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  • Day game at Panera

    I opened the doors and walked into Panera to grab some food. I enter with a smile, look around, make eye contact with the cashier (girl 1), and make my way over to the register to place my order. I wait patiently in line, act relaxed, then I place my order, get it to go, the cashier asks:

    cashier (girl 1): "What's the name to use when your food is ready?"
    Me: "Peter Pan"
    cashier (girl 1): "Peter Pan?" she giggles
    Me: "Damn straight Tinkerbell", I say it with a devilish grin

    The cashier hands me a buzzer that vibrates when the order is ready. I walk over to the crowd and go wait with everyone else. I stand next to this older woman (girl 2) probably in her 40's who has been waiting longer than me. I just create some small talk with her:

    Me: "Have you been waiting long?"
    (girl 2): "Oh not too long, they seem a bit discombobulated. Now's not a good time to come and get food from them apparantly."
    Me: "Yeah and don't forget they're out of baguettes" I laugh - The whole time we're waiting this is what they're yelling to every customer who is picking up their food.
    (girl 2): Smiles and laughs
    Me: "Ok meet me here an hour earlier tomorrow, I'll have a table waiting. We'll see if things are better", said with a big smile
    (girl 2): Smiles back
    Me: "What prize do I win if my buzzer goes off before yours?"
    (girl 2): Said sarcastically/playfully "I guess I'll be going home hungry."
    Me: We both just sorta laugh

    As we're laughing her name gets called and she goes and grabs her food. On her way out she turns back, smiles at me and yells, "Good Luck!" In the meantime while talking to (girl 2) and getting laughs from her, the whole restaurant itself is full of beautiful women. I carefully peek around, every woman I made eye contact with, already had their eyes on me. They we're watching me have fun while waiting. It felt very empowering.

    I continued to wait for my food. I was standing by a doorway to one of their additional eating areas. I was by no means blocking the door, but you would swear that every woman who walked by had a hard time going through that doorway. I moved more off to the side as I thought I was blocking the door. When I was still in mid conversation with (girl 2), a random girl brushed up against me. I was like wtf?

    Anyway they finally call Peter Pan. I look over at my cashier (girl 1) and she has a huge smile on her face, looking gorgeous. I grab my food, continue to walk out, when I'm stopped by (girl 3) who was chilling at one of the outside tables.

    (girl 3): Did you just get off work?
    Me: I wear dress pants and shirts to work: "Nah I felt like getting dressed up to grab some food." Then I wait for her to ask another question, to me it shows she is still interested.
    (girl 3): Where does Peter Pan work?
    Me: "Listen Captain Hook, I don't have to answer to you" said playfully and with a smile.
    (girl 3): "Awww why am I Captain Hook, I want to be Tinkerbell"

    She said this and I started thinking, this was the HB10 behind me in line when I was ordering. I thought she was very young but it turns out she is 23. I end up getting her number and will be planning something tomorrow night with her.

    The point of all of this, to me atleast, I was just going in to grab some food, and have some fun. I ended up having fun, using game, and getting the unexpected number.

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    Well done.


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      Sick report man.


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        Originally posted by Tim Strong
        pretty great. I've noticed in panera people are very chatty, almost like a coffeeshop vibe except its a restaurant. Also skinny girls tend to congregate there so thats always good
        dude.. solid. did you meet up with the girl yet that you got her number?


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          Great job man creating a great role play. I will have to try it out some time. Great report.


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            Thanks for sharing such informative post.


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              Hi all,

              Thanks for reading. Things have gotten busy with work and life, all exciting...

              Yes, I did go out with the (girl 3). She's become a real good friend and a solid wing woman.

              Along these lines, another line I like to use which always seems to work is:
              Since I wear dress clothes to work, it can work for any type of uniform, but I usually get my haircut after work.
              Hairdresser: Did you just get off work?
              Me: No, I like to get dressed up to get my haircut.

              It's similar to my line up above but has ALWAYS worked. Say it with a smile and the hairdresser falls in love with you! You know you won a hairdresser over when she is babbling on about whatever, not paying attention to cutting and just running her hands through your hair.

              I'm rambling on now, but the key to all of this is always pretend the woman is chasing you! NEVER tell her she looks good, always play it off like she can't get enough of you.


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                This was a good report. I wish you to have much good fortune in the future.