you do want and applying game theory seriously and consistenly, you'll get the girl.

    Vince was finishing up also with the brunette. Vince saw the whole "JTR Makeout Technique" go down and gave me that smile that only Vince can do. "J the Fuckin Ripper, we should call you J the RIP HER; nicely done my friend".

    I'm starting to develope a fetish for cigerette flavor makeouts.

    I sent out a mass text message to all the numbers Ive gotten. I asked "Hey whats up? Lets go out Friday." Over 40+numbers. I've been getting responses all day from at least half. Time to narrow it down to who I want to take out this weekend.

    "You only live once"

    -J the Ripper

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    Ripper ... great post! Very motivational. 9 solid nights of sarging. Very impressive. This shit gets addictive huh?

    So whats the Ripper Makeout technique? Did you do any negging?


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      Originally posted by Agent007 View Post
      Ripper ... great post! Very motivational. 9 solid nights of sarging. Very impressive. This shit gets addictive huh?

      So whats the Ripper Makeout technique? Did you do any negging?
      Whats up agent007, here is the link to my "J the Ripper's Makeout Technique"

      Actually I dont recall doing ANY negs on her, I just kept it fun and playful.

      And PU is becoming even more than a addiction (I hope you guys have been reading my field reports; do a serach on here for "J the Ripper" and you'll see what I mean), this is becoming an obsession. I have oneitis for the game.


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        lol I love reading your shit...its spectacular. The stories, the closes, everything - love it


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          Originally posted by rebuilder View Post
          lol I love reading your shit...its spectacular. The stories, the closes, everything - love it
          Hey rebuilder; wow, this is an old FR I did way back in Sept...reading it now makes it seem like it all happenend a lifetime ago...even my writing style has changed since then.
          Last edited by J the Ripper; 03-01-2008, 08:38 AM.


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            Originally posted by Decibel
            Had fun last night. Hope to run into you again. That bartender was fun to pull but she didn't give me my free shot like she promised.
            Aww man, I didnt realize you were "Decibel" last night. Cool meeting you too, hopefully spend some more time winging soon.