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  • Day/night Game At Movie Theatres

    How do i initiate anything at a movie theatre, for example, there is the harry potter movie that is really popular wit people and it started when i was young so im 18 now and alot of girls started when it first came out and are now going to watch it...ANYWAY, there is always a big line up before we enter the theatre, to i open sets???


    Go with the flow..


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    "hey, I was standing in line and your really cute, so I had to say Hi, I'm Konstintine."

    I like going direct during the day. It gets ride of the fluff.


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      wont they think ur kinda creepy to be so open and give ur name right away??


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        It's cool you dont like your own name and you think you are a creep.

        May I recommend you field test it before we play "what if" games? I also recommend you approaching with anything else and see how weird it is to ask a girl in line if she flosses before or after she brushes.

        Its be direct, or go and take your survey.


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          yah my bad bro, now that i think bout it...ima go try it out...and then ill tell u what happens!


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            Man keep it simple.

            Just open up a girl that looks at you nearby, Hey you seeing harry potter too? Oh you are/Oh your not? Then just work it from there.

            This is not rocket science. Just make sure your not copping on a girl thats with some guy already.


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              Field tests please!!!! I wanna see a report back on this thread!!

              I would also recommend a Twilight thread/routine (do a search). It's highly relevant for chicks at a movie theatre and introduces a sexual element right away.

              Also, when you go direct, non-verbal FTC with body language so you don't come across needy or creepy.