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  • My first field report. Come critique!

    Having just finished reading [U]The Game[/U], these are my first ever field reports. Between then and now I have read [u]Mystery Method[/u]. [I][Disclaimer: Yes, I know that doesn't amount to shit as a PUA, just giving my background.][/I] These reports might be a little detail heavy, but I figure for a first report it's better to have too much substance than not enough, so veteran PUAs have more info to comment on. Critique, advice, suggestions, and flames are all welcome. I have thick skin, go nuts.

    [U][B]Fresh Field Report:[/b][/U] Wednesday, April 11th

    [B]1)[/B] Ran game on a two set while my friend was getting groceries at Trader Joe's. The urge just struck me, and I went with it. Target was a short, brunette HB7. Situational opener (nothing canned), paid more attention to the obstacle, was cocky funny, eventually isolated the target. Maintained cocky funny demeanor, couldn't close.

    [B]Pros:[/B] I liked my opener, and my body language. I liked that [U]The Game[/U] made me actually [i]excited[/i] to approach these girls, instead of nervous.
    [B]Cons:[/B] Couldn't think of a decent neg, or false disqualifier. Forgot to FTC ( realized this is VERY important).

    [B]2)[/B] Cologne opener on an HB8 at the register as I was leaving Trader Joe's. To my surprise, worked like a charm. Fluffed about her response, she initiated Kino in grabbing my wrist to smell a second time. Wussed out, didn't stick around to close.

    [B]Pros:[/B] I was skeptical initially, but very happy to find that the opener worked like a charm. This was a girl I would otherwise consider "out of my league," and I had her talking with me. Also, I thought of an original neg after I had left, similar to the fake-nails neg, but commenting on (semi-subtly) dyed hair. More applicable for my hometown.
    [B]Cons:[/B] Didn't think to neg or give false disqualifier as she escalated Kino ("Hands off the merchandise!" etc.). Didn't close.

    [U][B]Fresh Field Report:[/b][/U] Saturday, April 14th

    First Time Sarging. [B]Stunt[/B], [B]Chill[/B], [B]Splash[/B], and myself (all new disciples of The Game, & MM) decide we should get together on the weekend to go Sarging for the first time. [I][Note: We've of course all had girlfriends before, but are ALL going into this as rAFCs.][/I] We all live in San Francisco Bay Area, so we decide to meet up in Berkeley for the day. We plan to pick up some stuff for peacocking, and practice some sarging and winging during our time around the city. What follows are the few sets I opened that I feel are worth noting.

    [B]1)[/B] After spending a long time discussing Game theory with the other rAFCs over lunch, I open a four set of some asian girls in a coffee shop with the cologne opener. One of the girls explains slowly in broken english that none of the four girls speak my native tongue. I politely excuse myself.

    [B]Pros:[/B] I fucking opened on a four set! Even if nothing came of it, I've never done that before.
    [B]Cons:[/B] I noticed at least one of the girls wasn't speaking english, but I assumed like a lot of Berkeley residents that they were bilingual. She was quite possibly just using that as an excuse. Insert coin, play again. I did feel awkward trying to open a large(r) set with the cologne opener though. Based on various attempts of ours to use the cologne opener throughout the day, I'm starting to think it's better to be used on a single, or during isolation. Thoughts? Suggestions?

    [B]2)[/B] Crossing the street from the coffee shop to the book store the other rAFCs were hanging out in, I noticed a girl taking photos outside. She walked back into the book store, and as soon as I caught up with her again, gave a situational opener about the photography. Fluffed for a bit, and drove the conversation toward asking her about good places to visit in the city. She's so far fairly excited, pretty responsive, and things are looking good. She's about to introduce me to her friend, when [B]Stunt[/B] jumps in and tries to improv a wing move we had discussed earlier- a seemingly random "Whoa, is that you? I haven't seen you in FOREVER!" encounter. It allowed me to do a false takeaway to talk to him, but I wasn't able to win over the obstacle yet, and show IODs for the target in front of her. By the time I returned she was cold, bitchy, and cockblocked me.

    [B]Pros:[/B] Cute ass girl, who I would normally consider out of my league (short redhead, HB8.5). My body language was much better this time- leaned away from her throughout the encounter. As far as the wing move goes, live and learn. We were only hoping to get some practice in today, and this was certainly a learning experience.
    [B]Cons:[/B] Didn't neg or IOD soon enough, obviously didn't close.

    [I][Note: At this point, my partners in crime and I were playing a rotating game to get each other to open. Who ever opened the last set gets to choose the next set, and the person who opens it, on the spot. It got [B]Splash[/B] involved and actually sarging with us, which was a good thing. Definitely a recommended game for newbies.][/I]

    [B]3)[/B] [B]Stunt[/B] calls my next target- a girl walking down the aisle of a bookstore with dyed pink hair, pink stockings, black skirt... she definitely has my attention. She continues walking away from me, moves behind a counter, and into an employee stocking area. I approach from a neutral angle where she can see me (her side, the best I could do), and start the spells opener. She turns to me, and for the first time I get a really good look at her face- I could kind of see her before, but as she turns to me she's clearly far older than I thought she was. I was expecting her to be my age (20ish), she looks to be in her mid thirties. Completely having lost my attraction to her, and knowing that there's now a big age gap in the equation, I start to get really nervous. I start worrying she'll think I'm some weird awkward guy. I finish the routine. She doesn't. She's genuinely intrigued. I politely excuse myself to go talk to [b]Stunt[/b].

    [B]Pros:[/B] The spells opener fucking works. Weird.
    [B]Cons:[/B] I got nervous and my delivery wasn't very good. I'm a public speaker by trade (I teach kids and adults self defense), and am constantly required to be entertaining, captivating, energetic, funny and charismatic. I expect this to be an easy transition, but I've just never been comfortable with girls I haven't met before. This shouldn't be that hard of a transition for me to make, and I'm optimistic about future sarging.

    [B]Conclusions:[/B] [/U]

    I'm pleased to have gone from zero game to SOME game. As [b]*****[/b] would say, I'm now at the level of "Conscious Incompetence." I recognize that I still have [b]a lot[/b] to learn. Mainly, I think I don't really know how to use IODs/negs early in a set. I also learned that moving targets are well beyond our reach right now. Random people in a different city was kind of a rough environment. I'm looking forward to parties and other social gatherings in my hometown, I figure that should be easier.

    Feel free to be brutally honest in your critique. Also, I'd especially love to hear some books to add to my ever-growing PUA reading list. And if anyone can tell me the name of the book on cold reading that originally inspired [B]Mystery[/B] I'll buy them a beer.

    PUAs, Show me your ways.

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    Great man!!! This is your first sarge. You done it great!!
    Now when you see where you made your mistakes, try
    not to make them next time.
    Remember: all those master PUAs made lots of mistakes and learned from them.
    So be full of confidence, and go on sarge again.
    Talk to ya soon....



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      Thanks [B]Razor[/B], I appreciate you taking the time to read my post. I think you're right, I feel like if I can work on the mistakes I've already noticed I'll be doing okay.