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    I enter a club, there's hot girls everywhere. Its so loud, I cant hear myself think. I cant run my material in this kind of environment, I search for a chill out area. I find it. I experience the usually approach anxiety before the first set is opened. I see 4 set in the smokers area including a HB7. I take sip of my drink and move in...
    2 guys, 2 girls. I open with Style's 'Two-Part Kiss Opener'. This is a good one for mixed sets as you can get opinions from guys and girls. Its working brilliantly and as I begin the second part of the opener, I lock into position. I move through the middle of the set and stand on a step just behind. I am now slightly elevated above everyone leaning back on the ledge with both elbows...I have complete control.
    This conversation continues for a few minutes at which point my wing makes a perfectly timed entrance and starts bullshitting the spare 3, within a few seconds I isolate my target just behind my wings back.
    I display massive DHV's, talking about where I have traveled etc. I move swiftly into rapport building at which point her friends decide they are going to leave, my girl decides to stay and she's driving...result.
    My wings leaves me to it, his work is done. So now she's totally isolated without me having to even move.
    I run the ESP routine on her I then tell her to repeat it on a random standing near by. She was very amused that I taught her a new magic trick.
    I run my 'taste' kiss close (check my last post), with spot on results.
    Every time a thread would run to an end I would come with another routine, stacking them, one after another.
    I bounce her inside to escalate things further. We people watch for a bit, which is one of my favorite DHV's, it communicates that you are on such a higher level, you display that you know exactly what is happening in your current surroundings, very powerful.
    By this time she's hot for me. Me: Lets get out of here. Her: You want a lift home. Me: Sure.
    Im in.
    We sit outside mine. Now, I cant take her in because im sharing a room with her. So, We're madly kissing I get her tits out and play with her pussy. She's dripping, she wants it bad. Me: Lets go yours immediately. Her: I cant, blah blah blah.
    I get her to pull round the corner, get her in the back seat..and the rest i'll leave to your imagination.