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    Hey guys,

    just needed some quick advice on day game. None of the material I have come across really addresses it. I mean, the most I have even heard about it were the couple times it came up on the VH1 show. I found another person who lives close to me who is into this PUA scene but, due to very different schedules, the only time we have to run game together is during the day. We planned on hitting up the mall, bookstores, coffee shops, grocery stores, and the like...but we don't know day game too well. Are there some routines that fall flat on their face during day game? What's the scoop?

    As always, any help would be appreciated.


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    Use the same routines as you do in night game, but slow down... it might take a little longer to get through comfort with the girl during the day because she is probably not in party mood. Apart from that.. all your routines should work fine. Act the same way you would at any other time
    good luck,


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      I had my first day sarge about a week ago.

      I opened with a version of the jealous girlfriend opener. I was surprised how well it worked during the day. 3 set. HB8.5 and 2 HB7's I immediately hooked the HB7's and negged the HB8.5 pretty hard, I almost thought I had ruined it. But then as I told them I really had to go (this was about 6 minutes after opening) the HB8.5 made direct eye contact with me and I negged her again, but then said, "hey listen, I'm sorry for busting your balls, let me buy a cup of coffee to make up for it." she agreed and we bounced to the coffee shop and talked for about 25 minutes, where she didn't even want coffee.

      all in all it went well.


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        Cain: What is the opener for the jealous girl friend you're talking about?



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          In day gaming opinion openers are...well...a bit weird.
          If I could suggest, approach with opinion openers those sets which are seated or move slowly. Obviously you can recognize people who are in rush to those who are just walking around. Remember to smile.
          I heard that this works the best, haven't tried though "I noticed you across the street and realized that If I wouldn't come up I would beat myself up the whole day thinking - is there something more behind her looks? Are you friendly?" Or smth like that...
          With good BL you can approach with opinion openers too, but they still are kinda weird.



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            Hey, can I ask you something? I only have a minute I've gotta run....but
            2 friends of mine have been dating for a few years, and the guy just graduated college and moved away to grad school. They've never really been apart for a long time, and now the girl is completely jealous. They're both complaining to me about the situation, and I don't know what to tell them. What would you do?

            Then it can go a few different ways. Normally they ask another question about the relationship. How long? Was she jealous before he moved? Does he cheat?

            At this point you basically have them hooked. Get ready to neg and stack another routine. I have an opener about a stripper that I stack with this routine.

            I like to open it with "2 of my friends" that way they don't immediately think I'm siding with the guy in the situation. Plus, once they start asking you questions they won't feel "bothered" and it still lets you be the center of attention.


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              I rarely open sets with an opinion opener during daytime. Unless its a hired gun at malls or any stores, where you can grab 2 of their products and ask the hired gun for her opinion of which to buy. Then its easier to neg, and DHV and keep on stacking.

              I usually open with direct openers or situational openers during the daytime. The sun is shining bright and everybody can see every inch of you, so bodylanguage is very vital.

              I have been reviewing for my state exam recently, and Ive chit chat with girls and guys at starbucks, most of the conversation was started situationally and directly to one another, I had no intent of gaming in mind which projects my unneediness. Its such a successful approach to start your game, I was suprised. (I met a lovely girl this way. No intent of gaming at all, I just saw her IOI's then i figure why not... so I gamed her)

              BUT which ever works for you, RESPECT and more power. peace


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                Yea, I agree with that Ice. I took a stab in the dark with that opener, and it worked. Since, I've found that opinion openers can be a bit intrusive during the day.


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                  Masturbation is self improvement

                  I'd check out some venues where you have built in conversation topics. The problem with day game is that people aren't going to a venue in order to be social and possibly meet other people. They're going about their daily buisiness. Two great venues I've heard about are Art Museums and Clothing stores. In an Art Museum you can just walk up to a girl looking at a painting, look at the painting yourself for a minute and open and it won't look too weird or contrived. In a clothing store you can run the "I'm trying to buy a shirt for.... she's about your size, can you give me some advice for a minute?"

                  For a really ballsy and rather humorous example, check out some Alistair videos on youtube. He is a day game expert in London.



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                    I think taking the Juggler approach to opening during "day game" is much more productive.. and during day game I also believe you can be a bit "warmer" and convey interest from the get go


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                      Ya know, during day game, i find it's a lot easier!
                      Situationals are all over the place! And with the constant events going on around you, it's great to people watch, make comments , and generally show your personality right off the bat!
                      It's a bit different from club/bar game. Its true, it does need to slow down, but if execute correctly, it can go just as fast, if not faster. This is due to people going about their business and don;t always have time to stop and chat for ever. People have lives and business to take care of!
                      And i use this to my advantage.

                      Now where i usually like to go, are the grocery store (been doing that since I was a teenager!..always known it was a gold mine for chicks), I don't go to coffee shops just cuz i'm allergic to caffeine and don't really drink coffee, I go to book stores a lot...I try to avoid the malls in my area, just cuz it's all mostly middle/high school kids!-lol

                      But day game is fun!

                      Oh, and the bus stop is pretty fun to, cuz they're stuck there and kind of HAVE to interact on some level...great for practice!-lol

                      The Orb


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                        heh. slow things down.

                        something that works great at night but not so much in the day that i tried:
                        i decided to experiment with mehow's purekino group ESP routine, did it about 3-5 mins into a daygame 2 set at the mall... it was VERY sketchy. they burst out laughing uncontrollably and it did NOT work out :P.

                        i have done opinion openers an assload number of times in day game, and it works out well most of the time. if it isn't working, it's not the opener, it's you...
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                          I would use the "Did you guys see the fight outside?" opener, asking them questions at this time is a little akward. Remember in the on the show that even joe w. himself said not to use the opinion openers during the daytime, and to use the "Did you guys see the fight outside?" instead. Remember women love drama thats why this is full proof at almost situation.


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                            For day game openers I use: hey I don't want to be that guy that hits on girls at(mall, starbucks, college, etc...), but I'm gona be that guy. You look interesting so I came over to talk to you. Or another opener you can use is hey I noticed you and want to find out what your realy like. And if shes reading a book or something then walk up to her and ask her what shes reading, after she responds then you can say no way I wrote that...


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                              Direct Opener is the way to go.All other stuff is amateur hour and childish.