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  • Girls showing wierd mental states during sarge

    Has this happened to you before?:

    1) You and a wing sarge a three set. My buddy is very alpha and I was a AFC so naturally the lowest in the group will fall to me. The one I was going to lay shows very visible signs of aggression and confusion. She gets moody and possibly shows signs of depression but then I lay her shortly after.

    2) Another variation: You sarge a girl and kiss and make out at the bar but the girl passes out even though she didn't have much to drink. It's almost like you blew her mind. She wakes up later on in the cab back to her place and falls alseep again. At her place she becomes angry and starts making a bunch of calls to her friends and acting very confused. I ended up ejecting.

    3) I posted a recent thread called "Recon/exploratory visit turns into sarge on Hired Gun!" Where I walked into a staff party at a Sports Pub in Toronto and basically opened on the bartenders and waitresses but I was not there to sarge --- just getting to expand social circle and warm them up so when I go to the party a few night later that they might social proof me to another HB.

    So here's where it gets wierd....I "connect" with the hired gun right away and I did know she was drinking a bit too while on her shift. BUT Later on --- She was the life of the party when she was with her friends but when she turns to come to my end of the bar it was clear she was feeling emotional pain and was occasionally crying and looking confused. I didn't want to deal with this so I simply turned my back and watched the boxing match. This happened a few times.

    Hired gun looked 24ish but I'm into mid 40's --- it's almost like as if she fell for me and is pissed off at herself and becomes embarassed, ect. confused

    Kinda like for example if you were 24 and you fell for a sexy 50ish woman and your triggers were activated but you will confused, mad at yourself, etc.

    Any thoughts on this? It's like as if you caused her to fall for you but you are not the usual "type" she was hoping for. You activated all her triggers anyways

    EDIT: by the way --- I only did A1, I did NOT do A2, A3, C1, C2,C3,S1,S2,S3 and I did not show preselection nor demonstrate leadership ect. I just did BL and a few MM openers stacked together.
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