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  • Fresh Field Report 5/20: My first HB 9

    I'm psyched.

    [B][U]Fresh Field Report[/U]: Wednesday, April 11th[/B]

    New hot girl just started training for a new position at my work (Solid HB 9). I mostly ran some C&F stuff, and did a lot of situational game when she and I worked together. Lots of push pull. I learn she also is part time at a Borders bookstore, I tell her she needs to hook me up with some books, yadda yadda, plans are made for me to come in today (sunday). She ends up asking for my number. I get hers instead and tell her I'll call her.

    So today rolls around, I visit her at work, run [b]Style's[/b] five question game on her, we end up on an insta-date when she's on her break and she's buying me a drink. Lots of situational game, Bait, hook, reel, release type stuff throughout. I mention some friends and I are going for sushi later in the week. I don't invite her. We continue conversing (and things are going really well). I actually had one really good throw and go neg in there that was situational (can't even recall it right now), but I really felt like I utilized a neg properly for the first time. Eventually, she tells me she's like fifteen minutes late to get back to work, I invite her to come with us for sushi thursday, and close it with a Day 2 on the horizon.

    Life is good.

    Pros: HB 9. A few months ago, I would have told you this girl was way, way out of my league. I'm going to fuck-close this girl.
    Cons: I reframed once (too much talk about work), and cut a couple threads that weren't to my advantage. I feel like I'm getting better at these things, but still have a lot I can improve on them.

    Comments, questions, advice, observations, flames and insights all welcome.

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    How is kino?
    Is she qualifying herself to you yet?
    Don't fall into date frame.
    Review A3, C1, C2, etc on



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      Kino is okay, but escalating. I'm definitely going to let it escalate naturally. I definitely have her qualifying herself to me (which, I have to be honest, feels fucking awesome).


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        I'm sure everyone here is with me when I say we all want you to fuck this girl's brains out. Don't push too hard, she's not going anywhere, you can take the slow track and make her desperate for you. Wait for her to ask YOU out, then lead the way.

        Keep posting updates.


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          Thanks [b]jBrett[/b], I appreciate it man.

          I'll post again as soon as there's a significant update.


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            Thanks [b]Havok.[/b] It was definitely good advice to review some of the stages. It feels like I'm hovering right at the edge of A3 right now, but I kind of dropped the ball today with her.

            I know exactly what I need to do (SOI, she's given me the IOIs). I just hope I can keep the ball rolling and not have to do too much damage control- any general advice?


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              Update has been made, can be found here:


              I did end up taking my time, and she did end up asking me out (to dinner, no less). The results were mixed, but... I'm psyched. This is a higher hurdle than I've ever leaped, even if nothing else comes of this.